5 Best Ryobi Inverter Generators for 2024: Are these Worth?

In this article, I will talk about top rated Ryobi Inverter Generators and I’ll help you how can you choose an inverter generator from Ryobi

Ryobi is a well-known brand in the market, Ryobi is manufacturing different power tools, currently, it is also working on make generators to facilitate the people.

You will get its inverter generator in the market, its quality of products is very good and also durable, people also like its products because its products are affordable price.

You will see Ryobi’s inverter generators in the market with simple features, and affordable prices. But I think picking a good inverter generator according to your expectations might be not easy. If your answer may be in ‘yes’ so I am also with you in this case because it might be a very difficult task.

But, you don’t need to worry about it. Why? Because I have created a list of the top 5 best Ryobi inverter generator reviews.

However, in these reviews, you’re informed everything about Ryobi’s inverter generator after then you can choose the right inverter generator for you. You may check here as you want. Please keep reading these reviews for more information about the Ryobi inverter generator. if you feel that you need more inverter generators then you may check in our top best inverter generators.

At the end of these reviews, I answered some questions which are related to Ryobi inverter generators.

1: Ryobi 1000 watt Inverter Generator RYI1000

Ryobi 1000 watt Inverter Generator RYI1000

Introducing the Ryobi 1000 watt Inverter Generator RYI1000 – the ultimate power solution for any situation. Whether you’re on the jobsite, at home, on a boat, or hosting an outdoor party, this generator is designed to meet your power needs with unmatched efficiency and reliability.

With 1000 starting watts and 900 running watts, this compact inverter generator may not be intended for heavy-duty power tools or welding equipment, but it excels at providing the perfect amount of power to keep your essential devices running smoothly.

During power outages, it can effortlessly handle the task of powering computers, network gear, and even charging stations for power tools at remote worksites.

One of the standout features of this model is its remarkable fuel efficiency. It can run for an impressive 9 hours on just 0.6 gallons of gasoline. This means that you can enjoy uninterrupted power for an extended period without the constant hassle of refueling.

Additionally, this generator delivers clean and stable power, allowing you to confidently run delicate electronics such as laptops, TVs, DVD players, and even charge your house batteries simultaneously. Its versatility and capacity to fulfill your diverse power needs will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Equipped with a single-phase, 60 Hz outlet that provides 120 Volt AC and 15 Amps, this generator is suitable for operating a wide range of appliances, electrical lighting, tools, and motor loads. Furthermore, it features a 12-volt, 7.5 Amp DC receptacle designed specifically for charging lead-acid batteries.

To ensure the safety of both the generator and your connected devices, a circuit breaker is included to protect against electrical overload.

The auto-idle switch of the Ryobi 1000 watt Inverter Generator is a valuable addition that allows you to control the engine speed and conserve fuel. By setting the switch to the ON (I) position when no appliances are connected, the engine will automatically idle, minimizing fuel consumption.

Once you connect an appliance, the engine speed increases to provide sufficient power, and when the appliance is disconnected, the engine returns to idle. This intelligent feature not only saves fuel but also reduces unnecessary noise, making it an ideal choice for noise-sensitive environments.

Transporting this Ryobi inverter generator is a breeze, thanks to its compact design and convenient top handle. Weighing just 23 kilograms, it is remarkably lightweight and easy to move around. The fuel tank capacity of 0.6 gallons ensures that you can enjoy the portability without sacrificing runtime.

The Ryobi 1000 watt Inverter Generator also comes packed with useful features to enhance your user experience. It includes indicators that alert you to the generator’s operational status, overload conditions, and the need for lubrication.

Moreover, it boasts an easy-to-use on/off switch button, which, when combined with the starter grip and rope, allows for effortless generator startup and shutdown.

To provide you with peace of mind and demonstrate the manufacturer’s confidence in the product, purchasing this model of Ryobi grants you a generous 3-year limited warranty. This warranty ensures that you can rely on the generator for years to come, knowing that any unforeseen issues will be promptly addressed.


The Ryobi 1000 watt Inverter Generator RYI1000 is an exceptional power solution that excels in versatility, fuel efficiency, and portability. With its clean power output, reliable performance, and range of convenient features, it is perfectly suited for a wide array of applications, from powering your essential electronics during emergencies to being your go-to companion at remote worksites.

