How to Use a Generator?

Sometimes you have to purchase a generator due to electricity shortage or any other issue. However, you purchase a generator but you’re new and you don’t know how to use the generator? Even also you don’t even know how to plug the generator into your house.

No matter this article will help you since we’ll talk about how to use a generator.

There are the following things that you should know if you have purchased a generator.

  1. First, you should read the book which is provided by the manufacturer so that you know how to use the generator in short.
  2. Open the generator’s box and put out it into the box.
  3. Fill the oil in its oil tank and after then fill the fuel in its fuel tank.
  4. All generators have a manual recoil start system. However, if you have only one option then pull the recoil and start the generator. But some generators come with electric and remote start options, both options are better than the manual recoil option.
  5. After starting the generator you’ll have to run the generator without any electrical load. This way saves the generator from any damage.
  6. After getting the generator hot since this way moves the oil into the engine then you can plug the generator into the house plug.
  7. There are different types of outlets in a generator you have to connect your house with any outlet according to your power needs.
  8. You should know that if you’re using the generator due to a power outage then you’ll have to close the main breaker of your generator.

These are some important and informative tips that will help you during use the generator. Especially, when you are in the black out area.

If you want to purchase a generator but you don’t know that how to purchase the best generator? hmm, don’t worry you must read our article on how to buy the best generator in the market.

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