Anker 535 Portable Power Station Review

Anker 535 Portable Power Station

Whether navigating life’s adventures or emergencies, having a portable and reliable source of backup power can bring welcome peace of mind. When storms strike or outages occur, essential electronics like phones, computers, and appliances help us weather difficult times. Yet we often take the convenience of outlets for granted until they’re no longer available.

Enter the Anker 535 Portable Power Station – a portable Powerhouse designed to keep the juice flowing even when the power goes out.

As someone who’s experienced power losses disrupting work and life, I was eager to put this hefty battery bank to the test. Could it deliver on its promises of versatile, heavy-duty power both at home and on the go? In the following review, I’ll share my hands-on experience with the Anker 535’s capabilities, performance, and design to help you determine if it’s the right portable power solution for your needs.

From emergency preparedness to outdoor adventures, let’s explore whether this powerhouse truly delivers reliable backup power wherever life’s journeys may roam.

Technical Specifications

Battery Pack Rated Capacity16V/32000mAh 512Wh
Charging Temperature32°F-104°F / 0°C-40°C
Discharging Temperature-4°F-104°F / -20°C-40°C
Recharge to 100%3.4h
Output Power500W / 750W Max
Output Ports9
Solar Input120W Max
Battery TypeLiFePO4
Dimensions11.5 x 9.9 x 7.4 in
Weight16.75 pounds
AC Output110V~, 4.54A, 50Hz/60Hz, 500W
Car Charger Output12V⎓10A

Overview Anker 535 Portable Power Station

Overall Rating: 4.7/5.00

As anyone who has experienced a power outage knows, losing electricity can be more than just an inconvenience – it can disrupt daily life and even pose health and safety risks if the outage lasts for an extended period. That’s where a portable power station like the Anker 535 Portable Power Station shines. At 500W continuous power and 1024Wh capacity, it may not power everything in your home indefinitely, but it can keep the essentials running when the grid goes down.

The Anker Powerhouse 535 allows you to stay connected even in emergencies. You can keep phones, laptops, and tablets charged via its three AC outlets and three USB-A ports. This ensures you can still contact loved ones, get important updates, and be entertained during stressful times. Its power can also keep small appliances like fans operating to beat the heat if air conditioning is offline. Most critically, it provides backup for refrigeration to prevent food spoilage. Even running a small energy-efficient microwave off the Powerhouse can be a lifesaver for meal preparation.

Beyond just emergencies, this 500w Powerhouse opens up portable power possibilities both at home and on the go. Working from home? Its outlets let you easily set up a mobile workstation anywhere, free from finding outlets. Camping or road trips? Charge devices in the car or at the campsite without running the engine or generator. Working outdoors? Power tools, lights, and gadgets without being tethered to a generator.

And in an age where our devices always need juice, it means less time spent searching for outlets and more time spent on what matters – work, play, or rest. The Powerhouse helps reduce charging anxiety so your focus stays on living fully, not limited by your next charge.

Anker engineers their power stations to perform wherever life takes you. The Anker 535 Portable Power Station is protected by a tough polycarbonate housing that stands up to bumps and drops. Its pure sine wave inverter ensures safe, efficient power for sensitive devices. Multiple layers of advanced safety systems keep you and your electronics protected from overcharging, overheating, short circuits, and more.

I also reviewed Anker’s other model Anker SOLIX C1000 and Anker 521.

What makes it a Perfect Portable Power Station?

While reviewing this model, I noticed some smart features that make it an ideal choice for those people who need limited power.


At first glance, one thing is clear – the Anker 535 Portable Power Station means business. This powerhouse packs a hefty size and weight to back up its capabilities. Measuring 11.5 x 9.9 x 7.4 inches and weighing in at over 16.75 pounds, it’s not a unit you’d want to carry long distances unless necessary.

However, its substantial construction is purposeful. To house over 1000Wh of lithium battery cells requires a sturdy, protective shell. Anker designed a rugged yet approachable polycarbonate casing to withstand bumps and bruises from real-world use. The ergonomic handle makes moves easier, and soft rubber feet provide stability when stationed.

The front panel tells you this power station is all about functionality. An LED status screen keeps you updated at a glance. Nearby, the AC outlets, USB ports, and car charging port put power where you need it conveniently. Their placement is optimized for accessibility whether the Powerhouse sits flat or hangs vertically.

Just below, an LED work light offers utilitarian lighting when and where you need it. A nice added touch for illumination in emergencies or after-dark setups. The interface feels intelligently designed down to the smallest details.

Types of Outlets and their Uses

Anker 535 Portable Power Station

The Anker 535 Portable Power Station has a wide variety of outlets to suit your different power needs wherever you may need them. Four AC outlets allow you to tap into full electric current for larger appliances and devices. USB ports cover the prevalent modern connection type for phones, tablets, and more.

With four AC outlets rated at up to 300W each, you’ve got versatile household current right at your fingertips. Whether you’re off-grid camping and need juice for a small fridge, lamp, or fan, or your power goes out at home and you want to keep devices charged, these AC ports deliver. Electric kettles, coffee makers, TVs, computers, and power tools are all plug-in standards without any hassle. Packing the power of a full-sized wall outlet in a portable package is hugely convenient when the grid is absent.

Three USB-A ports at 2.4A each and one USB-C port pumping out to 3A cover all your mobile device charging needs. Top off multiple phones, tablets, e-readers, and accessories quickly without worrying about losing power mid-session. USB is now the universal standard for most consumer electronics, so these ports are future-proof for years to come as new devices emerge. Handy for long road trips, outdoor parties, or keeping the family occupied during emergencies.