 Invest in this remarkable generator, and experience the ultimate power solution backed by Ryobi’s renowned quality and a comprehensive warranty.


  • Long run time even low fuel tank
  • Lightweight easy to transport
  • This generator warns you at overload, low oil level, and when it is ready to start.


  • Do not has USB ports
  • Not RV ready

2: Ryobi 2000 Watt Digital Inverter Generator RYI2000GRA

Ryobi 2000 Watt Digital Inverter generator RYI2000GRA

The Ryobi 2000 Watts Digital Inverter Generator RYI2000GRA, a powerhouse in a sleek gray design. Unlike its counterparts that sport the signature green color, this model stands out with its visually appealing appearance. However, it’s important to note that it’s not just about looks—let’s dive into its remarkable features that make it a truly outstanding generator.

Designed to provide clean and quiet power, this inverter generator offers 2,000 Starting Watts and 1,600 Running Watts, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you need reliable power for your home, recreational activities, or even on the Jobsite, this generator has got you covered.

When it comes to portability, this model truly excels. Equipped with an expandable handle and two wheels, transporting this generator becomes a breeze. Just imagine it as your trusty suitcase with a convenient handle and wheels, making it effortlessly maneuverable wherever you go.

Starting this Ryobi inverter generator is a hassle-free experience thanks to the Easy Start dial. This dial not only enables you to start and stop the engine but also controls the fuel valve and the choke. With a simple turn of the dial, you can easily manage the generator’s operation, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The Ryobi 2000 Watts Digital Inverter Generator features two single-phase, 60 Hz outlets, each providing 120 Volt AC and 20 Amps. These outlets are capable of powering various appliances, such as refrigerators, portable fans, laptops, and even a 46-inch flat panel television. With its versatile power output, you can confidently connect your essential devices and enjoy uninterrupted performance.

In terms of fuel efficiency, this generator truly shines. Its 1.2-gallon fuel tank capacity allows for an impressive runtime of up to 10.3 hours at a 25% load, making it an ideal choice for extended power needs. Even at a 50% load, it can provide power for a remarkable 8 hours. This exceptional runtime ensures that you have power when you need it most, without constantly worrying about refueling.

For those occasions when you require more power than the standard 2,000 watts, this inverter generator offers a parallel kit capability. By connecting a second Ryobi RYI2000GRA 2000 Watts Digital Inverter Generator, you can effectively double the output and meet your higher power demands. This versatility makes it a reliable choice for both everyday use and more demanding applications.

Safety is a top priority, and this Ryobi inverter generator includes a low oil sensor to ensure optimal performance. If the oil level is low or insufficient in the crankcase, the engine will automatically shut down. It serves as a protective measure to prevent any damage and requires you to add sufficient engine lubricant oil before restarting the generator.

Being an inverter generator, this model also guarantees clean power delivery, making it suitable for even the most sensitive electronic devices. Whether it’s your mobile phone, iPhone, laptop, or computer, you can confidently connect and power your valuable electronics without worrying about potential damage.

With your purchase of the Ryobi 2000 Watts Digital Inverter Generator RYI2000GRA, you also receive a generous 3-year limited warranty. This warranty ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of this exceptional generator with peace of mind, knowing that any unforeseen issues will be promptly addressed.


The Ryobi 2000 Watts Digital Inverter Generator RYI2000GRA combines functionality, portability, and reliability in a visually appealing package.

Its clean and quiet power output, extended runtime, parallel kit capability, and safety features make it a standout choice for various power needs. ‘Whether you’re using it at home, on the go, or at the Jobsite, this generator is ready to deliver the power you need. Experience its remarkable features and affordable price, and you’ll quickly fall in love with the performance it offers.


  • Long run time
  • Parrel kit capability
  • Expendable handle with wheels
  • Affordable price


  • Unfortunately, it has not DC outlet.
  • USB port not available

3: Ryobi 2200 Watt Digital Inverter Generator RYI2200

Ryobi 2200 Watt Digital Inverter Generator RYI2200

The Ryobi RYI2200 2200 Watts Digital Inverter Generator, a remarkable option in the world of 2200-watt inverter generators. Whether you’re planning a camping trip, tailgating adventure, or simply looking for a reliable backup power source for your home, this generator has you covered.

