8 Best Dual fuel Inverter Generator Reviews 2023 & Advantages

You cannot deny that electricity has become second nature for the human beings of today’s world. Life without electricity feels incomplete, from morning to evening you need electricity.

If you look at the other side, our daily tasks are made easier by electricity, such as cooking spices to make food, washing clothes, ironing clothes, cleaning the house, etc. If there is no electricity we have to spend a lot of time on these tasks.

Ah, let’s just imagine that you are a place where there is a power problem or a place where there is often no electricity restored for days or weeks due to rains or storms. So would you like to live in these places with ease? Rather not.

So in these places, you need a dual fuel inverter generator. Because, in such places, you need electricity for a long time, and without the dual fuel inverter generator, your need could not be complete.

Keeping in mind all these aspects, you are worried about which dual fuel inverter generator is better for you. Because there are a lot of dual-fuel models available in the market. But, choosing the wrong thing will waste your money and may put you in trouble.

So now you should not worry about this because we have chosen the top 8 best dual fuel inverter generators as we consider our duty to help such people who need a dual fuel inverter generator. One of which you can buy by keeping in mind your convenience and I ensure you that you will not disappointed with it. So let’s take reviews, every one of them.

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1: Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator – Best for RV

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator - Best for RV

When a dual fuel inverter generator is needed we direct straight to the champion because the champion is engaged in doing its best to facilitate people and people are also aware of this brand and also satisfied with it.

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator is going to meet your expectations if you need a dual fuel inverter generator for your home or for construction work or for RV so it’s the very best choice for you.

When you buy it, you can start taking advantage of it by taking it out of its box and choosing fuel (gas or petrol) from the fuel selector you want.

If you 25% of the load on it, the engine will run for 7.5 hours, and when it has 20 pounds of a propane tank. It initially produces 3700 watts in starting and 2700 watts in running and 25% load on it at the same time, so it runs for 14.5 hours, which makes it easier for you to work and you do not have any problem with electricity.

In this, you get to use the champion’s special technology inverter, which is contained in a smart economy, it benefits you that it reduces the load of electricity and costs your fuel-less and the life of the engine lasts longer.

In this special inverter, you get to see the 120v 30A RV (TT-30R) Because of which you can use for big tent trailers. Also, two 120V 20A household outlets through which you can run all the needs of your home and it has two USB adapters with the 12V DC automotive-style outlet which allows you to use your sensitive electrical items and even your mobile on charging.

It is very difficult to start an engine in the cold season, so it has been used today to make the engine start easier in the cold season.

You will find two things very good for this generator, one that has an optional parallel kit which benefits you that at the time of need, you can increase production by connecting two 2800 watts or more high inverters.

The 2nd thing is that it has a 30-amp RV outlet that runs and starts your two 15000 BTU RV air conditioners.


  • Good run time
  • Best for RV
  • User friendly
  • Queit Inverter generator
  • Small size


  • wheels are small

2: A-iPower SUA2000iD 2000 Watt Inverter Generator – Best for Emergency Power

This is A-iPower SUA2000iD 2000 Watt Inverter Generator that offers you maximum power to run your appliances which you need ever in RV trips, camping, even its also good for home backup.

This model is manufactured by A-Ipower which is a famous brand in the electronic items and also trustable.

Equipped with a dual fuel feature, lightweight, small size, and quiet operation, these all things make it ideal for tailgating parties, racetracks, and outdoor events such as concerts.

Powered by a small 79cc A-iPower engine that is able to run on propane and gasoline. when it runs on propane it provides 1800 starting and 1500 running watts, while running on gasoline it will generate 2000 starting watts and 1600 running watts.

You and your neighbor will not have any problem with its noise level since it runs very quiet. At 50% load, it operates 58 dba.

It is designed with small dimensions. 23.8 inches in length, 19.2 inches in width, and 22 inches in height so that easily can be put in a car or van.

Lightweight and portable inverter generator with only 55 pounds and a comfortable handle, you’ll not feel tired while transporting it for long-distance.

Enjoy your parties or camping for at least 4 to 7 hours with this generator since it can run 7 hours at 50% load, and at 100% load, it is able to run for up to 4 hours.

Yeah, this is a small inverter generator but this is still not bad because it has a feature to double your power at least 4000 starting watts and 3200 running watts by connecting another A-iPower SUA2000iD with a parallel kit.

It is fitted with one 120volt 30amp L5-30R outlet for RV, one 120volt 20A household outlet, and one 5V DC USB port.


