Honda EU3000is Review 2022

Although, the Honda inverter generators are too expensive in the market, because it never compromises while building its products. That’s why you can’t deny its popularity and merit. This Japanese company has won the trust of the people by working hard day and night for providing facilities to the people. This is why this brand is most famous and sold in the market, many people want to purchase its products instead of other brands. The people know its popularity, quality, and reliability.

Yes, there is one dislike thing about this brand is that due to expensive everyone can’t purchase Honda products. You have seen the Honda loyalty and quality in Honda’s eu2000i old model which won people trust and likeness. Many people purchased this old model and appreciated it.

Now the question is how the new model Honda eu3000is is.? is it also the best performance as the previous model.? is it worth in this price tag.? Let’s take our all answer of the questions since in this article you’ll known everything about the Honda eu3000is.

What are the benefits of this article? The most benefit is that you’ll confirmed that this model is suit for you or not.

Technical Space of Honda EU3000is

Product InformationDetail
Starting Watts3000
Running Watts2800
Fuel TypeGasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity3.4 gallon
Weight130.7 lb
Run time20 hours at 1/4 load
Noise Level50 dba at 1/4 load

About the Honda EU3000is – at a Glance

The Honda EU3000is falls in the 3000-watt inverter generator category which is suitable for a variety of uses, especially for RV. It has a solid amount of power in this compact design for your most appliances, easy to start, solid, and reliable as any Honda inverter generator.

This is the quietest inverter generator in 3000-watt inverter generators so far that makes nicely choice for camping, RV trip, ever your home backup power normally, or during the power outage. The good thing about it is you’re allowed to use this model anyplace since it comes with CARB compliant.

To make this generator solid and reliable, it is covered by a steel frame, meaning it can’t be damaged easily by weather elements.

However, you’ll get the generator weight is a bit heavy and face problem to move around (but it has a solution for this problem is you’ll have to purchase wheels kit separately).

But you just have to accept it if you’re tired of a plastic cover inverter generator and want something new, this might be a good idea for you.

Features of Honda Power Equipment EU3000is Inverter Generator

If you plan to buy this model, you should take a look at all features. Yes, it is equipped with great features which will force you to but this model. Please keep read for further detail.

Original Powerful Engine and Power

The Honda EU3000is is equipped with 100% original powerful 196cc 4-stroke Honda GX200 which ensures you that it is capable to run your all major appliances used at home, job sites, camping, RVs. This generator has the power of 3000 starting watts and 2800 running watts. This range of power allows to you to run your bulbs, fans, electric stove, microwave, juicer blender, refrigerator, etc.

A large amount of power means you cannot connect your sensitive electronic equipment because it has high RPM, not stable power wave, it can be damaged your sensitive appliances. Even though the Honda EU3000is is also providing a large amount of power but it’ll not damage your sensitive tools since it generates clean, reliable, and stable power waves of less than 3% THD. This means it ensures you that you can direct connect sensitive tools without any tension such as computer, mobiles, laptops, tablets.

Extremely Quietness

It is a reality that whenever you purchase a large generator, you have to face noise issues. But Honda is realized this problem and tried to decrease the noise level.

So now you can use a large generator with low noise even at full load because the Honda EU3000is operates 50 dba at ¼ load and 57 dba rated load.

These types of features make Honda Inverter generators distinguish and expensive from other brands inverter generators.

Its quietness impresses those people who want a quiet inverter generator for RV trips, camping, and other activities.

How much can you expect Honda EU3000is run time?

It is common fact that if you have a large engine then your generator has just a short time for running. mean it cannot give you a long run time with low fuel. yes, now you can leave in this common fact. how? because the Honda EU3000is gives you an incredible runtime it can easily run up to 20 hours at quarter load, and at the full rated load, you can expect almost 7 hours with this unit. thanks to its exclusive Eco-Throttle System which provides an amazing run time with 3.4 gallons of gasoline.

This is a really nice run time, and this type of generator is an exclusive choice for home backup, especially RV trips and camping which takes fuel at once and run for a long time.

Is There Anything Special in Honda EU3000is Control Panel?

