Jackery 1500 Solar Generator Review – The Best Solar Generator of 2023

jaclery 1500 solar generator

Jackery 1500 Solar Generator Review

You don’t know when the emergency comes in front of us.

We always need some portable devices which we can’t forget those items include cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other things.

It is not possible that our those appliances keep always power on and they don’t need charging.

Yeah, they never work without power, which means without charging they can’t work or power on.

Sometimes, it might happen that we are in a place where there is no electricity.

We can’t always stay only at home, we have to go out of the home to do our works.

It is very difficult for us to keep bringing the generator or inverter generator with us.

Because they’re big in size, also they need petrol or propane, and heavyweight, noise problem also with them.

In short, you would not like to take a generator with you to charge your portable devices and tools.

Yeah, this is a difficult task but now what to do and how to solve this problem?

I think you don’t need to worry about charging your small-size tools and appliances.

Because there is another new technology generator that doesn’t need any fuel like gasoline and propane.

The Jackery has solved this problem to bring a new technology power stations that can charge our portable size tools.

Thanks to Jackery to introduce Jackery 1500 solar generator in the market.

This is a very famous brand in the solar generator market.

So many people admire Jackery’s products its very famous solar generator in the market is Jackery Explorer 1000.

A lot of people purchased it and gave so many good reviews.

Currently, Jackery has introduced to the people its new model Jackery Explorer 1500.

Maybe so many people want to buy this model but 1st they want to know about it.

How does this model work? For what purpose should it buy? Does this model is good power station?

In this article, we will try to know about the model. This article will be very helpful for those people who need a portable power station.

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About Jackery 1500 Solar Generator – At a Glance

jackery 1500 solar generator

Jackery 1500 is one of the smallest power stations but it is like a boss when it helps in emergency works.

One of the most amazing features of this generator is it doesn’t need any fuel to do its work.

If you purchase this model then you’ll never have any problem filling its fuel tank with gasoline or propane.

Also, there is no need to line up for taking the generator’s fuel.

It’s a very small model that can be used anywhere, you can easily transport it.

It can be easily brought by one hand due to its very lightweight.

The Jackery Explorer 1500 can charge your electronic devices many times. Also, this small boy can power your large appliances.

This will be a surprise for those people who don’t like the generator’s noise since it has no noise.

This model is highly recommended for camping, hunting, boating, and other outdoor activities where you need to power your portable tools.

It has different outlets to run different wattages of appliances.

This model is equipped with a solar panel that can automatically charge the generator. This means you don’t need to worry about its charging except you have to run it in the sunshine.

The Jackery 1500 doesn’t take too many places, you can put it in your bag, and place it anywhere.

This is a very unique device this is why a lot of people like it and give it 5 stars rating.

It is the best helper in emergency tasks where we need power.

What do I like about Jackery 1500 Solar Generator?

The Jackery 1500 is an appreciated power station that gained a good response from the people.

One thing I like very much about the generator is how it small is, its overall dimensions are 5.19 inches in length, 9.05 inches in width, 7.67 inches in height.

It is a very lightweight generator its weight is only 6.6 lbs that very easy to carry the generator.

Its design is very awesome,  having a built-in handle makes the generator easy to lift like a job site’s tools.

One of the great advantages of a generator is there is no need for any fuel, no gasoline, propane, and diesel. You just need to run the generator in front of the Sun since its fuel is sunshine.

You can use it in your home even in your room since it runs with silent, besides that there is no smoke issue.

This means if you’re camping with this generator then it can be used in your camp.

Pure Sine Waves

Yeah, it is a solar generator which means you can not charge your sensitive electronic appliances from since the electric waves up and down.

But Jackery is a very smart guy, it produces pure since waves that are safe for sensitive electronic appliances. This allows you to charge your all sensitive appliance with confidence. This feature will be very helpful for you when you’re hunting, boat, or camping because you can charge your important devices, light your area at night.

LED Display

The Jackery has a LED display that shows the generator battery time how much the battery has charged or remained.

Parallel option

The Jackery has the option to power your appliances for a long time since it has a parallel option.

This means you can connect 4 solar panels with this model each solar panel should 100W.

This model is able to generate at least 1800 running watts that make it to run most small appliances.

Even it can run large appliances like electric stove, refrigerator, microwave electric Owen.

Jackery’s Solarpeak Technology

Although this generator doesn’t need gasoline, or propane since it runs on sunshine.

However, it needs to charge its battery which gives us the power to run appliances.

But it doesn’t take too much time to recharge its battery because Jackery’s solar peak technology recharges the battery in a few hours.

It takes only 4 hours to recharge its battery and get ready to power our appliances for a long time.

What do I dislike about this generator?

There are some things in this smart boy which I don’t like.

One the most disappointing in this model is despite its being an expensive machine, it is not able to run large appliances like an inverter generator.

Although the inverter generator is also expensive but it can run large equipment.

The second thing is it is a very expensive machine since you’ll have to purchase each solar panel separately.

This is why it becomes a too-costly generator. Everyone can’t afford the Jackery 1500 price.

Conclusion – Is Jackery 1500 solar generator worth this price?

According to our experience, the Jackery solar generator is not for every person who needs electricity in a power outage.

Since it is designed for those people who only need the power in the low range and they don’t like the noise.

Like this generator can be used where you need to power your all necessity devices.

The Jackery 1500 solar generator will be a unique choice for road trips, hunting, RVs, and boat.

Also, where there you don’t have too much place and you don’t want any noise.

Yeah, it is a very costly generator compared to other generators since it is equipped with a lot of features.