  • Best for small tools
  • Fuel efficient
  • Good run time
  • light weight
  • portable design


  • Not sufficient for large appliances

3: Champion 100402 2000-watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator – Best for Your Small Appliances

Are you looking for a dual fuel inverter generator that is highly reliable, super quiet, and has an extended run-time? If yes, then we have the answer for you—no need to search anywhere else because Champion 100402 2000-watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator is here for your rescue.

The Champion is known for delivering well-built sturdy portable generators and the Champion Power Equipment 100402 2000 watt is a good example. It’s designed like a briefcase so you can put it with you anywhere you want due to its lightweight, its weight only 47.6lb

The power output is quite impressive for an inverter generator with 2000 starting watts and 1600 running watts when you use it on gasoline. And it produces 1800 staring watts and 1440 running watts on propane. This power output gives you clean as well as electricity due to less than 3% THD so you can connect sensitive electronic items with feel free.

 It has an amazing option is if want to have more output power so you do it in this generator because it has an optional parallel kit that allows you to connect two inverters, you just have to busy that kit.

The champion 100402 has a standard 30A RV, and one 120V 30A locking outlet, also including two 120V 20A household outlets, one 12V DC outlet, one dual port USB adapter for charging external items.

This inverter generator operates at 53 dBA from 23 feet it’s like a dishwasher noise level. When you use this for your home so the noise will not disturb you and your neighbors. It’s really perfect for tailgating, camping, and to back up a few home essentials.

This generator is equipped with a smart economy mode that controls the electricity load, increases the generator’s engine life, and gives you better fuel economy.

This champion’s model can run for a reasonable long time with 24 hours on a 20lbs propane tank at 25% load, and up to 11 hours on a full tank of gasoline at 25% load.

Besides that, it has an EZ start dial feature that gives you access to all the controls you need and takes the confusion out of starting an engine. Also, it has cold start technology that ensures you a quick start in cold weather.

This is consists of 20.5 inches in length, 12.6 inches in width, and 16.9 inches in height.


  • Light weight
  • Smart digital LED display
  • User friendly
  • Best for small appliances
  • Easy to use


  • It might difficult to start on propane

4: WEN DF400i Super Quiet 4000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator – Best for Home Back up

WEN DF400i Super Quiet 4000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator is one of the best inverter generators for your RV trips. it is designed in the most modern shape type inverter generator, having a great shape folding handle with 2 small wheels.

This WEN inverter generator runs very quietly, at a quarter load this model operates 58 dba from 22 feet which consider one of the best quiet inverter generators.

The WEN comes with a 212cc 4 stroke engine that powered by gas and propane. This model generates 4000 surge watts and 3200 rated watts on gas, even though it generates 3200 surge watts and 2900 rated watts on propane.

It can be used for home back and job sites due to its best running time since the WEN DF400i run more than 8 hours at half by 2.2 gallons of gasoline.

Best for powering your sensitive electronic appliances because it generates very stable and clean power waves. At the full rated watts, it has only 1.2% THD which is great for sensitive equipment.

EPA III and CARB compliant, use the WEN generator anyplace. It will not harm anybody.

It is equipped with two 3-prong 120Volt standard household receptacles, one AC 120Volt 30Amp NEMA TT-30R RV ready receptacle, one 12Volt DC receptacle, and two 5Volt USB ports. Mean it has all outlets you’ll need ever. 

Its ECO mode feature automatically adjusts its fuel consumption and prevents the usage of unnecessary gasoline. The generator’s fuel will not waste at any cost.


  • Modern design
  • Best for RV and camping
  • Quiet inverter generator
  • EPA III and CARB compliant
  • Parallel capacity
  • 2 years warranty
  • User friendly model


  • No electric start

5: DuroMax XP2300iH 2300-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator – RV Ready for small Equipment

The DuroMax XP2300iH 2300-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator is one of the most user-friendly inverter generators that falls in 2000 watts inverter generator.

Despite being lightweight, it still has a telescoping handle and 2 wheels. Also, it has a handle on the top of the generator for lifting it easily. Its weight is only 58 pounds. Great design which gives us space to use both options mean we can use wheels and telescope handle or only handle to lift the generator.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and small size generator for your RV trips or camping or home backup then it will might an ideal choice for you.

The control panel is fitted with great outlets since it has a 120 volts AC 30 amps twist-lock outlet that helps you for RV trailers. Also, there is one 120 volts AC 20 amps standard outlet and two USB ports.

This model is equipped with an 80cc 4-stroke engine that is able to generate 2300 starting watts and 1800 running watts.

The XP2300IH is really easy to use since it has a LED display that shows you the hours run, the gasoline level, load level, and voltage output. This feature is rare in a small-size inverter generator.

