Is Champion 100719 Generator Batter Than Its Alternatives?

In a world where electricity is the lifeblood of our modern adventures, having a reliable and efficient source of power on the go is nothing short of essential. Enter the Champion 100719 Inverter Generator – a true technological marvel that promises to redefine your outdoor experience.

But does it live up to the hype? Join us as we peel back the curtain on this portable powerhouse, exploring its features, unveiling its pros and cons, and even uncovering its top-notch alternatives.

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, an RV road warrior, or just someone who loves being prepared for anything, our comprehensive review is here to spark your curiosity and light the way to an electrifying journey!

Champion 100719 Inverter Generator Reviews

Unveiling the Quick Touch Mastery Panel

The Champion 100719 inverter generator incorporates an innovative Quick Touch Panel, a user-friendly interface designed to streamline access to all operational controls of the generator. An exceptional aspect of this panel is the integration of the Intelligauge, a sophisticated monitoring system engineered to effortlessly oversee voltage, frequency, and operational hours. A notable safety enhancement is the Intelligauge’s oversight of Champion’s carbon monoxide auto shutoff mechanism, providing an additional layer of protection for users.

Beyond these attributes, the Intelligauge encompasses an EZ Start Dial, a feature that simplifies the generator’s startup process, facilitating swift and efficient activation. Moreover, the inclusion of the Economy Mode empowers users to monitor real-time power consumption, leading to diminished engine wear, improved fuel efficiency, and a prolonged generator lifespan.

Nonetheless, the Intelligauge’s display screen has elicited criticism from certain users due to its perceived simplicity, a sentiment that I concur with. While the screen dutifully exhibits voltage and frequency, which are undoubtedly pivotal metrics, the absence of data pertaining to amps and watts constitutes a notable drawback. This critique underscores the significance of furnishing users with an all-encompassing overview of their generator’s performance metrics.

The Champion 100719’s Outlets Ecosystem for Every Need

The Champion 100719 exemplifies versatility with its array of outlets, catering to an expansive array of devices and equipment. A standout among these outlets is the 120/240V 30A locking outlet (L14-30R), a powerhouse capable of energizing high-voltage devices including robust power tools, air conditioning units, and electric ranges. This outlet proves especially advantageous for interfacing with a transfer switch, a pivotal asset in furnishing power to essential appliances and circuits during power disruptions.

Further enhancing its utility, the portable power generator boasts two 120V 20A GFCI household duplex outlets (5-20R), purpose-built for smaller household appliances and electronics. Think lamps, televisions, and laptops. What sets these outlets apart is their incorporation of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), designed to thwart electric shocks in the face of faults.

The 12V automotive-style outlet steps up next, primed for recharging car batteries, energizing tire inflators, and analogous devices. This outlet functions as a versatile ally, particularly in emergencies.

An intrinsic feature, the RV adapter plug, extends the generator’s prowess by fueling RVs and recreational vehicles. Typically manifested as a 120V 30A outlet (TT-30R), in line with the RV standard, this outlet empowers users to electrify their mobile abodes even while disconnected from the grid. A favorite among camping aficionados, it underscores the generator’s outdoor utility.

The finale arrives with the dual port USB adapter, an astute augmentation to the Champion portable generator 100719. A streamlined method for charging mobile devices – think smartphones, tablets – sans the need for supplementary adapters or chargers.

For backup power, the Champion 100719 harmoniously pairs with a transfer switch, bridging the generator and the home’s electrical framework.

In moments of power loss, this connection facilitates the generator’s support to pivotal appliances and circuits. However, the installation of this transfer switch necessitates the expertise of a certified electrician, an imperative to ensure safety and precision.

When coupled with the transfer switch, the generator’s capacity expands to include crucial appliances – refrigerators, freezers, sump pumps – as well as lighting and other critical circuits within the domicile.

Protecting Against the Silent Killer

Carbon monoxide, or CO as it’s commonly called, is a sneaky gas that can have deadly consequences. As the name “silent killer” suggests, you can’t see, smell or taste CO, so you might not know it’s there until it’s too late. One of the biggest sources of CO is your home generators, which produce this gas as a byproduct of combustion in their engines.