It may not be able to power your entire household, but it’s certainly a lifesaver in times of need, especially during unexpected storms or power outages.

One of the standout features of the Ryobi 2200 inverter generator is its powerful engine. Equipped with a 106 cc OHC, 4-cylinder engine, it has the capacity to produce a surge output of 2,200 watts and a continuous running output of 1,800 watts. This impressive power output allows the Ryobi to handle a variety of electronic appliances, making it ideal for both home and recreational use.

One of the key advantages of this generator is its lightweight and compact design. Measuring just 18 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 24 inches in height, and weighing a mere 51 pounds, it is incredibly portable and easy to transport.

The addition of two durable wheels and a telescope handle further enhances its portability, making it feel as light as a suitcase as you effortlessly move it to your desired location.

The control panel of the 2200 watt Ryobi inverter generator is thoughtfully designed with user convenience in mind. It features two AC 120-volt 20-amp outlets that resemble regular household sockets, allowing you to connect your electronic devices with ease. Additionally, there is a 12-volt DC outlet with a charging cable for external batteries, providing further versatility.

To enhance fuel efficiency and reduce unnecessary noise, the generator is equipped with an automatic idle technology feature, also known as ECO mode.

When activated, this feature adjusts the motor speed based on the power demand, optimizing fuel consumption and minimizing noise output. This not only helps to extend the generator’s runtime but also makes it a more environmentally friendly choice.

The Ryobi inverter generator 2200 watt boasts an array of helpful features that provide a seamless user experience.

The control panel includes three LED displays: one for indicating low oil levels, another to signify when the generator is ready for use, and a third to warn of potential overload situations. These displays allow you to stay informed and ensure that the generator operates smoothly and safely.

For those seeking even more power, the Ryobi 2200 watt inverter generator offers a parallel kit option. By connecting a second Ryobi generator, you can effectively double your power output, providing a solution for more demanding energy needs.

Final verdict

The Ryobi RYI2200 2200 Watts Digital Inverter Generator stands out as a reliable, compact, and feature-rich option in the 2200-watt inverter generator category. Its robust engine, combined with the automatic idle technology feature, ensures efficient and optimal power delivery.

The lightweight and portable design, along with the convenient control panel and additional outlets, make it an excellent choice for various applications, from camping trips to emergency backup power. Consider the Ryobi 2200 watt inverter generator as your trusted companion for all your power needs.


  • Light weight compact size
  • It is very quiet
  • Easy to start
  • Gives clean and reliable electricity that is safe for sensitive electronic appliance
  • It comes with affordable price
  • Auto idle feature for fuel efficient


  • Run time is not really good

4: Ryobi Bluetooth RYI2300BTA 2300 Watt Digital Inverter Generator

Ryobi Bluetooth RYI2300BTA 2300 Watt Digital Inverter Generator

The Ryobi Bluetooth RYI2300BTA 2300 Watt Digital Inverter Generator – a powerhouse in a compact package. At first glance, you may be reminded of the popular Ryobi RYI2000GRA model, sharing its sleek body and design. However, don’t be fooled, as this impressive generator brings a host of innovative features that set it apart from its predecessor.

From the outset, the 2300 watt Ryobi inverter generator exudes reliability and efficiency. Encased in a neatly designed plastic housing, it presents a clean and organized appearance. Compared to other models in the Ryobi RYI series, such as the RYI2000 and the 5000-watt job site generator, this model boasts a notably more compact form factor, making it highly portable and easy to transport.

Underneath its unassuming exterior lies a powerful engine, harnessing the capabilities of a Ryobi 80 cc OHV 4-cycle engine. This formidable engine delivers an impressive performance, generating 2300 starting watts and 1800 running watts.

Moreover, the generator features an auto-idle fuel-saving technology that helps conserve fuel, making it an economical choice for prolonged use.

What truly sets the Ryobi 2300 watt inverter generator apart from its counterparts is its Bluetooth capabilities, offering you unparalleled control over your power source.