You can connect 2nd Duromax XP2300ih whenever need more power than 2300 watts by parallel kit because it has a feature of parallel capacity.

The overall dimensions of this generator are 22 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 20 inches in height.


  • Best for RV for running limited appliances
  • Affordable price
  • Nice LED display
  • Great outlets
  • Portable size
  • Despite small size it also has telescope handle and 2 wheels


  • Not able to run large equipment

6: A-iPower SUA4000iED 4000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator – Home Emergency

A-iPower SUA4000iED 4000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator is designed for RV trips and this is also best for RV, camping, and other activities to dual fuel feature.

The control panel is equipped with one NEMA 120V AC 30amp L5-30R locking outlet for RV trailers, two 120V AC 20A NEMA household outlets, and two USB ports.

Portable designed with telescope handle and 2 wheels. means it’s like your suitcase bag easy to transport anywhere by opening its handle and using wheels.

Now 124.7 pounds of weight this generator will not issue because of its wheels and a telescoping handle.

You’re able to power your big appliances at home, or RV, and your job sites. This model comes with a 223cc 4-stroke engine that generates 4000 starting watts and 3500 running with gasoline.

If you would like to use this generator on propane, it will provide 3500 starting watts and 3200 running watts.

The most user-friendly feature of this generator is its remote control and electric start button which allow you to easily start or power off this inverter generator.

Use A-iPower SUA4000iED 4000 Watt Portable Inverter at least 5 at full rated load with gasoline. This model is able to run for more than 7 hours at 50% load.

It has a feature of low idle technology for extending your fuel and giving you a good run time.

Also, there is a digital data meter that shows you the generator’s voltage, fuel, hours, power, and frequency. Besides that, it has all safety features like automatic shut down due to low oil so that generator stays away from damages.


  • Best for RV
  • Enough power
  • Not expensive
  • User friendly inverter generator
  • Wheels and handle
  • Parallel capacity


  • Heavy weight

7: Pulsar 2200W Portable Dual Fuel Inverter Generator – Best for Outdoor Activities

Pulsar 2200W Portable Dual Fuel Inverter Generator is also one of the best inverter generators that’s why I put out this model in my list.

This model is powered by a small 80cc 3Hp, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, OHV, air-cooled engine. this small engine is able to run on gasoline and propane.

The Pulsar can run more than 8 hours at half load, this is great ruining time for home backup or camping or job sites.

On the 1 pound LPG, it can run more than 75 minutes at 50% load. This means the generator has a great run time on both fuels (gas and propane).

The great feature about this model is you’re able to run it anywhere since CSA, EPA, and CARB are Compliant. Also, it comes with a 1 year of limited warranty.

Enjoy with its 1800 rated watts and 2200 peak watts. Whenever need more power so connect to another same model for double power.

No matter you run it on propane and gasoline, it still gives you clean and stable power so that you can connect your all sensitive appliances.

Small size generator easy to carry it by one hand, easy to pick it for long distance by one hand.

The control panel has two 120 volts 15 amps AC outlets, one 5 volts integrated USB outlet, and parallel sockets.

This generator has only manual recoil start feature. Also, the three indicator lights, and automatically shut off at low oil levels.


  • Small size generator
  • Light weight
  • Dual fuel feature
  • Quiet operates


  • It might difficult to start in propane

8: Champion 100574 4000-Watt RV Ready Dual Fuel Inverter Generator – Best for RV and Home back up

Champion 100574 4000-Watt RV Ready Dual Fuel Inverter Generator is designed by advanced digital hybrid for large home backup and your next projects like food trucks, event service providers, and construction companies.

The 224cc Champion engine delivers 4000 watts at starting and 3500 in running. It runs up to 14.5 hours at 25% when the 2.9 gallons fuel tank is full of gasoline.

besides that, it also provides 3600 surge watts and 3150 rated watts. on the 20-pound propane tank, it can run up to 12 hours because the best economy features mode saves your fuel and increases the engine’s life.

The RV Ready of this model operates on gasoline and propane, and it has a 120V 30A RV (TT 30R), with two 120V 20A household outlets (5-20R) and one 12V DC with a dual USB adapter and a battery charging cable, so you can charge your external batteries as much as you want.

This Champion dual fuel inverter generator has a 0.6 quart oil capacity and a low oil shut-off sensor so it will be going to shut off when oil is low. hmm, you don’t need to worry about engine size.

The Champion 100574 operates noise volume at 64 DBA from 23 feet, which is a little bit louder than normal speech. So you can use this model, especially for your home without any tension.

