5 Best Tri Fuel Generators for May 2024

When the lights go out, it’s never convenient. Whether it’s a freak summer thunderstorm or a big winter blizzard, losing power is always a pain. As much as we rely on electricity to power our daily lives, the grid isn’t foolproof. That’s why having a good backup generator is so important for peace of mind.

Over the past few years, I’ve helped friends and family research different generator options to keep their homes running smoothly when an outage strikes. One thing that keeps coming up is the benefit of “tri fuel” models that can switch between gas, propane and natural gas. Not being tied to just one fuel type means you don’t have to scramble to find what’s in stock after a major storm. It offers flexibility, which is so valuable in an emergency.

In this guide, I’ll introduce you to five top-rated tri-fuel generators on the market for 2024 that have really impressed me. By considering features like size, power output, fuel efficiency, and more, I hope it helps you select the perfect unit to have in your corner just in case a disaster strikes. Investing in an excellent backup power solution is essential, so let’s dive into these top tri-fuel options together. I am staying prepared starts here!

1: Westinghouse Wgen10500TFc Tri Fuel Generator – Best for Overall

Westinghouse Wgen10500TFc Tri Fuel Generator

Overall Rating: 4.9/5.00

Westinghouse Wgen10500TFc Tri Fuel Generator won 1st place in our list of top tri-fuel generators. Why did we place it on the 1st spot?

As you can see from our extensive testing and reviews, the Westinghouse Wgen10500TFc stands out as the top option for its powerful yet flexible fueling. With over 10,500 running watts on gasoline, it can easily power essential appliances, tools, and electronics during an outage. But its ability to seamlessly switch between propane and natural gas sets it apart.

Maintaining a backup fuel supply is more accessible, and you don’t have to worry about gasoline going wrong if it sits unused for long periods. Dependability is further improved through automatic shutdowns that protect the engine from overheating or carbon monoxide buildup.

With a peak output of over 13,500 watts, you can get heavy-duty appliances humming without tripping circuit breakers. Over 19 hours of run time from the 9.5-gallon tank means extended protection from outages without refueling. A useful fuel gauge at a glance lets you plan fueling needs. And the remote electric start spares you from wasting fuel priming the generator each use. Recoil start is included as a manual backup. Overall features add up to reliable, flexible power whenever you need it most.

Protecting your devices and family is a top priority. GFCI outlets guard against shocks, while the recessed covers prevent water intrusion. The variety of outlet styles caters to plugging in everyday household needs and RV power requirements. Quality assurance testing ensures steady power that lasts for sensitive electronics as well as larger loads like small appliances. Peace of mind comes from features engineered with safety as the number one concern.

One of the hallmarks of this tri fuel portable generator is its adaptability to three common fuel types. There is no need to own different generators – just spin the straightforward dial to the setting matching your available fuel storage. This provides valuable flexibility whether you need to take advantage of a lower-cost natural gas line at your property or have propane on hand for a camping trip away from fuel stations. Ultimately, it gives you greater energy independence.

Under the hood is a durable industrial-grade engine built to withstand heavy use over many years. Key components like the cast iron sleeve and four-stroke design ensure low maintenance and smooth operation season after season.

Electronically monitored safety features automatically shut it down should oil levels dip too low or if carbon monoxide builds up, preventing damage from those risks. A digital hour display makes routine service scheduling straightforward based on real-world use. Highly engineered for enterprise-level dependability.

Westinghouse aims to simplify setup and ownership. All the essentials are bundled upfront for a seamless transition to backup power. Comprehensive documentation speeds up trouble-free hookups and guidelines for essential maintenance. A battery charger allows starting vehicles or powering small electronics while running. This plug-and-play design means you can have protection from outages within minutes of removing it from the carton.

To assist proper care over years of dependable performance, the monitoring panel informs you of voltage output and frequency levels in addition to operational hours. Spot potential issues before they arise or know when periodic maintenance is due. Mobility is enhanced, too, with durable cart components for quickly moving the generator wherever backup power is needed most. Fast setup translates to rapid relief from power outages.

Peace of mind comes from Westinghouse’s commitment to quality through comprehensive pre-delivery testing. Customers also appreciate the environmental compliance and lengthy 3-year protection plan from unexpected repair costs. With nationwide support centers, qualified technicians are close by for assistance if ever needed. It all comes together for best-in-class reliability and confidence in the product you’re bringing into your emergency power arsenal.

  • One of the best tri-fuel portable generators in 2024
  • The price is very affordable according to its high-end features
  • Co-sensor feature for safety
  • Long warranty period
  • One of the best, quietest tri fuel generator
  • I couldn’t find

2: Champion100416 8000 Watt TRI Fuel Generator – Best Tri Fuel Portable Generator

Champion100416 8000 Watt TRI Fuel Generator

Overall Rating: 4.6/5.00

The ability to use natural gas provides advantages over gasoline and propane, like lower operating costs and not having to transport fuel containers. A 25-foot hose allows setting up close to existing gas lines.

