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Are you tired of being left in the dark during power outages or restricted in your outdoor adventures due to limited electricity? We have the ultimate solution for you! Introducing the mighty generator that will revolutionize your experience – the 4000-watt inverter generator!

Say goodbye to settling for inadequate power sources. If you frequently rely on large appliances or enjoy RVing, camping, or outdoor escapades, this powerhouse generator is tailor-made. And not just that, it’s also ideal for running all your sensitive electronic appliances without any worries!

Before you embark on this electrifying journey, let us guide you through the key factors to consider when purchasing an inverter generator. I have carefully scrutinized various models, assessing their run time, portability, noise levels, user-friendliness, and more.

We’ve curated a handpicked selection of the best 4000 watt inverter generators that will meet and exceed your expectations. Each model has been meticulously reviewed to provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision. So, keep reading this informative review to find the perfect match for your unique requirements.

Don’t let power outages or outdoor adventures hold you back any longer. With our top-of-the-line 4000-watt inverter generators, you’ll experience uninterrupted power, enhanced portability, and all the features you desire.

It’s time to take control of your power needs and make the right choice. Let’s dive into the exciting world of these remarkable generators and find your perfect match!

1: Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

The Westinghouse iGen4500 deserves the top position among other generator brands, including Yamaha, due to its exceptional quality and unique features. One of its most outstanding attributes is its affordability, making it an attractive option for consumers. Despite its feature-rich design, this model is available at a reasonable price point.

One of the key advantages of the iGen4500 is its remarkably quiet operation. With a noise level of only 52 decibels (dba), this generator is highly recommended for activities such as RV trips, camping, and any setting where noise disruption is undesirable. Its low noise output ensures a peaceful environment without compromising on power.

This model is highly fuel-efficient, allowing for extended usage periods. When operating in ECO mode, the iGen4500 can run for a minimum of 18 hours, depending on the load. The fuel tank has a capacity of 3.4 gallons of gasoline, providing ample fuel for prolonged use.

The generator features a smart LED display that provides comprehensive information about its status and performance. Additionally, it boasts a convenient remote control feature, enhancing its user-friendliness. This remote control capability simplifies the operation of the generator and adds to the overall convenience.

The iGen4500 comes equipped with two USB ports on the control panel, enabling the charging of external batteries and sensitive electronic devices. This feature enhances its versatility and makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

One of the standout qualities of the Westinghouse iGen4500 is its ability to provide clean and stable power. With less than 3% total harmonic distortion (THD), this generator ensures the safety of all sensitive appliances. This feature makes it a reliable choice for powering electronics, ensuring their optimal performance.

The control panel of the iGen4500 is equipped with a 5-20R 120 Volts duplex household outlet and one T-30R 30 amps RV outlet. This configuration enables the generator to power high-amperage appliances at home or tools at job sites, catering to a variety of power needs.

Furthermore, the iGen4500 is equipped with a robust 224cc engine that can generate 4500 peak watts and 3700 rated watts, providing ample power for various applications. It is also worth noting that this inverter generator has received CARB and EPA approval, allowing it to be used in any location around the world while meeting stringent emissions standards.


The Westinghouse iGen4500 offers exceptional quality, unique features, and affordability. Its quiet operation, fuel efficiency, smart LED display, remote control capability, USB ports, clean power output, and versatile outlets make it an excellent choice for a wide range of users. With its powerful engine and global compatibility, the iGen4500 sets a high standard for inverter generators in the market.


  • Best affordable inverter generator in price
  • Great choice for RV trips
  • Remote control feature
  • Most fuel efficient model
  • Safe for all sensitive appliances
  • Very quiet
  • Telescope handle


  • Weight should be low

2: WEN GN400i 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator

WEN GN400i 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator

Experience the pinnacle of portable power with the WEN 4,000-Watt Inverter Generator. Unleash a new level of clean and uninterrupted energy, free from any voltage fluctuations, ensuring the absolute safety of your laptops, phones, and other delicate electronics. With our cutting-edge 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine, this powerhouse generates a remarkable 4000 surge watts and maintains a consistent 3500 rated watts of power.