Ah, there is another notable feature of this marvelous model is you can confidently connect your all sensitives electronics like a UPS style battery backup, pellet stove, or high-efficiency furnace board because the advanced hybrid system produces only clean power (less than 3% THD).

This digital hybrid generator is 50% quieter easily switch with a quick turn of the fuel select dial and 20% lighter than a traditional champion 35-watt generator.


  • Best for home back up and RV
  • Digital hybrid inverter generator
  • Good running time
  • Parallel capacity
  • 3 years limited warranty


  • No wheels and handle

Why should buy a dual fuel inverter generator?

Of course, you think why I should buy dual fuel inverter generator? while my work is also happening with a fuel.

To be seen, everything has some benefits with the change of time, our things – technology – also change So that by the time we get the facility, daily technology is increasing. If we ignore new technology, we lose the facilities that are necessary for us and for our family, even for our business.

Before we used to have a generator, (I am not talking about centuries ago) we used to run the generator on one fuel. After that, we got the dual fuel generator. Now we got to see dual fuel inverter generators so that we could live with convenience.

When you think of buying a generator, you get a little more money and buy a dual fuel inverter generator because it benefits you that you have the option to burn the generator.

No one knows what goes out of stock and anyway you know that petrol prices continue to rise and it is difficult to store petrol. If you look at gas elsewhere, you also get a lot of conveniences.

Sometimes it happens that you stand in a place where you only get one fuel, in such a situation you get your work easier because of dual fuel.

And when your dual fuel generator is also added to the inverter, it makes you more comfortable, It takes care of your electricity voltage and does not allow it to be less than that, so you can connect your delicate electronic items with it, such as mobile, mobile is a very important thing for humans.

9 Major Advantages of Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Definitely, you will have a question in your heart that my work is happening on a petrol engine and petrol is easily available. When humans know the benefits of something, they try to take it so that they can get the benefits of this thing, I’ll tell you three major benefits of a dual fuel inverter generator, by listening to these benefits, you must would like to take the dual fuel inverter generator.

1: Peace of Mind

You just Imagine that you have been being stuck in a certain situation like a blackout at your home due to a power cut, or you are facing natural disasters, like earthquakes, floods, or an inadequate quantity of gasoline kept with no means of regular supply.

On such occasions, if you have only a petrol generator, it can be a very difficult task for you. But when you have an indoor fuel generator, you can easily face this problem. Because you can go to a general store or a hardware store and take a propane tank and you’re free from mental tension.

2: Economical vs Effectiveness Impact

As you know, petrol and gas are one product of the same sex. Both come out of the earth but both are different materials, Both of them work in each other, but there is a difference between performance and effectiveness, When you have to generate electricity, petrol is more effective than gas, its effectiveness can also be measured in BTU per gallon.

Similarly, the use of petrol during long power outages is excellent because it does not affect your engine much and does not even reduce your engine’s life.

However, although propane, is not as efficient as petrol. But, it is cleaner and its effect on the environment is also less and it makes it easier to provide you with electricity for long, But one of the disadvantages is that your engine’s life decreases and it also makes noise.

3: Durability

The generators are designed as solid machines so that they can do their job even in the harsh weather. But, there is a harmful substance that can never be completely protected, that is petrol. Petrol life is very short when you leave it in the generator, it gives a lot of damage to your generator like your fuel creates rust in the tank.

Propane is more safe in storage than petrol although keeping its tank may be a risky task but you can also change its tank easily.

Experts recommend that you stop using petrol for three months, the propane tank maybe 12 years or more when you have kept petrol for a long time in the generator. If you have kept petrol in your generator for a long time, it can be bad, so if you do not have such an opportunity, then the propane can work for you.

4: Enhanced Fuel Flexibility

One of the primary advantages of utilizing a dual fuel inverter generator is its exceptional fuel flexibility. With the ability to run on both gasoline and propane, users gain the freedom to adapt to various scenarios and fuel availability. In remote locations or during emergencies, where gasoline might be scarce or challenging to procure, having the option to switch to propane ensures continuous power generation, providing peace of mind and reliability.

5: Prolonged Run Time and Storage Stability

Dual fuel inverter generators capitalize on the extended shelf life of propane, which surpasses that of gasoline. This characteristic is particularly advantageous in situations requiring long-term storage or infrequent usage. Unlike gasoline, which can deteriorate over time and necessitate regular rotation, propane remains stable, ensuring that the generator is always ready for operation even after extended periods of storage. This aspect proves especially beneficial for those who use generators sporadically or as a backup power source.

