Westinghouse Wgen9500DF Review – Does it the Best Alternative in 2023?

Westinghouse Wgen9500DF Review:

Today in the market, people like flexibility and reliability in the power alternative.

This is why a lot of people like to purchase a dual fuel generator or they want to convert their generators into a dual-fuel system.

A DF machine can easily give you flexibility and reliability.

Before this review, we have picked some top 7 best dual fuel generators and then reviewed each model. If you’re interested then you can check the list.

Now we have picked one of the best DF generators in the market that is Westinghouse Wgen9500df.

Today the Westinghouse gives the best opportunity to its users, therefore, whenever you would like to have a machine but maybe it’ll be out of your budget. But this regret fact we didn’t see whenever you like Westinghouse generators.

This Brand makes such a great machine that is reliable, solid long-lasting, and flexible.

So our task is to take a detailed review of Westinghouse wgen9500df.

We’ll try to clear your mind from this model so that you’ll be able to make a decision about it.

Should you buy it or not?

So if you want to be able then please keep reading this information review.

What features make the Westinghouse Wgen9500DF the Best one?

I’m very amazed by the Westinghouse wgen9500df features, I’d like to share them with you people.

A Long Run Time

I was very impressed when I saw its run time. How long the run time is.

At 50 percent load, it offers at least 12 hours of running time. This means if you use the generator with 4750 watts then this can run for at least 12 hours.

However, if you run the generator at 25% load then you’ll have only 2375 watts, so it’ll give you more than 17 hours of run time. This massive time period is enough for the whole night when you are covered by the power outage.

Unfortunately, this generator has not a good run time on propane because at 50% this can run for 7 hours.

A Powerful & Large Engine

To make it the best alternative so that it can run multiple heavy-duty appliances in a large home, the Westinghouse has fitted a large and powerful 4 stroke 457cc engine in Wgen9500df.

The engine is constructed with a durable cast iron sleeve that makes this engine more powerful and capable to handle the heavy loads.

The large engine means your machine maybe not a fuel efficient but the Westinghouse takes 6.6 gallons of the gasoline tank.

This is also a large size fuel tank, to be honest, this is the perfect fuel average when compared to other models.

Built-in sensor for detecting low oil so that engine stays safe from any damage.

Multiple Starting Methods

We have seen only 2 options in the most of the generators to get started them.

We’ve rarely seen a remote starting system in a generator.

The Westinghouse wgen9500df is a unique model because this comes with three starting methods.

One of the most amazing methods is a remote start, this is a very easy way for everyone to start the generator.

Westinghouse has designed the remote with good technology this is why the remote allows you to start and stop the generator from 260 feet. I didn’t see this great range in any other generators.

Besides that, the electric start button also works great since you’ll just need to push the button and the will start in only one touch.

The 3rd method is recoil, this will help you when both methods will not be working.

Various types of outlets

The wgen9500 series comes with multiple outlets that are legible for different tools and appliances.

There is a total of 6 outlets, four outlets for 120V 20A they are best for home appliances.

One 120V 30 Amps L14-30R outlet, and one 120/240 50amps 14-50R outlet.

Fortunately, all outlets come with rubber covers so that dust or water can not go into the outlets.

This means if you’re looking for the best 50 amps generator then it might be a good choice for you.

The generator is also one of the Best RV generators.

User friendly Control Panel

The Westinghouse Wgen9500df is not only for equipped with multiple outlets, there are other informative features like a digital hour meter, and VFT display that gives you update about the frequency, voltage output, and generator’s lifetime hours.

Why We Choose the Westinghouse Wgen9500df?

We saw a few fantastic advantages in this model this is why we’d like to bring this generator in our list so that people can buy the best one for their needs. Below we try to describe those advantages that we noticed while reviewing this dual fuel generator.

1. Dual fuel:

You can use gasoline or propane to run the generator. This means you can choose how much money you want to spend on fuel, which is a nice option if you plan on staying put at your campsite for an extended period of time.