That’s where CO Shield technology comes in. It acts as a sentry, keeping a close watch on CO levels near generators through a network of sensors. If CO starts to rise to dangerous amounts, Champion 100719 swings into action right away by automatically shutting down its engine to stop the source of the gas. This helps ensure a safe space by not allowing CO to keep building up unseen.

While this smart feature provides crucial protection, it’s not meant as a replacement for other safety steps. Indoor CO alarms are still needed to monitor air quality inside homes or buildings. Working together, alarms and the CO Shield system form a robust layer of defense.

Proper generator use is also vital. Exhaust fumes must be directed away from open windows, doors and vents so they can’t seep inside living areas. Generators also need to be placed outside at a good distance from our home or occupied structures. Taking these combined precautions helps minimize the risk of CO exposure that could harm health or even claim lives.

By catching carbon monoxide before it becomes a real threat, innovative technology like CO Shield plays an important role in safeguarding against this invisible enemy. But a team effort across multiple safety measures remains the most effective approach.

Noise Level Test

The model “Champion 100719” epitomizes a seamless alignment with anticipated noise level norms, emerging as a compelling rationale for investing in an inverter generator that offers superior acoustics.

The discernible tranquility it exhibits is striking, evident by its mere 61 decibel reading from a distance of 23 feet. This auditory measurement parallels the auditory amplitude of customary speech, effectively mitigating concerns of perturbing neighboring environs or infringing upon the constraints of noise bylaws within residential vicinities.

In order to contextualize this soundscape, it’s pertinent to acknowledge that the spectrum of typical conversations resonates within the range of 60 to 65 dBA, while the operation of a vacuum cleaner is capable of yielding a range of 70 to 80 dBA. By stark contrast, the dissonance emitted by a chainsaw can escalate to an astounding 115 dBA, and the auditory landscape of a raucous rock concert can surge past the threshold of 120 dBA.

In the light of these juxtaposed benchmarks, the indispensable nature of possessing a subdued generator, exemplified by the Champion model, becomes palpable. This is especially consequential if the aspiration is to sidestep the reputation of being the cacophonous inhabitant amongst peers.

It merits highlighting that the stringency of noise regulations exhibits geographical variances contingent upon location and property typology, underscoring the significance of acquainting oneself with local statutes prior to the operation of any mechanical apparatus.

EPA certification and CARB compliance

Embrace the acquisition of the Champion 100719, an inverter generator adorned with the distinguished EPA certification and CARB compliance. This endorsement ensures that your procurement is underpinned by a bedrock of trust, fortified by the robust infrastructure of Champion Support.

A sprawling network of service centers, spanned across the nation, stands ready to bolster your investment. The impenetrable shield of a 3-year limited warranty envelops your purchase, encapsulating it with an assurance that transcends mere transactional boundaries.

Yet, this commitment to your satisfaction and peace of mind extends far beyond the temporal confines of a warranty. The beacon of FREE lifetime technical support illuminates your path, resonating with the ethos of unwavering assistance throughout the lifecycle of your Champion 100719 8500 watt generator.

With the Champion 7000 watt inverter generator, you not only welcome a pinnacle of generator engineering but also initiate a covenant of trust, fortified by the twin pillars of warranty and perpetual technical companionship.

How much load can Champion 100719 can bear for a long time?

Champion 100719 inverter generator

The Champion 100719 inverter generator is a robust and dependable option for individuals seeking a trustworthy source of backup power. As of 2023, while its price point might lean towards the higher end, the investment is justified. Its remarkable attributes, including superior clean power generation, an impressive output of 7000 watts, and an RV-ready outlet, make it an optimal selection for both RV enthusiasts and homeowners.

At its maximum potential, the Champion gas powered generator can generate an initial burst of 8500 watts and sustain a continuous output of 7000 watts. This substantial power capacity enables the simultaneous operation of numerous household appliances, addressing a diverse range of energy needs.

Nevertheless, it’s critical to recognize that consistently operating a generator at its maximum capacity over an extended duration can result in overheating and possible damage to the generator itself. To ensure reliable and safe functionality, adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines is crucial. Limiting the generator’s load to approximately 75% of its peak capacity is advised, thereby averting potential overheating that could adversely affect the engine, alternator, and other integral components. Additionally, surpassing the generator’s rated capacity could lead to electrical hazards, compromising connected devices and potentially triggering fires.

