Champion 4750 Generator Review: Don’t Buy Untill You Read

Have you been thinking about purchasing a Champion 4750 generator but want to make an informed decision first? You’re not alone – the Champion 4750 is a popular home portable generator for its reliability and power output. However, as with any major purchase, it’s important to understand both the pros and cons.

In this honest review, I’ll share my own experience using this unit as well as insights from other owners. We’ll cover important factors like fuel efficiency, noise level during operation, maintenance requirements and overall quality. My goal is to give you a well-rounded perspective on whether this Champion portable generator is the right choice for your needs or if you may want to consider alternatives.

By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of what you can expect from the Champion dual fuel power generator and whether it truly lives up to its reputation. I’ll also point out some lesser-known downsides to watch out for. My review is designed to help you decide with confidence. So read on before taking the plunge on a Champion 4750 generator – your purchase will be much better informed once you’ve gained all the inside knowledge here.

Why You Should Buy the Champion 4750 generator

Champion 4750 Generator

Design & Portability

Now, I’m no mechanic. But I know reliability when I see it. And this 132.3 lbs generator has proven time and again that it’s built to last. With its sturdy steel frame and durable yellow and black coating, it feels like it can withstand just about anything Mother Nature throws its way.

Maneuverability was another key factor when I bought it. Those solid 9-inch wheels really shine when you need to roll it around your property. No air to leak out or uneven terrain to worry about with their never-flat design. Even with a full tank of gas, I can navigate it on my lawn or down uneven pathways with ease.

Storage and transport are a breeze too thanks to the fold-up handle. Collapsing it down, the whole thing fits neatly in the trunk of my car or the back of an SUV. No need for multiple people to lift – even my teenage son can wrangle it himself if needed.

A user said:

While it’s been three years since my purchase, this generator still starts up on the first pull of the cord. Champion clearly knows a thing or two about building dependable machines. If you need backup power you can count on, through rain or shine, I wholeheartedly recommend the Champion 4750 portable generator. It may not break any design records, but its functionality and reliability sure do impress.


Champion 4750 generator

As a proud homeowner, nothing is more important than protecting my family. These days, power outages seem to be happening more frequently due to extreme weather events. Whether it’s a freak snowstorm knocking out power lines or a summer thunderstorm causing surges, you just never know when the lights might go out.

That’s why I invested in a Champion 4750 watt portable power generator a few years back. This baby has saved me so many headaches over the years, giving me peace of mind knowing my family will stay safe and comfortable during an outage. With its multiple heavy-duty outlets, the Champion 4750 provides more than enough power to run all the essentials in my home.

There’s a 30-amp RV outlet that can power things like your furnace, fridge, and well pump with no issues. I even use it to keep my hot tub running during outages. The generator also includes two locking 30-amp outlets, perfect for running larger appliances or power tools. I’ve got one connected to my whole-home surge protector to power my sump pump.

In addition to the heavy-duty outlets, there are two standard 20-amp household outlets. These let me easily plug in lights, phones, TVs, computers – basically anything in your average home that runs on standard 120-volt power. With over 4,700 starting/maximum watts, the Champion 4750 has more than enough juice for my needs.

But what I really love is that it comes equipped with Volt Guard surge protection built right in. Surges can fry sensitive electronics like TVs or appliances. The Volt Guard protects connected devices and the generator itself from dangerous power spikes.

If you’re looking for a reliable backup generator for your home, I highly recommend checking out the Champion 4750 generator. The combination of power, outlets and surge protection make it a worthwhile investment that will safeguard your family and home for years to come. Don’t get left in the dark – protect what’s most important with a generator that checks all the boxes.

Power Capacity

The Champion 4750-watt generator has been a lifesaver for my family on more than one occasion now. With its 4,750 starting watts and 3,800 max running watts, this powerhouse can easily handle the essentials around our home. That includes firing up and maintaining a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner – crucial for staying cool on sweltering summer days.

Beyond cooling, the Champion 4750 watt propane generator allows us to keep other necessities running no problem. We’ve been able to maintain our refrigerator, well pump and sump pump even during multi-day outages. It provides more than enough juice for lights, phones, TVs, computers and other electronics too through its multiple outlet options.

There’s a 30-amp RV outlet that takes care of big appliances like the AC unit with ease. Two locking 30-amp outlets and two standard household outlets give maximum flexibility. No more hassle plugging extension cords around the yard either – just locate the generator in a safe, dry spot and connect what you need.

Dual Fuel Feature & Run time

Champion 4250 inverter generator

One thing that sets this dual fuel generator apart is its ability to run on both gasoline and propane fuels. As a dual fuel unit, it gives me maximum flexibility depending on the situation.

On a full gas tank, it puts out around 4750 starting watts and maintains 3800 running watts. Switch over to propane and those numbers only drop slightly to 4275 starting watts and 3420 running watts respectively. That means whether I’m fueling up with gas or propane, this generator can power all my essential appliances simultaneously without breaking a sweat.