By the way, there is no any special feature in this model’s control panel since it has all the features that a normal inverter generator has. But it comes with an electric start that might be a special feature because we rarely see this feature in 3000-watt inverter generators. it has 2 options for starting, electric start and manual recoil start.

On the other hand, you have too much space in this generator for running a variety of appliances and purposes. This Honda model is outfitted with two 120volt 20 amps outlets, one 120volt 30 amps locking plug, and a 12volt DC outlet so that you can easily charge automotive batteries.

Other useful features on the control panel are three indicators LED lights for low oil alert, output indicator, and overload alarm. Also, engine fuel valve, ECO-Throttle switch, choke and engine switch. The control panel is very intuitive that making the Honda eu3000is a user-friendly generator.

Really this is a wide range inverter generator but still, you might have more power need that’s why Honda is given a parallel kit option so that you can connect another Honda EU300is.

What are the Dimensions and Weight of Honda EU3000is?

The overall dimensions of this generator are 25.9 inches in length, 17.6 inches in width, and 22.4 inches in height. It is a bit heavy inverter generator that is 130.7 lbs in weight.

What did I like in Honda EU3000IS?

While it has so many good features which must in an inverter generator.

But something I like very much about this model is its most powerful original Honda GX200 engine which we can expect running for years.

2nd thing which I noted is that it has a very smart run time that gives you power for many hours. This is one of the best inverter generators for overnight and day. Run time is also a factor that is noted in an inverter generator.

Another best thing is its quietness. wow, I’m surprised that it has a very low noise level even also at full rated load. This makes it an ideal generator in all activities where you don’t want generator noise.

If you need a quiet inverter generator in 3000 watt category then you don’t need to go any other place since the Honda EU3000is is the best choice.

What did I dislike in this model?

During writing the Honda eu3000is review, I noticed some bad things that shouldn’t have in this model.

I couldn’t understand that despite, the high price tag why Honda has missed some important things.

One thing that I did dislike very much is the generator is not equipped with wheels and handle they both will be sold separately. If we purchase wheels and handle kit the price will be more costly than previous. This means the Honda EU3000is is not made for everyone.

2nd is this is an inverter generator which means it must have very light weight as much as possible. but this model is very heavy if compare to other brand’s models.

Even also it is not a 5k to 6k watt inverter generator then why does it have heavy weight?

Also, there are no USB ports that must have in an inverter generator.

  • Very Quiet
  • Great run time
  • Electric start
  • User-friendly Inverter generator
  • Best for home back & RVs
  • solid body & engine
  • Most expensive
  • wheels and handle not included
  • No hour meter
  • No USB ports


If you want a solid, reliable, long-lasting portable inverter generator in 3000 watts. Also, that can run your large appliances then the Honda EU3000is inverter generator is a good option for you.

This 3000-watt generator has a really good running time, solid engine, and body that make the generator run for years.

To be honest, it is a really more expensive model than the other 3000 watts category generators but it comes with pure features.

on other hand, Honda is a well-known brand everyone knows its product quality. In short, you’ll not have any problem with this inverter generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Honda EU3000is as a home backup power?

With its 3k starting watts, this model is strong enough to run the most important household appliances during a blackout.  using this generator for an RV air conditioner (up to 13500 BTU), refrigerator, furnace, microwave, coffee maker as Honda recommends.

Since it is an inverter generator and gives stable and clean power less 3% THD, you can also safely use it with modern portable electronics too such as tablets, smartphones, notebooks, LCD TVs, etc.

Can I run an RV Air condition -15k BTU – with it?

If you want to run a 15000 BTU air condition with this model you can run easily since the generator provides 2800 running it can easily run your 15k BTU ac.

How long can I run it for?

It’s up to you load that how much load you’re using. If you run the generator at 25% load then it can easily run up to 19 hours. If there is a rated load then it can run almost 7 hours. You can spend the whole night with it.

Is it a quiet inverter generator?

Yes, it is a very quiet inverter generator if you compare it to other 3000-watt inverter generators like Yamaha, Champion, and Generac. This is not wrong to say about this model is it is one of the quietest generators in the 3k watt category.

Is it a heavy generator?

If you compare to other brands 3000-watt generators like Yamaha, Generac, Champion then it is a very heavy generator but it is not a bad thing because it has a steel frame that’s why the can run for years.

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