For ultimate flexibility away from outlets, the built-in car outlet lets you charge from your car’s 12V cigarette lighter socket. Whether you’re tailgating, camping in the wilderness, or taking a long nature drive, keep your power with you at all times. No need to swap batteries or rely solely on your car’s charge when you’re mobile with this lifesaver of an outlet always primed to pump amps.

At a Glance on Battery

Understanding what makes this battery tick is key to appreciating its potential. Snuggled within the durable housing lies a real beast – a LiFePO4 power cell packing a huge 512 watt-hours! That’s enough grunt to run my home office for a full day.

LiFePO4 chemistry brings serious safety and longevity to the table. Unlike unstable lithium-ion, it won’t catch fire even if punctured. More amazingly, this battery is rated at an astounding 3000 recharge cycles before degradation – that’s six times better than average! Do the math and we’re talking a decade of dependable service.

With over five glorious years of full warranty coverage backing that sturdy 10-year lifespan, I can rely on this battery buddy for all my adventures. Whether overnight glamping, weekend getaways, or multi-month sabbaticals, it’ll keep the lights on and devices juiced without complaint.

A user said:

From easing my poor husband’s CPAP woes to solo tailgating and lighting LED string lights at the campsite, its versatile power has truly expanded my horizons. Adding solar extends my potential runtime to forever! Now that’s a free energy future worth getting excited about.

Simply put, this battery beauty is a workhorse wonder. With its heavy hauling capacity and marathon endurance, it smiles upon any off-grid dream I can dream up.

Charging Options Galore and Surprisingly Speedy Times

Anker 535 Portable Power Station

When packing so much portable power, you naturally want quick recharge times. Thankfully, the Anker 535 portable power station delivers where it counts – charging speed!

The included 120W USB-C charger is a thing of beauty. I was blown away to see an 80% charge hit in under 2.5 hours flat. That’s faster than morning coffee! A full battery took just a smidge over 3.5 hours which is lighting speed for such colossal capacity. Kudos Anker, that’s truly impressive.

While I didn’t test solar charging myself, the specs say a 100W panel should keep up nicely in good sun. Off-grid adventures just got way more flexible. The 12V car charger is also swell for topping off juice on road trips or if you run low while tailgating or camping far from an outlet.

What seals the deal though is the quality of life touches like the 5-year warranty and helpful support staff. When technology becomes a lifeline, you want reassurance it’s built to last. Anker cares about the whole ownership experience.

Versatile charging, rapid reloads and solid backup make the 535 a fantastic powerhouse for work or play. Whether you need emergency backup or portable power on the move, it charges up quickly to keep your world powered up!

LED Display

When it came time to think seriously about emergency preparedness, portable power was a must. After lots of research, the Anker 535 PowerHouse seemed like the perfect choice – robust yet reasonably sized with a massive battery capacity and all the connectivity options I could need. several months on, I can happily say it’s become an invaluable camping and road trip companion.

One feature I especially appreciate is the intuitive LED display. At a glance, I know precisely how much juice is left in the tank or how long things will take to charge up. It’s reassuring to keep tabs on battery levels without fumbling through menus. I also enjoy checking the easy-to-read wattage readings, seeing exactly how much power my devices are drawing. This level of monitoring puts my mind at ease.

The battery indicator takes visibility a step further with its dual percentage and pictorial views. At a time when battery life can be critical, it’s nice to have clarity on remaining capacity in a quick, glance able format. Combined with the charging time estimates, the display empowers me with meaningful information to plan my power needs accordingly.

Being able to see which outlets are active via the illuminated port icons is another usability perk. With so many connection options, it helps minimize confusion over what’s plugged in and where. The temperature alerts further enhance safety by flagging any overheating issues right away. Overall, the display demonstrates Anker’s commitment to transparency and user support.

The power-saving mode has also proved its worth away from home. Enabling it ensures my CPAP can run all night without worry of the battery depleting, while the automatic shutdown conserves energy for future use. It helps maximize the Anker 535 portable power station reserves to handle multiple days of mixed device charging on long road trips or camping trips.

  • High quality premium battery
  • The battery can be last at least 10 years as Anker said
  • Perfect design that doesn’t hart the person who lifts it for a long distance
  • Smart LED display
  • Idea choice only for specific people

Final Verdict

After putting the Anker 535 portable power station through its paces in a variety of situations, it’s earned a strong recommendation from this reviewer. It proved time and again to be a reliable source of backup power – keeping devices charged during outages, powering work from anywhere, and fueling recreation on the go. With versatile AC and USB outlets plus a handy built-in work light, this portable powerhouse is a true all-in-one solution.

While not the smallest or lightest power station, its rugged build quality and thoughtful design make transporting its substantial capacity a non-issue. Anker clearly prioritized functionality, safety, and piece of mind above all else with the 535. After dependably seeing me through unexpected circumstances without fail, I can confidently say it delivers on its mission.

For the value, the Anker 535 portable power station is a worthy investment for any scenario requiring portable yet powerful backup energy. From emergency kits to RV adventures, it’s ready to keep essentials running when other options fall short. If you demand a portable power solution as dependable as the Anker name, the 535 belongs in your arsenal. It may not be the smallest battery, but it packs serious power and reliability into a package that’s worth its weight in peace of mind.

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