Crafted to replicate a pure sine wave, the WEN generator boasts an unmatched performance by limiting total harmonic distortion to an astonishingly low 0.3 percent at no load and under 1.2 percent at full load. Such precision guarantees the utmost protection for your sensitive devices, granting you peace of mind.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. WEN’s ultra-efficient 1.85-gallon tank ensures over 7 hours of half-load run time, allowing you to embrace extended periods of uninterrupted productivity or leisure. The meticulously designed control panel is fully equipped with two three-prong 120V NEMA 5-20R receptacles, two 5V USB ports for convenient charging, and a 120V RV-ready TT-30R receptacle, providing unparalleled versatility.

To optimize fuel consumption and maximize efficiency, simply engage the eco-mode switch. This intelligent feature enables the generator’s engine to automatically adjust its fuel usage based on the devices connected or disconnected from the panel. By doing so, unnecessary gasoline consumption is prevented, enhancing both your experience and the environment.

Need an extra boost? Effortlessly double your power by connecting two generators using the WEN Parallel Connection Kit (available separately), allowing wattage to be shared seamlessly among multiple units.

Safety is our top priority. The WEN 4000 watt inverter generator is equipped with a comprehensive range of protective features, including low-oil and low-fuel automatic shutdown, built-in overload protection, and intuitive indicator lights. This ensures the longevity of both your generator and your cherished electronics, keeping them safeguarded against any potential damage.

Moreover, as a testament to our commitment to quality, the WEN inverter generator is accompanied by a generous two-year warranty. Additionally, our nationwide network of skilled service technicians and friendly customer help line guarantees exceptional support whenever you need it. When it comes to dependable portable power, WEN is a name you can trust and rely on.


  • Less price compare to other brands
  • The control panel is very useful for many appliances
  • Best for home use


  • it is not equipped with wheels

3: Champion 200954 4250 Watt Inverter Generator

The Champion 200954 4250-watt inverter generator stands out as a top-tier choice, ranking 3rd in our assessment. This exceptional model caters to individuals seeking a cost-effective yet high-quality inverter generator for various applications, including household use, camping, and other recreational activities.

Despite its sleek design resembling a conversational generator, the Champion 200954 surpasses expectations by offering a lightweight and quiet operation, distinguishing it from conventional generators. This attribute makes it an ideal alternative for those who prioritize noise reduction and portability.

One of the notable advantages of this model lies in its ability to deliver a pure sine wave, ensuring compatibility with modern home appliances. With this feature, users can rest assured when connecting their sensitive electronic equipment, as the generator provides a stable and reliable power supply.

Regarded as one of the most potent models in the 4000 watt inverter generator category, the Champion 200954 boasts a robust 224cc OHV 4-stroke engine, capable of producing an impressive 4250 surge watts and 3500 peak watts. This substantial power output ensures that users have ample electricity to meet their needs, whether during emergencies or outdoor activities.

To further enhance its appeal, this model includes a generous 3-year warranty, ensuring users a hassle-free ownership experience. Such support instills confidence in the reliability and durability of the generator.

When operated at a 25% load, the Champion inverter generator 200954 offers an impressive runtime of approximately 22 hours, requiring only 2.3 gallons of gasoline to fill its fuel tank. This fuel efficiency makes it an efficient companion, providing extended power without frequent refueling.

Another remarkable feature of this Champion generator is its parallel capability, which allows users to double their power output by connecting two units with the aid of a parallel kit. This versatility provides users with even more electricity when required, showcasing the generator’s adaptability in various scenarios.

For those who prioritize extended runtime, the Champion 4000 watt inverter generator offers an Economy Mode option. Engaging this mode maximizes fuel efficiency, enabling users to extend the generator’s run time without compromising power output. This feature proves valuable in situations where continuous power is necessary, such as during extended camping trips or prolonged power outages.

The control panel of this model is designed with convenience in mind, featuring two 120-volt 20A household outlets, one 30A 120V RV outlet, and two USB ports for charging mobile devices and other electronic equipment. This comprehensive range of outlets ensures compatibility with a wide array of devices, enhancing the generator’s versatility.

My Verdict

The Champion 200954 4250-watt inverter generator excels as a superb option for those seeking a powerful and affordable solution. Its exceptional features, including a pure sine wave output, extended runtime, parallel capability, and convenient control panel, make it a highly desirable choice for users looking for a reliable and efficient inverter generator.