The Champion 4750 gas powered generator also outputs around 39.6 starting amps and 31.7 running amps when using gasoline. The amperage is just a tad lower on propane but still provides plenty of juice for my needs. So if the gas stations are empty after a big storm but I’ve got extra propane tanks on hand, no problem – this generator has me covered.

I also appreciate the long run times on a single tank. On gasoline it gives me about 9 hours at half load, and over 10.5 hours when it run on a 20 propane tank. The tank capacity is 3.4 gallon of gasoline. Emergency preparedness is all about having a backup you can rely on, and time after time the Champion 4750 has proven itself.

If you want a generator with the dual fuel versatility to handle whatever conditions come your way, this workhorse deserves a spot in your preparedness arsenal. I sleep easy at night knowing I have its reliable powers on my side.

Noise Level

While doing my research, one of the top concerns I came across was noise level. Nobody wants a loud, droning machine ruining the fun when the power goes out. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I fired up this 4750 watt portable generator for the first time – it was much quieter than I expected! According to the specs, at a distance of 23 feet, the 224cc engine produces a noise level of around 68 decibels. For reference, normal conversation falls within the 60-70 decibel range.

In other words, with this Champion 4750 gas powered portable generator running, you can still comfortably chat with friends or watch the game without having to shout over an annoying drone. Even better, the sound dissipates quickly over distance. A few feet further back and it fades into the background noise of any outdoor get together. During an actual outage or emergency, the relatively low decibel output means you won’t be disturbing neighbors either.

Reliable backup power is important, but it’s no good if it ruins the experience. This compact propane generator strikes the perfect balance of dependable electricity without the bothersome noise level.

The quiet yet mighty 224cc engine has proven itself on multiple tailgates and stormy nights. If you need a small, affordable generator that lets the good times keep rolling, even when the power flickers out, this one could be worth considering. Peace of mind and fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive – at least not with the right power backup in your toolbox.

Easy to Use and Start

This electric start generator is designed to make your life easier. No more struggling with manual starts or worrying about cold weather. With the convenient electric start feature, which includes a battery, you can start the generator quickly and effortlessly, even in chilly temperatures thanks to the Cold Start Technology.

To help you keep track of the power output and maintenance intervals, Champion has included its Intelligauge. This nifty feature allows you to monitor important metrics such as voltage, hertz, and run-time hours. With the handy toggle switch, you can easily switch between these readings and stay informed about the generator’s performance and when it needs maintenance.

What are the downside of this generator?

Here are a few of the limitations I’ve noticed that may impact your buying decision.

One drawback is the lack of a DC outlet. For powering devices like phones and small electronics directly, this could be inconvenient. Granted, there are workarounds like bringing an inverter. But for on-the-go charging straight from the generator, a DC port would come in handy.

Additionally, the AC outlets themselves don’t have any surge protection built right in. If you’ll be powering sensitive electronics, this lack of safeguards is something to be aware of. A power spike could potentially damage more delicate gear. The outlets also aren’t covered, so debris or moisture getting in is a risk over time.

It’s also important to note that this Champion 4750 generator may not be the best fit for powering appliances with sophisticated or delicate electronics internally. While it works well for lighting and basic power tools in a pinch, surges could potentially cause issues for items like TVs or computers without added protection.

The good news is surge suppressors, either single or multi-outlet styles, provide an affordable solution here. Installing UL-listed surge protectors on any outlets feeding sensitive equipment will virtually eliminate the risk of damage from voltage spikes. For my needs, adding aftermarket surge protection has been well worth the small investment.

No piece of equipment is perfect, but understanding limitations up front allows you to make the best choice. I hope highlighting a few downsides provides useful context as you consider this generator for your backup power needs. Proper surge protection goes a long way to overcoming many of its drawbacks.

Final Verdict

While the Champion 76533 is a capable generator that will provide backup power whenever you need. Also, it has dual fuel feature and provide a long run time that is good for home backup during power outages. The electric start and cold start technology make it more user friendly.

However, if you like GFC outlets and also want DC outlet, then this model may not be ideal for since I have told you above. Besides that, this portable generator is also not good for sensitive electronic appliances due to voltage fluctuations.

But these things not decrease the value of any machine that’s why Champion didn’t includes them. However, if you want all these then you should check its alternative generator like Champion 4500, Westinghouse Igen4500, or Duromax XP4850 generator.

If you can increase the power output, the 5000 watt generator is also good if you try to search.

I hope this honest Champion 4750 dual fuel generator review has helped you make an informed decision about whether it’s right for your situation. My advice would be to thoroughly consider your power needs and priorities before committing to this model.  With the knowledge gained here, you can now confidently choose the residential backup power solution that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

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