Through the Ryobi app, you gain full access to monitor and manage your generator remotely, providing a level of convenience that is unmatched in the industry. This feature allows you to keep a close eye on the generator’s performance, ensuring seamless operation and peace of mind.

Despite its smaller size, this generator surprises with its impressive runtime. With a 1.2-gallon fuel tank of gasoline, the Ryobi 2300 watt generator can run up to 10.3 hours at 25% load, thanks to its Auto-Idle Technology. This intelligent feature enhances fuel efficiency, allowing you to maximize usage without frequent refueling interruptions.

Ryobi has also paid attention to the generator’s practicality and user experience. The inclusion of a telescoping handle adds a touch of sophistication to its design, neatly stowing away when not in use. This feature not only provides a cleaner look but also enhances portability.

However, it’s worth noting that the handle’s build may not be the sturdiest, so while it serves its purpose for rolling the generator, it’s advisable to avoid lifting the unit with the handle extended.

The Ryobi inverter generator 2300 watt takes convenience a step further with its digital display. This feature proves invaluable, allowing you to monitor vital information such as power output, fuel levels, and estimated runtime.

The generator’s impressive fuel efficiency will undoubtedly catch the attention of your friends who own other models, as the Ryobi outshines them with its ability to minimize fuel consumption.

While the Ryobi 2300 watt inverter generator may not have the capacity to power an entire house, it is perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re going on a camping trip or tackling outdoor projects, this generator provides the ideal solution. Its versatility, power, and portability make it a reliable companion for any adventure or job.

In terms of outlets, this unit doesn’t disappoint. It features two USB ports, allowing you to directly charge sensitive electronics such as laptops, mobile phones, and sound systems. Additionally, you’ll find two 120V 20A AC power outlets, complete with circuit breakers and an overload reset button, ensuring the safety of your devices.

Final Verdict

To summarize, the Ryobi Bluetooth RYI2300BTA 2300 Watt Digital Inverter Generator is a remarkable addition to the Ryobi family, combining power, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology.

Its compact design, fuel-saving features, Bluetooth capabilities, and thoughtful extras like the telescoping handle and digital display make it an attractive choice for those seeking a reliable and convenient power source. Whether you’re venturing into the great outdoors or simply need a reliable backup power solution, this generator is sure to exceed your expectations.


  • You can monitor this inverter through a Bluetooth connection
  • Awesome running time, its ability to run for 12 hours
  • The great LCD display on the control panel
  • Easy to start


  • There is only one con that is it could have a DC outlet for charging external batteries.

5: Ryobi 4000 watt Inverter Generator RYI4022x

Ryobi 4000 watt Inverter Generator RYI4022x

The Ryobi 4000 watt Inverter Generator RYI4022x stands proudly as one of the finest inverter generators in our carefully curated list of top Ryobi generators. However, it is the remarkable CO detection feature that truly sets this generator apart from its peers.

Carbon monoxide, as we are all well aware, poses a severe threat to human life, making it imperative to minimize exposure whenever possible.

To address this concern, Ryobi has ingeniously incorporated a highly sensitive carbon monoxide sensor into the design of the RYI4022X. This sensor diligently monitors the levels of carbon monoxide emitted during generator operation. In the event that dangerous levels are detected, the sensor promptly shuts down all operations, ensuring the safety of both users and those around them.

But the excellence of the RYI4022X extends far beyond its CO detection capabilities. With a robust 212cc OHV engine, this inverter generator delivers a substantial power output of 4000 starting watts and 3400 running watts.

Such formidable power not only ensures reliable performance but also allows for a generous runtime. On a 50% load, the RYI4022X can operate for up to 12 hours, while even at 25% load, it can power through for more than 15 hours, thanks to its ample 3.2-gallon gasoline tank.

While evaluating the Ryobi inverter generator, we observed that it may not offer an extensive range of outlet options. However, the outlet panel of the RYI4022X includes four single-phase 60 Hz outlets, comprising 120 Volt AC and 20 Amp receptacles.

With this setup, you can effortlessly power multiple appliances simultaneously, such as two refrigerators and several lights. Moreover, running an air conditioner, a refrigerator, and a few lights concurrently poses no challenge for this versatile generator.