  • Long run time
  • More fuel efficient
  • Open frame generator
  • Best for home and other activities
  • Inexpensive powerful machine


  • Wheels not included with model
  • Heavy weight
  • It might be loader at full load

4: A-iPower SUA4000i portable inverter generator

A-iPower SUA4000i portable inverter generator

Introducing the A-iPower SUA4000i portable inverter generator – a true marvel of engineering brilliance that will leave you in awe. Prepare to be captivated by its exceptional performance, state-of-the-art technology, and unmatched power efficiency. This generator is not just a mere machine; it’s a work of art that sets a new standard for quality and reliability, catering to an array of applications with unparalleled finesse.

Prepare to be blown away by the sheer force of the SUA4000i, which unleashes an astonishing 4,000 watts of starting power and a continuous running power of 3,500 watts.

This beast reigns supreme as an unrivaled powerhouse, ready to accompany you on exhilarating camping expeditions, electrifying tailgating extravaganzas, thrilling RV adventures, or even when facing the unexpected fury of a power outage. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the game-changing capabilities of the SUA4000i.

But that’s not all – the SUA4000i has a secret talent. It possesses the extraordinary ability to operate with a mere whisper. Emitting a gentle hum of only 58 decibels, this generator stays within the realm of hushed conversations, ensuring an environment of serene tranquility. Bid farewell to the disruptive drone of conventional generators and welcome the harmonious symphony of the SUA4000i.

Embracing cutting-edge inverter technology, this generator produces power so pure and stable that your sensitive electronics will thank you.

Rest assured, your precious devices, be it smartphones, tablets, televisions, or computers, will be shielded from power fluctuations and pampered with a reliable power supply courtesy of the SUA4000i. Prepare for a world where your devices can bask in the lap of luxurious power, free from any worries or disruptions.

No matter where you find yourself, whether it’s the cozy comfort of your home or the vastness of the open road, the SUA4000i is engineered to conquer the most arduous challenges. Its robust construction and resilient design ensure unwavering performance and steadfast reliability in any situation.

When you place your trust in the SUA4000i, you’re opening the doors to a world of power and efficiency that exceeds all expectations. Get ready to witness unrivaled energy mastery that will meet and surpass all your energy needs with ease.


  • Full portable inverter generator
  • User-friendly control panel
  • All outlets are covered


  • Not electric start

5: Briggs & Stratton P4500 Inverter Generator

briggs & stratton p4500 inverter generator review

Briggs & Stratton stands as an unrivaled leader in the generator market, renowned for its unwavering commitment to producing generators of exceptional design and unparalleled build quality. Among their impressive lineup is the Briggs & Stratton P4500, an exemplary model in the inverter generators segment.

Boasting a remarkable 4500 starting watts and 3700 running watts, the P4500 effortlessly delivers pure and clean sine waves, ensuring optimal performance for even the most sensitive electronic devices. Starting this unit is a breeze, offering the convenience of either pushing the electric start button or utilizing the manual recoil option.

Equipped with a robust 224cc 4-stroke engine, the P4500 possesses ample power to effortlessly operate a wide range of appliances, making it ideal for both residential and commercial applications. The control panel of this exceptional model includes four duplexes with 120Volt 20-amp outlets, along with a 30-amp outlet and two USB ports, ensuring seamless connectivity for all your electronic needs.

Moreover, the outlets on the P4500 are thoughtfully covered with protective plastic covers, serving as effective safeguards against dust and debris, thus enhancing the durability and longevity of the generator. With an impressive runtime of up to 16 hours at a 25% load, this model provides uninterrupted power for extended periods, offering unparalleled reliability in critical situations.

While the Briggs & Stratton P4500 encompasses unparalleled features and performance, it is worth noting that the warranty period is set at one year. While this duration may seem modest, the exceptional build quality and rigorous testing processes employed by Briggs & Stratton mitigate the likelihood of warranty claims, ensuring a truly reliable and long-lasting investment.


  • Heavy duty inverter generator
  • Telescoping handle and wheels
  • Lots of outlets
  • Good run time


  • Should have a remote control

6: Pulsar PG4000ISR 4000W Inverter Generator

pulsar 4000 watt inverter generator

The Pulsar PG4000ISR stands out as an exceptional choice among 4000 watt inverter generators due to its affordability without compromising on quality. This innovative generator features a sleek and intelligent design, making it ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities such as boating, hunting, and camping.