6: Environmentally-Friendly Performance:

Environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly important in modern society. Dual fuel inverter generators offer an eco-friendly advantage by utilizing propane, a cleaner-burning fuel compared to gasoline. When the generator runs on propane, it emits significantly fewer harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. By reducing emissions, users can contribute to preserving the environment and mitigating the impacts of climate change, making this choice an environmentally responsible one.

7: Optimal Power Quality with Inverter Technology

The integration of inverter technology in these generators takes their performance to a higher level. Inverter generators produce a stable and consistent electrical output, which is essential for powering sensitive electronics and delicate appliances.

Conventional generators often generate “dirty” power with fluctuations and voltage spikes that can potentially damage sensitive equipment. In contrast, the clean and stable power from an inverter generator ensures the safe operation of electronics like laptops, smartphones, televisions, and medical equipment, making it an ideal choice for recreational activities, camping, or emergency backup during power outages.

8: Reduced Noise Levels

 Inverter generators are known for their quieter operation compared to traditional generators. By incorporating advanced sound-dampening technologies and engine design, dual fuel inverter generators produce less noise during operation, creating a more pleasant and less disruptive environment.

This benefit is particularly appreciated in recreational settings, campsites, or residential areas, where excessive noise can be an inconvenience to both users and nearby neighbors.

9: Efficient Fuel Consumption

Dual fuel inverter generators are designed with fuel efficiency in mind. Their advanced technology and automatic throttle control enable them to adjust the engine speed based on the electrical load. This means that when the power demand is low, the generator runs at a lower RPM, consuming less fuel. As a result, users can enjoy longer run times on a single tank of fuel, ultimately saving money and reducing the need for frequent refueling.


Choosing the right dual fuel inverter generator is a pretty complicated decision. There are a lot of different factors that determine which dual fuel inverter generator is best for your needs. However, there is not a single right answer for every dual fuel inverter generator.

We sincerely hope this guide has helped you to find the top 8 best dual fuel inverter generators for your needs. After this, you should know what each feature does and how much power you will need for the job you want this generator to do. Now you should be confident that you can take the right decision.

My Verdict

When it comes to picking the best dual fuel inverter generator such as this it all depends on your requirements and what you are looking for.

From the best dual fuel inverter generator to the one with the best features, I have created this list so that everyone can have something they would like.

Whether you’re a householder or a businessman or just someone who likes camping or you’re somewhere in between, this list has it. I know that’s not exactly the easy answer you want to hear, so I am going to compare my favorite dual fuel inverter generators from the list and tell you why I like them.

My first choice would be the Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator. It has a lot of useful features and a good-looking design, it’s also as durable as they come. Plus, I’m more of a champion guy myself.

The second is WEN DF400i Super Quiet 4000-Watt dual fuel portable inverter generator. Since the WEN always gives you a great model at a responsible price with good features. And we gave the third place the DuroMax XP2300iH 2300-Watt dual fuel inverter generator.

These are our selections and we ensure you that these models will be helpful for you. Also, you don’t need to take any tension to buy a generator from this list.


How does a dual fuel inverter generator work?

The generator engine is designed to be compatible with both gasoline and propane. Users can switch between the two fuel sources using a selector switch. When using gasoline, the generator operates like a traditional generator, converting the mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy through an alternator. When using propane, the generator draws the fuel from a connected LPG tank and produces electricity in the same manner.

Can I switch between gasoline and propane while the generator is running?

No, it is not safe to switch between fuel sources while the generator is running. Always turn off the generator and allow it to cool down before changing fuel types.

How do I know which fuel source to use?

The choice of fuel source depends on factors such as availability, storage, and personal preference. Gasoline is widely available, but it has a shorter shelf life and can be volatile, making it less suitable for long-term storage. Propane, on the other hand, is more stable for storage and readily available in portable tanks.

What is the power output of a dual fuel inverter generator?

The power output varies depending on the model and capacity of the generator. Dual fuel inverter generators are available in various sizes, ranging from 1,000 to 9,500 watts or more. Choose a generator with a power output that meets your specific needs for the appliances and devices you intend to run.

How do I maintain a dual fuel inverter generator?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your generator in good working condition. This includes changing the oil, replacing air filters, inspecting spark plugs, and ensuring the fuel system is clean. Always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines outlined in the user manual.

Can I convert a standard generator to a dual fuel inverter generator?

Converting a standard generator to run on dual fuel is possible, but it requires expertise and may void the warranty. It is generally recommended to purchase a dual fuel inverter generator from a reputable manufacturer to ensure safety, reliability, and performance.

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