CO Shield is an important safety feature that automatically shuts down the engine if carbon monoxide levels become too high, preventing exposure to this odorless, deadly gas. Meeting ANSI standards ensures consistent output quality for powering essential appliances and tools.

A high-strength steel tank protects gasoline from corrosion and leaking. Electric start provides convenience compared to pull cords. The quality 459cc engine delivers reliable power output for its rating.

This user-friendly digital display helps evaluate generator and engine health over time. Voltage readings ensure equipment compatibility, while frequency consistency is important for electronics safety. Run-time data aids in preventative maintenance scheduling. The CO sensor indicator and automatic shutoff functionality improve safety awareness.

On Gasoline, 10,000 starting watts and 8000 running watts provide a strong initial surge of power to handle equipment booting up before stabilizing at a continuous output sufficient for operating lights, fans, refrigeration, and electronics during an outage. Propane: 9000 starting watts and 7200 running watts, likewise providing high starting capacity, which then sustains a lower yet adequate level for steady usage.

On natural gas: 8750 starting watts and 7000 running watts offer dependable power that outperforms typical household usage, plus the included engine oil ensures lubrication and performance longevity from the protected moving parts. With this multi-fuel adaptability and resources for setup, ease of use and cost management are assured – helping reduce stress for owners when power is most crucial.

Carbon monoxide exposure poses significant risks that should not be underestimated. This system helps safeguard users by preventing further CO production if levels exceed safety thresholds. However, portable power generators still must only operate outdoors with proper ventilation per instructions. Homeowners are reminded never to use generators indoors or in enclosed spaces.

A variety of outlet styles accommodate RVs as well as typical household devices through GFCI-protected 120V receptacles. This range of options maximizes compatibility with various loads.

Knowledgeable support staff aim to provide excellent customer satisfaction. Complying with emissions regulations and backing the product with warranties and assistance helps give buyers peace of mind for years of dependable backup power.

  • Safe from carbon monoxide
  • Trusted brand
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Large size wheels
  • Some users complaint about poor customer service

3: DuroMax XP13000HXT Tri Fuel Generator for Whole House

DuroMax XP13000HXT Tri Fuel Generator

Overall Rating: 4.5/5.00

The DuroMax XP13000HXT Tri Fuel Generator comes in 3rd place in our top-rated tri-fuel generators list because it is also one of the most versatile and powerful machines on the market. Its ability to run interchangeably on gasoline, propane, or natural gas gives homeowners maximum flexibility to take advantage of readily available fuels.

Gasoline remains a universal choice for on-the-go needs, while propane provides cost-effective, low-emission backup indoors or out. But tapping into an existing home’s natural gas line through the generator’s direct-connect capability is an invaluable safeguard against power outages, ensuring fuel will continuously flow regardless of external conditions.

Switching between fuel options is made seamless through an intuitive front-facing interface. Quick-connect fittings allow fast, mess-free swaps between propane tanks of varying sizes. Meanwhile, the extra-long natural gas hose greatly expands possible installation points. This innovative tri-fuel design empowers users with resilience through diverse, redundant energy sources.

Powering essential appliances and HVAC is a breeze thanks to 13,000 peak watts discharged through a heavy-duty 50-amp output. A Whole Home standby system permits smooth, automatic picking up of circuit loads during interruptions. Homeowners gain independence and peace of mind knowing their refuge remains fully operational even when the power grid goes dark.

DuroMax is known industry-wide for the rugged, dependable engines at the core of their generators. A large 500cc overhead valve design churns out formidable output capacity while maintaining stable frequency regulation, which is mandatory for sensitive devices. Extraordinary construction ensures long-term reliability under pressure.

With an emphasis on safety, this unit watches closely for dangerous carbon monoxide buildup through a sophisticated detection system. Automatic shutdown occurs if concerning levels are detected, providing critical protection for vulnerable users. Every generator should be used with these essential CO monitoring safeguards.

All critical data is neatly organized on an intuitive LED console. Users can check fuel levels, load amounts, voltage stability, frequency, hour counter, and more with just a glance. This emphasis on real-time diagnostics makes maintenance simpler while also maximizing performance transparency.

Connectivity options cover all application bases, from recreational to industrial strength demands. GFCI-protected household outlets allow peace of mind while heavy 30/50 amp locking variants power heavy machinery with ease. Security and convenience define this multi-functional portable workhorse.

DuroMax does not cut corners when it comes to responsible stewardship. Rigorous environmental approvals from the EPA and CARB confirm emissions fall well below limits despite immense power production. Leadership in renewable sourcing helps ensure generations to come may also experience nature’s bounty.