In addition to the aforementioned outlets, the RYI4022X Ryobi 4000 watt inverter generator boasts a convenient 120 Volt AC 30 Amp RV receptacle. This specialized feature is specifically tailored to meet the power demands of your recreational vehicle, allowing you to operate various appliances, electrical lighting, tools, and motor loads during your memorable RV trips.

Concerns regarding portability are swiftly dispelled by the RYI4022X’s intelligently engineered design. Despite weighing a modest 85 lbs, this generator features a practical folding handle and two large wheels. With these thoughtful additions, moving the generator becomes an effortless task, easily accomplished by a single person.

As for the starting mechanism, the RYI4022X relies on the tried-and-true manual recoil start option. To initiate the generator, a simple pull on the recoil is all that is required, and with remarkable reliability, the generator springs to life with just the first pull.

Final Verdict

The Ryobi 4000 watt Inverter Generator RYI4022x is an exceptional power solution that combines cutting-edge CO detection technology with substantial power output and commendable runtime.

With its assortment of outlets, including the RV receptacle, and its thoughtful portability features, this generator embodies the epitome of convenience and reliability. Whether you require power for your home, recreational vehicle, or outdoor adventures, the RYI4022X is an eye-catching and trustworthy companion that stands out among its competitors.


  • UL certified to ANSI/UL2201
  • Low CO generation with a CO detection shutdown sensor
  • Idle-Down Technology: greater fuel efficiency with less noise
  • RV-Ready TT-30R Outlet
  • Long time runs
  • Folding handle with big wheels
  • Affordable price


  • Could have DC outlet and USB ports

Buying Guide for Ryobi Inverter Generators

Ryobi is a reputable brand that offers a range of inverter generators suitable for various applications, from camping and outdoor activities to emergency backup power. When considering purchasing a Ryobi inverter generator, there are several important factors to take into account. This buying guide will you to choose the right Ryobi inverter generator:

Power Output:

Determine your power requirements before choosing a Ryobi inverter generator. Consider the essential appliances and devices you want to power simultaneously. Ryobi offers a variety of models with different power outputs, typically ranging from 2,200 watts to 4,000 watts. Ensure the generator you select can handle your power needs.

Portability and Weight:

If you plan to use the generator for camping or other outdoor activities, portability is essential. Consider the weight of the generator and whether it comes with convenient features like carrying handles or wheels for easy transportation. Ryobi offers compact and lightweight models that are easy to move around.

Noise Level:

Inverter generators are generally quieter than conventional generators. However, the noise level can still vary between models. Ryobi inverter generators are designed to operate quietly, with noise levels ranging from 50 to 72 decibels. Consider the noise restrictions in your area and choose a generator that meets those requirements.

Run Time and Fuel Efficiency:

The run time and fuel efficiency of a generator are crucial factors, especially during longer power outages or camping trips. Ryobi inverter generators typically offer run times between 4 and 10 hours, depending on the load and tank size. Look for models that have an economy mode or auto-idle feature, which adjusts the engine speed to match the required power, increasing fuel efficiency and extending run time.

Fuel Type:

Most Ryobi inverter generators are powered by gasoline, which is readily available. However, if you prefer an alternative fuel option, consider Ryobi’s propane-powered models. Propane is cleaner-burning and has a longer shelf life than gasoline. It is also a more convenient choice for certain outdoor activities.

Parallel Capability:

If you anticipate needing more power in the future, consider a Ryobi inverter generator that offers parallel capability. This feature allows you to connect two generators together using a parallel kit, effectively doubling your power output. Not all Ryobi models have this capability, so check the product specifications if it is a requirement for you.

Outlets and Connectivity:

Check the number and type of outlets available on the generator. Ryobi inverter generators typically come with multiple outlets, including standard household AC outlets, USB ports for charging small devices, and DC outlets for charging batteries. Some models may also have RV-ready outlets or twist-lock outlets for additional versatility.

Safety Features:

Ensure the Ryobi inverter generator you choose has essential safety features, such as overload protection, low oil shutdown, and circuit breaker protection. These features protect the generator and your appliances from damage and enhance overall safety.

Warranty and Customer Support:

Consider the warranty and customer support provided by Ryobi. A longer warranty period indicates is considered best for users. Additionally, good customer support can be crucial in case you encounter any issues or need assistance with your generator.