Pulsar has bestowed a stylish silver color upon the PG4000ISR, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. Remarkably compact, this generator boasts dimensions of 24 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 21 inches in height, allowing for easy transport and storage.

Additionally, it is equipped with 2 five-inch never-flat wheels and a convenient telescoping handle, providing optimal maneuverability and ensuring that you can easily transport this powerful generator wherever you need it.

One of the standout features of the PG4000ISR is its wireless remote control, which sets it apart from other generators in its class. This cutting-edge remote control enables you to operate the generator from an impressive distance of 80 feet. This extended range offers added convenience and flexibility, as traditional remote controls typically have a limited range of around 70 feet.

With the PG4000ISR, you can start the generator from within the 80 feet range and enjoy over 11 hours of continuous operation at half load, making it ideal for extended outdoor use.

The generator’s fuel tank has a substantial capacity of 3.2 gallons, ensuring a prolonged runtime before refueling becomes necessary. This generous fuel capacity guarantees that the PG4000ISR can provide you with a consistent power supply for your various needs.

Moreover, Pulsar offers a parallel kit option, allowing you to connect another compatible model to the generator, effectively doubling your power capacity if required.

The PG4000ISR is designed for versatility and can be used in various locations, thanks to its EPA and CARB approvals. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness or hosting an outdoor event, you can rely on the PG4000ISR to provide you with clean and efficient power while adhering to environmental regulations.

Starting the generator is a breeze, offering both electric start functionality and manual recoil backup for added convenience and peace of mind. The control panel of the PG4000ISR is thoughtfully equipped with a wide array of outlets, catering to your diverse power needs.

It features five outlets in total, including one 120V 30A outlet, two 120V 20A outlets, one 12V 8A DC outlet, and even a 5V USB port, enabling you to power a variety of appliances and charge your electronic devices.

My Verdict

The Pulsar PG4000ISR is a standout choice in the realm of 4000 watt inverter generators. It combines affordability, intelligent design, and a host of features that make it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and those in need of a reliable power source.

With its wireless remote control, ample runtime, parallel kit option, and versatile outlet selection, the PG4000ISR stands as a testament to Pulsar’s commitment to providing high-quality, user-friendly generators.


  • Best inverter generator at this price
  • Good run time
  • So many outlets
  • Compact and portable design


  • The LED display is not available
  • The noise level might be loudly at full load

7: Westinghouse iGen4200 Hybrid Inverter Generator

westinghouse igen4200 inverter generator

The Westinghouse iGen4200 is a premium open-frame hybrid inverter generator that offers exceptional quality and performance. Designed to meet the demands of modern home appliances, this inverter generator ensures a safe and efficient charging experience.

Perfect for RV trailers and home backup, the iGen4200 is the ultimate choice for those seeking reliable and powerful portable power solutions. Its innovative design allows for quiet operation, producing a mere 64 dBa noise level, significantly lower than traditional generators. This makes it an ideal option for individuals who prioritize a noise-free environment without compromising on power output.

With a manageable weight of 80 pounds, the iGen4200 can be easily transported by two individuals with the assistance of its sturdy frame. This portability factor enhances its usability and convenience, enabling you to take it wherever you need power.

Equipped with advanced fuel efficiency technology, this generator maximizes its runtime with just 2.6 gallons of gasoline, allowing it to operate for an impressive 18 hours. This feature ensures that you have continuous power for an extended period without the need for frequent refueling, making it ideal for extended outdoor adventures or emergency situations.

The Westinghouse iGen4200 includes additional accessories to streamline your experience. Along with the generator itself, the package includes essential items such as oil, an oil funnel, and a tool kit. This thoughtful inclusion ensures that you have everything you need to get started right out of the box, saving you time and effort.

Furthermore, this inverter generator is EPA and CARB compliant, making it suitable for use in public places without any legal restrictions or complications. Its hassle-free operation allows you to enjoy uninterrupted power wherever you go, be it campsites, tailgate parties, or outdoor events.