2. Quiet operation:

This generator is designed to be as silent as possible while still getting the job done. It runs on natural gas and can be used in areas with no electrical service, meaning there’s no need for noisy generators or noisy generators that require electricity (like your old standby, right?).

3. Redundancy:

With a huge size engines and two sets of wheels, this generator has redundant power and ensures that your power will not fail in an emergency situation—which is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts!

4. Durability:

This 9500 watt generator is built from the ground up using heavy-duty materials like steel and composite panels—this means it’s built to last through whatever might come its way!

5. Maximum Output:

The Westinghouse 9500DF has a maximum output of 12,500 watts for starting and an average output of 9,500 watts in while powering your appliances. This Westinghouse 9500 generator is a great choice for camping and other recreational activities.

6. Maximum Outlets:

The Westinghouse dual fuel generator has a starting voltage of 120 volts AC and 120 volts DC, so it can be used anywhere in the world.

7. Safety Protection:

The Wgen 9500df has an oil pressure protection system that will automatically shut off the engine if it detects oil pressure problems.

Advantages of Westinghouse wgen9500df

High Power Output: The WGen9500DF provides a maximum output of 9500 watts, making it suitable for powering various appliances and tools during an outage.

Fuel Efficiency: The generator has a fuel efficiency of up to 16 hours on a full tank, providing reliable power for an extended period.

Easy to Use: The generator features an electric start function, making it easy to start without having to manually pull the cord.

Portable Design: The generator’s compact size and wheel kit make it easy to transport, making it ideal for outdoor activities, tailgating, and RV trips.

Durable Build: The WGen9500DF is built with high-quality materials and features a sturdy frame to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use.

Safe Operation: The generator features a low-oil shut-off function, which automatically shuts off the generator if oil levels fall too low, preventing engine damage.

CARB Compliance: The WGen9500DF is compliant with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission standards, making it environmentally friendly.

  • 457cc large size and powerful engine
  • Long run time
  • Best for homa backup and job sites
  • Dual Fuel feature
  • Remote start that can work from 260 feet
  • The weight is too heavy

Final Verdict

We hope you’ve enjoyed our reviews on Westinghouse Wgen9500DF dual fuel generator. It’s a great piece of machinery that can help power your home during an emergency or other unforeseen circumstances.

Westinghouse Wgen9500DF is a dual fuel generator that can be used for both propane and gasoline. Having a user-friendly control panel that makes it more easy to use. Everything is mentioned on the panel which is compulsory to know for the generator safety.

It’s reliable, easy to use, and has a good price point. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable generator that won’t break the bank. This generator has enough power to run a home in an emergency, and it even comes with an hour of extra runtime on top of that. It’s also easy to use and set up, making it great for first-time buyers.


Q. What is the difference between a standby and an off-grid generator?

A. Standby generators are designed to run during a power outage, while off-grid generators are designed to operate indefinitely with no connection to the grid.

Q: How much power does it have?

A: The Wgen9500DF has an output of 9,500 watts and can run for up to 13 hours on just one tank of gas. You can easily enjoy the whole night in a power outage situation.

Q: How much maintenance do I need to perform?

A: The Wgen9500DF has no moving parts so there’s no need for any upkeep or regular maintenance, just keep it clean and free from dust and debris.

Q: What is the Westinghouse Wgen9500DF dual fuel generator?

The Westinghouse Wgen9500DF generator is a gas-powered generator with an electric start. It has a 12500-watt engine and can run on natural gas or liquid propane (LP). The electric start allows you to easily start the engine by using the included pull cord. The Westinghouse Wgen9500DF 9500 watt dual fuel generator features an automatic oil change system that will tell you when it needs to be changed. The automatic oil change system also tells you when it is time to replace the spark plug. You can also use this feature to check if there is any debris in your spark plug hole, which can make starting difficult if it’s clogged up with dirt or other debris.

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