One of the best features of this generator is you’ll not need to buy fuel to power this machine.

If you’re looking for a portable solar generator then the Jackery 1500 solar generator may be a great choice for you.

Further, you would like to check more models then you can check on Amazon because Jackery has more models with this generator.

Jackery 1500 solar generator review

The Jackery 1500 solar generator is a portable power solution that can be used to charge your cell phone, laptop, and other devices. It comes with a built-in solar panel that charges the batteries as soon as it is exposed to sunlight. You’re allowed to use this smart machine anywhere and anytime you want to.



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Value for money




Battery Life


Light weight




Overall Rating



Q: What is a Jackery 1500 solar generator?

A: A Jackery 1500 solar generator is a portable, heavy-duty, off-grid power solution that uses the sun’s energy to charge your electronics and run appliances. It’s lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal for camping or other outdoor activities. It can be used for charging phones, tablets, gaming consoles, laptops, cameras, and other small electronics when the sun isn’t shining. It also comes with a USB port that can charge your phone or other devices via AC outlet (cord included).

Q: What is the best way to use my Jackery 1500 solar generator?

A: You’ll need to use your Jackery 1500 solar generator in conjunction with one of Jackery solar panels. You can purchase a separate panel from this brand or you can use one of Kackery pre-packaged kits.

Q: How long will it take for my Jackery 1500 solar generator to charge up?

A: Depending on how much light there is during charging time, it normally takes about six hours for your Jackery 1500 solar generator to charge completely. If you’re using one of Jackery pre-packaged kits, then we recommend using it at least 3 hours before sundown each day so that it has enough time to fully charge by morning.

Q: Can Jackery 1500 solar generator run on a single charge?

A: Yes, we recommend running the Jackery 1500 for at least 10 hours before charging it with sunlight or alternate power sources. This will help ensure that you have enough power for all of your devices, and will also reduce wear and tear on your Jackery 1500.

Q: How long does it take to charge my Jackery 1500?

A: The Jackery 1500 charges in approximately 24 hours, depending on the weather and your location. We recommend using an external battery pack when possible, as these can recharge more quickly than solar panels.

Q: Can I charge my device with the Jackery 1500?

A: Yes! You can charge your device when you’re outside, and the Jackery 1500 will provide enough power for your phone, tablet or laptop.

Q: Do I need to plug in the Jackery 1500?

A: No, you don’t need to plug this generator into an outlet or vehicle. It has built-in charging technology that allows it to work with your phone or other devices as long as it’s powered by sunlight!

Can I use the Jackery 1500 on cloudy days?

A: Yes! The Jackery 1500 is designed to work in any weather condition. If there is no sunlight available, it will automatically shut off so that it doesn’t drain its battery.

Q: Does my phone have to be plugged into the Jackery 1500 at all times?

A: No, but we recommend keeping your device connected to the generator at least half of the time while using it because this ensures that you have access to all of its features (such as SOS mode).

Q: How long the Jackery 1500 solar generator takes to charge my phone?

A: It will take about 1 hour to fully charge the Jackery 1500 from flat.

Q: Can I use my own battery?

A: Yes! The Jackery 1500 has an external 12V/12Ah battery pack that you can use to store power when you’re not using it to charge your devices. You can also charge your device directly from the internal solar panel (sold separately).

Q: Does Jackery 1500 solar generator safe?

A: Yes, the Jackery 1500 solar generator is safe. It has been tested and confirmed by many organizations for safety. The product contains no chemicals that could harm humans or the environment.

Q: How does it work?

A: The Jackery 1500 uses advanced technology to convert the sun’s energy into electricity. It has two solar panels that charge during the day, so you can use the generator at night when there’s no sun available. The Jackery 1500 also has an internal battery that provides enough power during cloudy days or when you need backup power.

Q: What are some features?

A: The Jackery 1500 has a 12-volt DC output (12V), which means it will work with most devices like phones or laptops; it also uses lithium-ion batteries (18650) which are rechargeable and have a long lifespan. It comes with an AC outlet so you can plug in your devices while charging them simultaneously; this feature is great if you’re running multiple devices off of one battery charge!

Q: How many hours can the Jackery 1500 run on one charge?

A: The Jackery 1500 battery can be charged up to 500 times. It’s recommended that you charge the generator overnight, so that you don’t lose any power by running it down during the day.

Q: What is the best place to store my Jackery 1500?

A: You’ll want to keep your Jackery 1500 away from heat and moisture sources like direct sunlight, humidity, rain and snow—and not in an area where there’s a lot of dust or dirt particles hanging around. Keep it in a dry place or in its carrying case when not in use.

Q. Why do I need a Jackery 1500 solar generator?

A. This is a perfect generator for anyone who needs to power their home or camp for small size appliances, but doesn’t want to mess with the hassle of running all of the cords and cables needed to hook up a normal generator. It’s also great for anyone who wants to have a backup system in place in case of emergency.

Q: What are the benefits of using a portable generator if I already have electricity from my home?

A: If you live in an area where there is no power, having a backup generator on hand can help keep your lights on during an outage. Plus, if you’re trying to save money by staying off the grid, this could be an essential tool! You can use it all year round—not just during storms or other natural disasters—so even when it’s not needed anymore, it’ll still be ready when you need it most.

Q: What do the Jackery 1500 solar generator’s three different charge modes do?

A: The battery can be charged in three different ways. The first is by connecting it to a wall outlet (with included adapter). The second is by connecting it to a car charger (included). Finally, you can use a portable power bank.

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