The iGen4200 offers a range of outlet options to accommodate various devices and appliances. It features a 5-20R 120V duplex household outlet, perfect for powering common household electronics. Additionally, it includes a TT-30-R 30A RV ready outlet, catering specifically to recreational vehicles. Lastly, the generator incorporates two USB ports, enabling convenient charging of your electronic devices.

Final Verdict

The Westinghouse iGen4200 is a top-of-the-line open-frame hybrid 4000 watt inverter generator that combines exceptional performance, quiet operation, and fuel efficiency. With its convenient features and versatile outlet options, it is an excellent choice for those seeking reliable power solutions for their RV trailers, home backup needs, or outdoor adventures.


  • Very long run time
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Not Expensive
  • Nice control panel


  • Not wheels and handle
  • It might be loudly at full load


Prepare to be captivated as we embark on a remarkable journey in search of the most exceptional 4000 watt inverter generators available. Brace yourself, for the market is teeming with countless models vying for attention, making our quest a truly arduous one. However, after an intensive day of tireless research, we have emerged victorious, presenting to you the crème de la crème of this coveted category.

Each inverter generator underwent rigorous scrutiny, with its features and downsides meticulously evaluated to ensure only the finest made our coveted list. And now, dear reader, we proudly present the fruits of our labor.

Calling all power-seekers! Feast your eyes on our handpicked selection, revered by consumers far and wide for their unparalleled quality and performance. These models have earned their rightful place as the pinnacle of inverter generator excellence, and we invite you to revel in their magnificence.

Behold our first model, a true masterpiece crafted to meet the needs of every discerning individual. Not only does it boast a myriad of cutting-edge features, but it also comes at an astonishingly affordable price, making it an irresistible choice for those seeking exceptional value.

But wait, there’s more! Our second and third models are nothing short of perfection in the illustrious 4000-watt category. Prepare to be mesmerized as you witness their extraordinary capabilities and unrivaled craftsmanship. These generators have been designed with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing an experience like no other.

So, dear reader, to all those in need of a 4000 watt inverter generator, we implore you to embrace these revered models, renowned throughout the market. With their unrivaled features and unparalleled quality, they stand head and shoulders above the rest. Unlock the power of excellence and make your choice from our handpicked selection.

Experience greatness, embrace innovation, and seize the opportunity to possess a true marvel of engineering. Don’t miss out on these captivating models that will redefine your expectations of power and performance.


What can I power with a 4000 watt inverter generator?

A 4000 watt inverter generator can power a wide range of appliances and devices. It is capable of running essentials such as refrigerators, air conditioners, sump pumps, computers, TVs, lights, and power tools.

Can a 4000 watt inverter generator run my entire house?

No, a 4000 watt inverter generator may not be sufficient to power an entire house. While it can handle many essential appliances simultaneously, it may not provide enough power to run high-wattage devices such as electric water heaters or central air conditioning systems.

How long will a 4000 watt inverter generator run on a full tank of fuel?

The runtime of a 4000 watt inverter generator depends on various factors, including the load it’s powering and the size of its fuel tank. Generally, at 50% load, you can expect a runtime of around 8 to 12 hours on a full tank of fuel.

Are 4000-watt inverter generators portable? Yes, 4000-watt inverter generators are designed to be portable. They usually come with handles and wheels, making it easier to transport them to different locations. However, keep in mind that they can still be relatively heavy, so consider the weight if you plan to move it frequently.

Can I use a 4000 watt inverter generator for camping or outdoor activities?

Absolutely! 4000 watt inverter generators are popular choices for camping and outdoor activities. They provide a reliable source of power to run various appliances, charge devices, or provide lighting while enjoying the outdoors.

Are 4000 watt inverter generators quiet?

Compared to conventional generators, most 4000 watt inverter generators tend to be quieter. They incorporate advanced sound-dampening technology and run at lower RPMs, resulting in reduced noise levels. However, the actual noise level may vary between different models, so it’s advisable to check the specifications before purchasing.

What are the advantages of using a 4000 watt inverter generator?

  • Some advantages of using a 4000 watt inverter generator include:
  • Portable and easy to transport.
  • Fuel-efficient operation.
  • Quieter compared to conventional generators.
  • Can power a wide range of appliances and devices.

Remember to review the specifications and features of specific models to ensure they meet your power requirements and preferences before making a purchase.

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