Generator vs Inverter Generator – What are the Differences Between Both?

Do you know Generator vs Inverter Generator – What are the Differences Between Both?

Although, the generators and inverter generators both provide electricity.

Both can be used to power your home, yards, camping, hunting, and job sites.

In short, they can be used for several purposes since we need electricity for doing our work.

However, there are some top brands that make generators and inverter generators.

You’ll find different types of watts in both categories. People buy both types of generators according to their needs.

However, there is a question in our mind is that if both are providing electricity so what’s the difference between them?

Yeah, they are brought for the same purposes but there are some differences which create them in 2 types.

The inverter generator is smart than a generator, It has many advantages that would not find in a generator.

This is why lots of people like to buy an inverter generator instead of a generator.

Differences between Inverter & Generator

For your kind information, the inverter generator is a new technology machine that comes with a lot of features that might not be expected of a generator.


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Here we’ll tell you about a generator’s features, and for what purpose it can be purchased.

The generator is designed in a powerful machine so that it can easily handle a high load.

There are so many generators in the market which provide different watts.

You’ll find from 2000 watts to 15k watts generators in the market.

If someone needs more power then he goes in the Standby generator category. That is a more high-power generator that can handle a load of so many electronic appliances and tools.

This type of generator can be used in a factory, company, and where there need to run high amperage machines and tools.

1: Engine

The generator is fitted with a big and powerful engine so that it can easily power large appliances.

That’s why it is purchased to power the entire home and run high amperage tools at job sites and construction sites.

A generator has a lot of power that’s why it can easily run so many appliances and tools at the same time, even though they are big or small.

This power feature would not get in an inverter generator because it is designed small than a generator.

The generator is always a big size machine than an inverter generator.

However, some generators comes 50 amps outlet to handle heavy electricity load.

If we purchase an inverter generator to handle heavy electric tools, we will have to spend too cost.

It’s short and informative information about the generator now we’ll talk about 2nd type.

Let’s start to know about the 2nd type.

Inverter Generator

This type of generator comes with several features that people like them.

It is designed according to people’s expectations. This is why we see so many people have a desire to buy an inverter generator instead of a traditional generator.

Often people love to go for camping, hunting, RV trips, and other activities.

They need electricity to power their tools and appliances at such places which is why they have to buy generators.

However, the question is why people like to purchase an inverter generator not only a generator?

Let’s start to find the inverter generator features that make it a better choice for people.

1: Portability

The inverter generator is designed portable and light weight so that it can be easily transported anywhere where you want to go it with you.

It is made in a small shape as much as possible so that it can take a little bit of place in your home or yard.

It is more lightweight than a generator a person easily lift it. For the sake of being lightweight, one person can easily lift an inverter generator.

2: Parallel Kit Outlet

This is an amazing feature that an inverter generator only provides. This feature allows you to connect 2 generators to double your power. A generator doesn’t allow you to connect 2 models with each others.

This means if you have an inverter generator but it is a small size model and you need a power than your small model in this case you’ll not have any problem.

You just need to bug a parallel kit and bring another model after then connect both models by parallel kit.

3: Pure Sine Wave

This is the 2nd best option that you find in an inverter generator.

Do you know you’re not allowed to connect sensitive electronic devices with your generator since it can damage them?

But the inverter generator solves this problem by providing clean and stable electricity which is saved for sensitive appliances.

The inverter generator comes with low THD that is 100% safe for modern types of appliances.

You’re allowed to connect your mobile, tablet, laptop directly with the inverter generator.

There are some top brands that are providing the best inverter generator in the market including Honda, Yamaha, Champion, Westinghouse, and Sportsman.

4: Fuel Efficient

The Inverter generator is more fuel-efficient than a generator, it gives you a long run time as much as possible it.

Suppose if a generator can run 5 hours in a fuel gallon of gasoline, then an inverter can run 7 to 8 hours in this fuel.

It is able to run for the whole night with some fuel gallons of gasoline.

5: Quietness

So many people want a silent generator so that they can enjoy their camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

But the generator is so loudly and its noise annoys the people around the generator but the inverter generator is so quiet machine that is designed for these purposes.

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