An example of appropriate usage can be found in scenarios where the generator is loaded to around 75% capacity. In such cases, the Champion generator capably powers an array of devices, including refrigerators, sump pumps, computers, lights, and small appliances concurrently. Notably, it can support either a central air conditioning unit or a well pump, but not both simultaneously.

Two illustrative examples exemplify the devices that can be simultaneously powered by the Champion 100719 generator, operating close to its 75% capacity, or around 5250 watts:

Room Appliances: Total Running Watts: 4830W

  • 1 Refrigerator (700W)
  • 1 Freezer (500W)
  • 1 Portable AC Unit (1200W)
  • 1 Television (200W)
  • 2 Laptops (100W each)
  • 4 LED light bulbs (10W each)

Kitchen with room Appliances: Total Running Watts: 4530W

  • 1 Microwave (1200W)
  • 1 Toaster (800W)
  • 1 Portable AC Unit (1200W)
  • 1 Television (200W)
  • 2 Laptops (100W each)
  • 4 LED light bulbs (10W each)

These configurations exemplify how various appliances can be adequately powered simultaneously by the Champion generator, thereby avoiding the risk of overloading.

Consumers must exercise a clear understanding of their power requirements and diligently calculate the generator’s load capacity before usage. Overloading the generator can lead to circuit breaker tripping or even harm the connected appliances. Moreover, regular maintenance practices, including oil changes and filter replacements, are essential to ensure the generator’s extended lifespan and optimal performance.

  • Beautiful and smart design
  • Very easy to move due to large size wheels and a strong handle
  • Safe for human life
  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy to start
  • It should come with a wireless remote control
  • The Quick Touch Panel needs improvement
  • Leak from dual fuel feature

Best Alternatives

GENMAX GM9000iED Inverter Generator

Champion 100719

Introducing the 1st alternative the GENMAX GM9000iED, a cutting-edge 9000 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator designed to redefine power generation standards. Equipped with a robust 458cc 4-stroke OHV engine featuring a state-of-the-art forced lubrication system and enhanced heat dissipation capabilities, this generator stands as a testament to durability, successfully enduring a rigorous 1000-hour durability test.

Unleash Power on the Go – With a remarkable peak wattage of 9000 and a continuous running output of 7600 watts, the GM9000iED emerges as the ultimate solution for a myriad of power needs. From serving as a dependable source of emergency home power to meeting the demanding requirements of job sites or enhancing the camping experience alongside your RV, this generator embraces versatility with unmatched reliability.

Advanced Digital Control Center – The GENMAX GM9000iED proudly boasts a sophisticated Digital Control Center that seamlessly integrates an LCD display. This intuitive interface elegantly presents essential information, including hours of operation, precise voltage output readings, and real-time load level monitoring. This feature empowers users with precise insights into the generator’s performance.

Unparalleled Outlet Diversity – This inverter generator showcases a carefully curated array of covered outlets that cater to diverse power demands. Among these, a notable 120/240V 30A locking outlet (L14-30R) stands ready, alongside four 120V 20A GFCI protected household outlets (5-20R), offering both convenience and safety. Further enhancing its utility, the GM9000iED incorporates a 120/240V 50A locking outlet (L14-50R) equipped with a dual USB adapter, catering to contemporary power needs.

Seamless Remote Start Functionality – A noteworthy innovation is the inclusion of a remote control system for hassle-free generator activation. This remote start feature underscores convenience, allowing users to initiate the generator from a distance, streamlining operations.

Empowering Dual Fuel Technology – The GENMAX GM9000iED embraces technological ingenuity by providing the capability to run on either gasoline or propane. This dual fuel flexibility extends unparalleled freedom of choice to users, ensuring that power generation remains unaffected by fuel availability constraints.

Safety Amplified: CO Detection and Low Oil Shutoff – Safety is paramount, and the GM9000iED prioritizes it by seamlessly integrating an intelligent CO Detection mechanism. Should unsafe levels of carbon monoxide be detected, the generator automatically initiates shutdown procedures, safeguarding users from potential harm. Additionally, the generator features a Low Oil Shutoff mechanism, which acts as an investment guardian by promptly halting operation when it detects insufficient oil levels, preventing any potential damage.

Inverter Technology for Pristine Power Delivery – The GM9000iED distinguishes itself by employing advanced inverter technology, ensuring the provision of clean, stable power. This unique capability facilitates the safe operation of sensitive electronics such as televisions and computers, protecting them from power fluctuations and surges.