Price and Value for Money:

Finally, compare the price of the generator to its features and capabilities. Consider the overall value for money, including the quality of construction, reputation of the brand, and the inclusion of any additional features or accessories. Opt for a generator that offers a good balance between affordability and performance.

Remember to consult customer reviews, professional opinions, and online forums to gather more insights from users who have experience with Ryobi inverter generators. By considering these factors, you can confidently choose a Ryobi inverter generator that suits your power needs and preferences.

What I don’t labout the Ryobi inverter generators

When it comes to Ryobi inverter generators, there is a lot to love. These generators are known for their reliability, portability, and efficient power output. However, it’s important to provide a balanced perspective, and there are a few aspects of Ryobi inverter generators that some individuals may not find to their liking.

One notable aspect that some users may have reservations about is the control panel features. While Ryobi generators are generally equipped with intuitive and user-friendly control panels, it’s possible that they might not meet everyone’s specific preferences or requirements. In some cases, users may feel that certain features or functionalities are missing or could have been improved upon.

It’s worth noting that the control panel layout and options can vary between different models of Ryobi inverter generators. While some users may find the control panel comprehensive and well-designed, others might have personal preferences that are not fully met. This can include factors such as the placement of switches, the absence of specific features, or the overall aesthetic appeal of the control panel.

However, it’s important to remember that these potential concerns are subjective and may not be deal-breakers for everyone. The majority of users still appreciate the overall performance and reliability of Ryobi inverter generators, despite any minor drawbacks they may perceive in the control panel design.

It’s always a good idea to carefully review the specifications and features of any generator you’re considering purchasing, including the control panel layout, to ensure it aligns with your specific requirements and preferences.

Additionally, reading customer reviews and seeking expert opinions can provide valuable insights into the user experience and shed light on any potential limitations or areas for improvement.

Ultimately, while the control panel features of Ryobi inverter generators may not be universally loved by all, it’s important to weigh this aspect against the generator’s overall performance, reliability, and value for money.

Ryobi generators have gained a strong reputation in the market for their quality and dependability, making them a popular choice for many individuals seeking portable and efficient power solutions.


So final, I have told you everything about these 5 best Ryobi inverter generators which might be too difficult for someone. These five are really good for everyone who needs a good inverter generator at an affordable price.

The Ryobi 1000 watt inverter generator is good for a person who needs low-range power. This unit has some best features since it is enough to power your small gadgets, and you don’t have to pay too much money. If you have any more need to check then you should try Sportsman inverter generators.

The Ryobi 4000 watt inverter generator is a great choice for the person who needs a high-range inverter generator at an affordable price range. Also, Ryobi 2300 inverter generator all are good inverter generators, now it’s up to you how you like the generator, now the choice is yours. My work is only to tell you about the Ryobi.

Although these models are very simple, and they don’t have any additional features like a remote start but these generators still give the best performance.

If you’re looking for a cheapest inverter generator, you must come to here in list of 5 best Ryobi inverter generator.

What thing I don’t like about the Ryobi inverter generators

While writing the reviews of these 5 Ryobi inverter generators, I have noted one thing is their control panel features might not be like everyone. Perhaps some people may not like the control panel there is something missed. Otherwise, they are really good and deserve appreciation.

frequently asked questions

Q: how to start Ryobi inverter generators ?

A: Ryobi inverter generators are really easy to start, you just have to fill the oil and fuel and just pull the recoil. Otherwise in some inverter generators have also an electric start. Ryobi all inverter generators start in 1 to 2 pulls.

Q: Are Ryobi inverter generators any good?

A: if you worry about purchasing of Ryobi Inverter generator, so my opinion is you don’t need to worry about this brand because its all inverter generators that are good and deserve appreciation. They will not disappoint you after purchasing.

Q: who manufactures Ryobi inverter generators?

A: Ryobi Inverter generators are made in China and its generators are recognized. The Ryobi generators are considered more of a ‘budget’ option.

Q: Ryobi inverter generator for RV trips?

A: Usually, you can use any Ryobi inverter for your RV trips but the Ryobi 4000 watt inverter generator is really good for RV trips and other outdoor parties, and also job sites.

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