  • Best for powering the whole house
  • CO monitoring safeguards
  • It will stabilize the voltage of the home
  • Perfect design
  • Powerful engine
  • Heavyweight

4: Champion 201176 9000-Watt Tri-Fuel Inverter Generator for RV

Champion 201176 9000-Watt Tri-Fuel Inverter Generator

Overall Rating: 4.5/ 5.00

The Champion 201176 represents a new generation of portable power. By incorporating inverter technology alongside their proven tri-fuel platform, it sets the bar for quiet, efficient backup anywhere. The compatibility of gasoline, propane, and natural gas future-proofs this unit for unpredictable energy landscapes.

A breakthrough in acoustical and mechanical engineering results in a smaller footprint that easily navigates tight installation spaces. Halving the noise also expands viable placement beyond just outdoor areas. But safety remains uncompromising through features like CO-Shield and automatic shutoff sensors tied to oil levels.

Connectivity is likewise revolutionized – dual 120v GFCI household outlets allow consumers broad compatibility straight out of the box. The L14-30R and 14-50R locking variants further expand commercial and industrial use cases. USB integration acknowledges our dependence on portable electronics, too.

On the fuel front, the inclusion of a 25-foot natural gas hose maximizes tapping existing infrastructure—the 6-foot propane line with a built-in regulator streamline switching between tank sizes. Gasoline capacity and auto-start assure reliable backup from any fuel in any conditions.

Perhaps most remarkably, all this enhanced capability comes without compromising runtime hours – within safe operating parameters, this tri fuel portable power generator can power average home loads for over 12 hours on a single propane tank. Extended duty cycles lower long-run fuel and maintenance costs.

Clearly, Champion pushes the envelope of portable power design. By fusing advanced inverter tech with fuel diversity and intuitive features, this generator raises the bar for off-grid resilience today and tomorrow. Its legacy will be empowering users through innovative solutions.

  • One of the best tri fuel inverter generators in the market
  • Safe for sensitive electronic appliances
  • Easy to start even in cold weather
  • Low DBA best for RVs
  • Leak of remote start feature

5: DuroMax XP15000HXT Tri Fuel Generator – Powerful Machine

DuroMax XP15000HXT Tri Fuel Generator

Overall Rating: 4.5/ 5.00

DuroMax’s XP15000HXT is a high-end solution for continuous, uninterrupted power. As the largest single-cylinder tri-fuel generator available, it utilizes an impressively sizable 670cc engine. No detail was overlooked in crafting this workhorse, from its immense power generation capabilities to thoughtful features ensuring safety, convenience, and durability.

Its 15,000-watt capacity allows for running practically any essential appliances or electronics during an outage. I was especially keen on flexible fueling – whether gas, propane, or natural gas is most accessible varies depending on location and circumstances. DuroMax’s inclusive 3/4 inch NG hose also struck me as customer-focused. Not all generators consider the real needs of users in different situations. Peace of mind comes from options.

Naturally, harnessing such productive potency calls for sturdy construction. An all-metal frame and panels promise lasting dependability through inevitable bumps and bruises over long service. Even the tires permit rolling over uneven terrain to wherever backup power is required. Digital monitoring of various operational facets via the integrated control center enhances oversight and peace of mind and makes operation simple.  

Owning this Westinghouse tri-fuel generator XP15000HXT is a real convenience. No more pulling cords to get it started – just the press of a button, and it roars to life. The front interface is so easy to use; even my mom has figured it out.

With a few taps on the screen, I can swap between gas, propane, or natural gas fuel. Keeping my family powered is essential, so I love that it has plenty of outlets. We’ve never maxed out its capacity between charging phones, running the mini-fridge, and powering some tools out back.

But it’s reassuring to know the 50 amp outlet is ready if we ever need to hook it up to the main panel in an emergency. This generator has really saved us when the power goes out, which happens more often every storm season. The kids can still stream movies, and we keep what’s in the freezer. A piece of mind like that is worth its weight in gold during stressful times.

No home or property should ever be without a backup plan for interruptions in the primary power supply. Lives increasingly intersect with technology in both convenience and necessity today. The XP15000HXT Tri Fuel Generator elevates backup preparedness with thoughtfully engineered power, performance, and protection balanced by convenience. It stands as a flexible, formidable solution. This is also one of the best 50 amps generators in the market.

  • Best 50 amps generator with tri fuel feature
  • Powerful capacity to run any tool in-home or job site
  • Electric start feature makes it user friendly
  • Multiple outlets
  • It should come with a remote start

Who Should Buy a Tri Fuel Generator?

Whether you find yourself working from home more these days or have elderly parents living out in the country, losing power can disrupt daily life in inconvenient and even dangerous ways. If frequent outages have you longing for reliable backup, a tri-fuel generator may be the perfect solution.

