4000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews 2022 – Our Top Best 6 Picked up

If you often have to run large appliances at home due to power outages, or often you’d love to RV trailer or camping.

It is better for you that you have a big size generator, if you also want to run all sensitive electronic appliances then the inverter generator will be better for you.

In such cases, you wouldn’t go buy a small size inverter generator like 2000 watt or a 3000-watt inverter generator.

Because you know these both sizes will not enough for you.

There is another size generator in the market that is the 4k watts model.

The 4000 watt inverter generator will must be perfect for you and come to your expectations.

This is size model can handle your large appliances load as much as possible.

Maybe you don’t know what should see before buy an inverter generator.

There are some common things that should consider before buying the generator.

We keep in mind those factors and found some best quality models that will give you a good run time, portability and mobility, low noise, user friendly, etc.

We created a list top best 4000  inverter generators and have taken a review of each model.

 After reading these reviews you’ll be able to take the right decision about what model will be suited for your job.

Let’s start the review of each model, please keep reading this informative review.

1: Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

westinghouse igen4500 inverter generator

Maybe you’re thinking that why you people place Westinghouse igen4500 in the 1st position since there are also Yamaha and other brands generators.

We placed this model on the No:1 due to its great quality and some unique features.

One of the best features which I like so much in this model is how affordable it is.

Despite a feature center, you’ll not have to pay a lot of money to buy this model.

It is a very quiet generator, it generates only 52 dba noise level that’s why this model is highly recommended for RV trips, camping, and where you wouldn’t like noise.

The extremely fuel-efficient model you can expect to this model for running for many hours.

The Westinghouse can run at least for 18 hours if you run it on ECO mode otherwise depending on your loads.

The fuel tank holds only 3.4 gallons of gasoline.

The generator has a smart LED display that shows you all information about the unit.

Also, it comes with a remote control feature that makes this model a more user-friendly generator.

Having two USB ports in the control panel to charge external batteries and sensitive electronic appliances.

Since the Westinghouse iGen4500 provides less than 3% THD that is 100% safe for all sensitive appliances.

Besides that, there are a 5-20R 120 Volts duplex household outlet and one T-30R 30 amps RV outlet.

Means this model is ready to power high amperage appliances at home, tools at job sites.

The igen4500 is equipped with 224cc engine that generates 4500 peak watts and 3700 rated watts.

CARB & EPA approved inverter generator ready to work at any place in the world.

  • Best affordable inverter generator in price
  • Great choice for RV trips
  • Remote control feature
  • Most fuel efficient model
  • Safe for all sensitive appliances
  • Very quiet
  • Telescope handle
  • Weight should be low

2: Yamaha EF4500ISE Inverter Generator

We always get the Yamaha famous brand in any product which it manufactures.

People always appreciated the Yamaha when they have used its any product.

We also took reviews of some of Yamaha’s items which we got well-built products.

The Yamaha ef4500ise is one of the most fuel-efficient models, the purpose of its made is to get more fuel budget as much as possible.

However, you can run the generator for more than 7 hours at a full rated load.

Yamaha’s 4500 watt inverter generator is fitted with a 357cc air-cooled 4 strokes engine.

This engine is one of the most solid engines that’s why Yamaha put it in this model so that it can be used for many years.

You’ll get 4500 starting watts and 4000 running watts, these massive watts can run many appliances even though they are high amperage.

Its design looks like its big brother Yamaha EF63ISE both models have never-flat wheels.

The Yamaha ef4500ise generator is a bit heavy model than other models of this size.

Its weight is 194 lbs that might be heavy for you but you can easily move it with helping of its wheels.

One of the amazing features of this generator is it comes with a wireless remote control that can be used from 66 feet.

The control panel is equipped with one 120V 30A RV outlet, and two 120-volt 20-amp outlets.

Also, there is an overload indicator Light so that the unit alerts you at overload.

Yamaha gives 3 years of warranty with this model.

  • Powerful solid engine
  • Massive power to run large appliances
  • Best for home backup and RV
  • Trusted Brand
  • Very Quiet
  • EPA & CARB approved generator
  • This might be not affordable for everyone
  • It should have a telescoping handle for more mobility
  • There is no USB port
  • Weight is heavy than other models.

3: Champion 200954 4250 Watt Inverter Generator

The Champion 200954 4250 watt inverter generator is placed at 3rd No according to our opinion.

This model is dedicated to those people who want an inexpensive inverter generator for household, or camping, other recreational activities.

Although, it looks like a conversational generator but it is more lightweight and quiet than a traditional generator.

That’s why it is the best alternative instead of a traditional generator.

Since it gives a pure sine wave that is good for an entire modern type of home appliances. You shouldn’t have any tension while plugging your sensitive electronic equipment.

This is one of the most powerful models in the 4000 inverter generators category.

Have 3 years of warranty so that you’ll be hassle-free of any kind of problem.

