Briggs & Stratton P4500 Inverter Generator Review 2022 & Buying Guide

Looking for an inverter generator?  that is the best for RV trips? yes! especially design for RV, and which used for home’s backup power, and which also used for running large appliances. For these purposes, the Briggs & Stratton p4500 inverter generator is the best choice. In 2019, Briggs & Stratton introduced the people to its innovative addition to its popular PowerSmart Series of quiet inverter generators. This generator is also engineered to safely power your all sensitive electrical appliances with a big amount of power output.

Key Features

  • Electric start Push button with automatic choke
  • Power output: 4500 starting watts / 3700 running watts
  • LED display monitor: fuel level, power usage, and run time
  • CO Guard carbon monoxide shutdown
  • Runs up to 16 hours at a 25% load
  • Outlets : four 120V, 20A outlets, one 120V, 30A RV outlet, & two USB
  • Start Type : Recoil / Electric
  • Fuel Gauge : Yes
  • Dimension : Width (in) : 17.6, Height (in) : 20.3, Length (in) 24.5
  • Engine type: 224cc
  • Low Oil Shutdown, Hour Meter
  • Weight (lbs) 115
  • Commercial Warranty (Product) 12 months

What makes the Briggs & Stratton P4500 great

This model is designed for RV owners in mind and is suitable for a big range of applications. This generator promises great things for homeowners looking for extra power. The top feature of this model is the built-in carbon monoxide monitoring system, which will track CO levels and shut the generator down automatically if the CO levels are high.

How do this unit start and transport?

The Briggs & Stratton P4500 is very easy to start, even your children at home also can start this generator with ease.

You will get an electric push-button and recoil starting system for starting this generator as much as easy. So now you’ll have 2 options to start the generator, ah whenever you feel tired so you would like to choose electric start to start the generator or have your children turn on the generator.

The Briggs & Stratton P4500 has a telescoping handle for easier transport and 2 non-flattening wheels that all make the generator to easy transport anywhere where you want to take the generator. This unit has a protective hard-shell cover with gray and black color that guards the generator against dirt and debris.

 Control panel

briggs & stratton p4500

The Briggs & Stratton P4500 side panel has all your power outlets and circuit breakers. These include one 120 volts 30A RV outlet that can be used directly plugin for RV, 4 duplex 120V 20A outlets, and 2 USB ports that allow you to stay connected and keep multiple items powered simultaneously.

The whole outlets have plastic covers, protecting them from moisture and dust. Also, the entire generator has an impact-resistant plastic housing that reduces noise volume by the engine and protects your generator from dust and knocks.

There is also a LED display that informs to you about the generator’s fuel level, how much output you have used, and an hour meter.

How much power you can expect from The Briggs & Stratton P4500

When it comes to the power output, the Briggs & Stratton P4500 is fitted with224cc engine that allows it to power output 4500 starting watts and 3700 running watts. For this power output, you are able to run your small to large appliances like bulbs, fans, air-condition, refrigerators, and also your sensitive electronic appliance, like mobiles, TV, laptop, etc.

Fuel Economy

When it comes to fuel economy this generator is one of the best, Briggs & Stratton claims this. But according to my opinion, it is below average when compared to other inverter generators. The P4500 has a 3.5 gallons gasoline tank that will keep the generator supplied with enough fuel to run for up to 16 hours at 25% load.

This means if you run this generator at 50% load, you can spend the whole night or a day without refueling the tank and enjoy your parties and camping the whole day or night with electricity. You can run large appliances at your parties and camping. 

Another great feature that I like about this model is it comes with a fuel gauge so that you can check the generator fuel level. Usually, the fuel gauge does not come with most generators. Thanks to the company to provide this facility.

Weight and Noise Level

Despite the huge amount of power, one of the things we love about this generator is it doesn’t compromise on the quiet operation or weight. This generator operates at a soft 58dB operating volume which is considered a quiet inverter generator in this size. Because of the low dba, it is good for camping, outdoor parties, RV trips, and where you don’t like to listen to generator noise.

So if you’re looking for a quiet inverter generator in high output power with an average price then you’ll have to come to here for buying Briggs & Stratton p4500 inverter generator. This will power your homes or RV trailers with a low noise level that is considered enough quiet.

This model’s weight is only 115 lbs when it’s empty. However, the weight will not irritate you ever because the generator on either side some of the space that makes it easy to lift the generator easy by two people.

Parallel Kit

Although you will not see that is this generator parallel kit capacity or not.? Because there’s no specific mention of a parallel connection for this generator. But it’s a standard feature listed for the PowerSmart generator series. Therefore, assume that you can connect two Briggs & Stratton 30795 P4500 generators in parallel using the optional parallel connection kit. This will double your power output to 9,000 peak watts and 7,400 running watts power.

Best Design

Briggs & Stratton gave a great shape to this model since it has a telescoping handle and 2 wheels. A child can easily move the generator.

Besides that, both sides corner of the generator has some space for two people easily lift the generator by hand.

This option will help you at the place where wheels will stuck.


This model comes with a 3-year residential warranty, and a 1-year commercial warranty is also included in this 3 years warranty.

This feature gives peace of mind and confidence to buy this model or not. If there is any issue then we will have a warranty option.

  • Best for RV tips
  • Awesome run timing
  • Great housing of plastic cover on entire generator
  • Telescoping handle with 2 wheels
  • Good for power backup
  • Wheels would be little bit large.
  • Not has remote start system


While writing a review about Briggs & Stratton P4500, I have noted that some people gave bad reviews to this inverter generator due to facing some problems. But I don’t think there is any major problem with the generator. This generator is really good and it has the best features which deserve appreciation.

I’m honestly saying that If you need the most powerful inverter generator in 3k watt to 5k watt so you should try this inverter generator because Briggs & Stratton is a famous brand and they never give people any bad product.

You can easily use the generator for many activities like a home backup during the outage of electricity, especially while RV trips, or camping. This generator is able to run your many appliances at the same time. one of the amazing things which I noted was that one of the customers told that, he ran this unit for at least 50 hours.

Some people like to go for enjoying RV trips or camping that’s why they have to search for the best RV generator. If you like to go there then you don’t need to search for any generator because you’re at the right place.

Just check the price on Amazon and buy this good model at an affordable price.

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