Tri-fuel models offer versatility that appeals to different types of households. Families with growing energy needs appreciate the ability to use readily available propane if gas is scarce. Retirees on a fixed income benefit from the lower running costs of natural gas over gas. And preppers are excited about sustainability, like knowing they have options beyond fossil fuels.

Businesses that require continuous operations, like medical facilities, data centers, or telecom infrastructure, definitely benefit from a tri-fuel generator. Even a short power disruption can be costly. The peace of mind from multiple reliable fuel sources is essential for any organization that can’t afford downtime. Manufacturing and food processing plants should also consider tri-fuel to help avoid losses from lost production or spoiled goods.

Contractors busy with jobsites also find tri fuel generators valuable. Being untethered from one particular fuel type means not having work stalled by supply issues. Recreational users who tow RVs or camp off-grid enjoy propane’s long-term storage over gas.

Whether you live in a storm-prone area or want emergency security, the flexibility of tri-fuel power is hard to beat. Consider your budget and energy infrastructure to find the suitable unit for your location and lifestyle. With a tri-fuel machine, you’ll feel confident facing whatever your local weather throws your way, from blizzards to hurricanes and everything in between. Stay prepared!

My Verdict

I hope this overview of some top-rated tri fuel generator models has helped shed some light on what’s available for dependable backup power. Investing in your safety and well-being during emergencies is so important. Having the peace of mind that comes with a quality portable generator is, in my opinion, a worthwhile safeguard. While we can’t control the whims of mother nature, we can control being prepared with a tri fuel option that gives you the flexibility to weather whatever storms may come.

Don’t be without power the next time bad weather blankets your neighborhood. Do your research, see which features are most important to your needs, and then pull the trigger on a tri-fuel machine you can rely on. You’ll feel so much more secure knowing essential appliances, electronics, and even home HVAC can keep running even when the grid goes down. Take control now so you’re not stuck worrying later when the lights do eventually go out. Stay safe and prepared – see you on the other side of the next outage!


Q: How much more does a tri fuel generator cost compared to a gas-only one? 

A: Tri-fuel units do command a small premium, usually in the $100-$300 range compared to similar-sized gas generators. However, the extra flexibility they provide is well worth it. Think of it as insuring yourself against fuel supply issues.

Q: Is it difficult to switch between fuel types?

A: Nope, it’s pretty simple, actually. Most feature an intuitive switch or dial right on the control panel. Some models even detect which fuel line is connected and auto-sense the proper type. Switching only takes a moment, so you’re always stuck with the right fuel on hand.

Q: Do I need separate fuel storage tanks?

A: For propane and gas, yes – you’ll need a dedicated tank for each. However, many homeowners already have a standby propane tank and can run tri-fuel units directly off an existing natural gas line without extra equipment. It comes down to your individual energy setup. 

Q: Are tri fuel generators more costly to maintain over time?

A: Generally speaking, maintenance is similar to single-fuel units. The switching mechanism adds negligible complexity. Stick to the owner’s manual schedule and use high-quality parts/fluids, and your tri-fuel should provide reliable backup for many years to come.

Q: Are all three fuels equally efficient in a tri fuel generator?

A: Typically, natural gas produces the most runtime per dollar/volume. Propane is close behind. Gasoline is the least efficient to operate but still a handy backup option. Actual runtimes vary by manufacturer/model and fuel quality.

Q: How often do I need to exercise a tri fuel generator?

A: To maintain peak performance, most experts recommend running your generator for 30 minutes under half load once a month. This keeps parts lubricated and the battery charged. An annual tune-up is also a good idea. Proper exercise and maintenance will help your tri-fuel generator startup reliably in an emergency.

Q: Do tri fuel generators work well at high altitudes?

A: Many tri-fuel units are designed to properly adjust fuel/air mixtures for higher elevations up to 6,000-7,000 feet above sea level. It’s best to check with the manufacturer if you plan to use one above 5,000 feet, as some may require a carburetor adjustment kit. Either way, exercising it regularly where it will be used is important.

Q: What is the optimal fuel storage method for propane with a tri fuel generator?

A: A dedicated ASME/DOT-approved propane tank is best, as these are specifically designed for safe storage and ventilation of propane gases. You can get smaller “barbecue” tanks or larger permanent ones. Be sure to follow all labeling and safety instructions, have tanks inspected periodically, and know propane’s advantages as well as proper handling.

Q: Can a tri-fuel generator power a whole house?

A: Larger tri fuel generators in the 8,000-15,000 watt range can power essential circuits and appliances for small to medium-sized homes but will only partially replace grid power. It depends on your specific electrical panel, appliances, and energy usage needs. A professional can help assess what’s realistic for your set-up.

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