With the 224 OHV 4 stroke engine, it produces 4250 surge watts and 3500 peak watts.

Enjoy with this model at least 22 hours at 25% load, you’ll just need to fill 2.3 gallons of gasoline in its fuel tank.

The champion allows you to double your power by connecting 2 models with the help of a parallel kit. Yeah, despite a massive power it still allows doubling your power.

If you need to extend the generator run time so run it on Economy Mode. The Economy mode gives you more fuel efficiency so that extent the run time.

The control panel included two 120-volt 20A household outlets, one 30A 120V RV outlet. To charge your mobile and other electronic equipment there’re two USB ports.

Overall, this model is a great choice who wants an inexpensive powerful inverter generator.

  • Long run time
  • More fuel efficient
  • Open frame generator
  • Best for home and other activities
  • Inexpensive powerful machine
  • Wheels not included with model
  • Heavy weight
  • It might be loader at full load

4: Briggs & Stratton P4500 Inverter Generator

briggs & stratton p4500 inverter generator

Briggs & Stratton has a good reputation in the generator market.

This brand manufactures good design and well build generators and inverter generators.

The Briggs & Stratton P4500 heavy-duty model in inverter generators line.

Despite 4500 starting watts and 3700 running watts, it still provides pure and clean sine waves.

To start this unit you just need to push the electric start button or pull the manual recoil.

This model can easily run your most appliances since it has a large size powerful 224cc 4- stroke engine.

The control panel is included with 4 duplexes 120Volt 20-amp outlets, one 30amp outlet, and 2 USB ports.

Also, all outlets are covered by plastic covers so that they can prevent dust.

The Briggs & Stratton p4500 provides 16 hours run time at 25% load.

Unfortunately, this model comes with only 1 year of warranty that you might not like.

  • Heavy duty inverter generator
  • Telescoping handle and wheels
  • Lots of outlets
  • Good run time
  • Should have a remote control

5: Pulsar PG4000ISR 4000W Inverter Generator

pulsar 4000 watt inverter generator

Pulsar pg4000isr is one of the cheapest inverter generators in 4000-watt inverter generator.

Having a clever design that makes it a good generator for boating, hunting, camping, and more outdoor activities.

Pulsar gave a silver color in this generator. It’s all dimensions are 24 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 21 inches in height.

The pg4500isr is fitted with 2 never-flat wheels that are 5 inches and have a telescoping handle.

That means you’ll have a big size generator in a compact design.

This model comes with wireless remote control that allows you to operate the generator from 80 feet.

It is a very surprising feature because generally, the remote control works only under the 70 feet range.

If you start the generator from under 80 feet range so it can run for more than 11 hours at half load.

The fuel tank holds 3.2 gallons of gasoline so that the generator gives you a massive run time.

You’re allowed to connect another model if you need more power since there is a parallel kit option.

Also, you can use this model at any place because it comes with EPA & CARB approved.

It can be started from the electric start button and manual recoil.

There are many outlets in this model to power your different types of appliances.

The control panel is equipped with 5 outlets, one 120V 30A, two 120V 20A outlets. Besides that, one 12V 8A DC outlet, and one 5V USB port are available.

  • Best inverter generator at this price
  • Good run time
  • So many outlets
  • Compact and portable design
  • The LED display is not available
  • The noise level might be loudly at full load

6: Westinghouse iGen4200 Hybrid Inverter Generator

westinghouse igen4200 inverter generator

The Westinghouse iGen4200 is an open-frame hybrid inverter generator.

The inverter means you are saved to charge modern-type home appliances.

This inverter generator is the best choice for those people who want to power their RV trailers and home backup.

It generates a 64 dba noise level that is less than a traditional generator. This means it might be the best choice for you if you need an inverter generator at an average price.

Having 80 pounds of weight that can be lifted by two people with the help of its frame.

It gives you maximum fuel efficiency to increase the run time this is why it can run for 18 hours with 2.6 gallons of gasoline.

The Westinghouse gives oil, oil funnel, and a tool kit with this model so that you’ll just need to open the box and start the generator.

EPA & CARB compliant inverter generator, a hassle-free model for use at public places.

It features one 5-20R 120V duplex household outlet, one TT-30-R 30A RV ready outlet, and two USB ports.

  • Very long run time
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Not Expensive
  • Nice control panel
  • Not wheels and handle
  • It might be loudly at full load


This was a very hard way for us to find these best models in 4000 watt category because there are a lot of models available in the market.

We spent one day for researching the best 4000 watt inverter generator, after research we found these models which are the best in the market.

We saw each inverter generator’s features and downsides and then picked it in our list.

I would like to say for those people who need a 4000 watt inverter generator that these are very popular models in the market.

All have the best features and unique quality, but the first 3 models are very perfect in 4000 watt category.

Our first model is perfect for everyone, one of the best thing of this model is it comes very cheap price.

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