Innovative Engineering, Uncompromised Reliability – As an embodiment of cutting-edge engineering and meticulous design, the GENMAX GM9000iED Inverter Generator transcends conventional power solutions. It stands as a testament to enduring performance, intelligently addressing a spectrum of power requirements with precision, safety, and unmatched efficiency.

  • Powerful inverter generator
  • All safety features are included
  • Easy to operate and start
  • Leak from wireless control
  • Expensive

DuroMax XP9000iH Inverter Generator

Champion 100719

Introducing another 2nd best alternative the DuroMax XP9000iH Dual Fuel Digital Inverter Hybrid Portable Generator, a robust and technologically advanced power solution meticulously crafted to meet a diverse range of energy needs.

Boasting a high-performance Cast-Ironed Sleeved, 459cc Engine, this generator stands ready to deliver an impressive peak power of 9000 surge watts, with a steady output of 7600 constant watts.

This commanding power capability positions the XP9000iH as an adept performer, capable of effortlessly managing demanding high-wattage appliances and accommodating the simultaneous operation of multiple smaller load devices.

The hallmark of DuroMax Generators lies in their user-friendly design, ensuring quick and hassle-free utilization right out of the box. The assembly process is a breeze – a matter of minutes – involving the straightforward installation of wheels and handles, accompanied by the addition of oil and gas. With these simple steps completed, the generator is primed to initiate its power-generating prowess.

Safety and ease of operation converge seamlessly in the XP9000iH, exemplified by its intuitive push-button start, akin to igniting your car’s engine. An added layer of convenience comes in the form of a remote control, providing further accessibility to the generator’s activation.

A contingency plan is in place with a recoil start mechanism for instances where the battery’s charge has been depleted. The inclusion of Solid-Fill tires eliminates the concern of flat tires, while the high leverage handles facilitate effortless transport across all terrains, reaffirming its portability.

Noise mitigation receives significant attention through the incorporation of an oversized noise-reducing muffler. This essential component not only minimizes operational noise but also integrates a Spark Arrestor, rendering the generator compliant and safe for usage within regulated camping sites and job locations.

The Digital Control Center, a technological hub, takes center stage, furnishing critical information through its LCD display. The panel offers real-time insights into the generator’s runtime, voltage output, and load level – essential data for effective management. Furthermore, the XP9000iH is primed for seamless integration with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) through its dedicated outlet, streamlining the connection process for those looking to implement a compatible ATS setup.

DuroMax’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is epitomized in the comprehensive warranty coverage. The XP9000iH is backed by a 3-year Residential Factory Warranty and a 1-year Commercial Factory Warranty. Any unforeseen issues that might arise are met with dedicated customer support, striving to rectify any concerns promptly. To underscore their confidence in the product, DuroMax extends a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, underscoring their commitment to delivering quality.

  • Affordable cost
  • User friendly control panel
  • Quiet operation
  • Long run time
  • Like other model it also leak from Remote start

To Sum Up

In the realm of portable power solutions, the Champion 100719 8500-watt inverter generator makes a confident entrance, offering a seamless blend of convenience and performance. Its array of features strikes a perfect balance between efficiency and innovation, resulting in a standout performer. The remarkable fuel efficiency and nearly silent operation work in perfect harmony, creating an impressive duo that commands attention, even during nighttime operation.

Yet, as with any performance, a few missed notes can be detected. The weight of the Champion 100719 might occasionally remind you of its presence, especially on longer journeys. And while its power output sings sweetly for most needs, those with larger demands might feel a touch of longing.

But fear not, for the stage is large and the alternatives aplenty. The GENMAX GM9000iED steps in as a soloist with its compact elegance, and the Honda EU2200i adds a robust layer to the melody. Each alternative, a unique instrument in the generator orchestra, promises a slightly different tune to cater to varying preferences.

As the curtain falls on our review, the Champion 100719 inverter generator bows gracefully, leaving us with a melody of pros and cons. Like any maestro, it commands attention and respect, offering an exquisite performance marred only by minor quibbles. So, whether you choose to revel in its strengths or find solace in the arms of its alternatives, one thing is certain – the world of portable power has a chorus diverse enough to satisfy even the most discerning ears.

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