Champion Dual Fuel Inverter Generator Reviews – Our top 4 picked

Champion manufactures different types of generators which are popular in the market.

Yeah, not popular as Honda and Yamaha but it provides lots of categories in the generators line.

It is right to say about the Champion company that it is one of the best companies which gives the most opportunities to the people in generators in the US.

However, there are some best generators and inverter generators. Also, some of them are powered by only gasoline and some are with dual fuel features.

Today, my target is to bring the best champion dual fuel inverter generators in front of you.

In this article, I’ll just cover Champion dual fuel inverter generators, and about dual fuel generators will be covered in the next articles which will come soon.

There’re some best inverter generators which are best for different situations and we’ll which one is a match for our situation.

Let’s try to take a review of each and see the pros and cons.

1: Champion 3400 Watt Inverter Generator

Starting Watts (gasoline)3400
Running Watts (gasoline)3100
Staring Watts (propane)3060
Running Watts (propane)2790
Run Time (gasoline)7.5 hours @ 25% load
Run Time (propane)14.5 hours @ 25% load
Weight95.7 lbs
Noise Level59 dba
Dimensions L, W, H25.1″, 17.3″, 18.3″
champion 3400 watt inverter generator

The Champion 3400 Watt inverter generator is a hero in this list that’s why it has taken the no:1 seat in this list.

Despite its greatness like light weight portable design, it has another good feature that is dual fuel quality.

The dual fuel feature makes the generator a clever choice for long RV trips, home backup during the outage due to bad weather for some other reason, and DIY projects.

Either side handles make it portable and easy to lift by two people.

Weight will not issue due to the never felt wheels that make it easy to transport.

Also, the 3400 Watt inverter has an electric start with a battery and a quick touch panel that helps you easily can know about the generator’s all information. With thy quick touch panel, all the access of the generator will be in your hands.

It offers different wattage while changing the fuel. Mean it provides 3400 starting Watts on gasoline but the 3400 Watt will be decreased on propane.

In short, this model is designed completely for RVs, camping, and tailgating. It is fitted with a 120V 30amps RV ready outlet, and 2 household 120V 20A outlets.

I noted that the champion doesn’t miss USB ports, all the generators are fitted with USB adapters.

Also, it gives you 3 years limited warranty and lifetime consumer support. Let’s suppose if there is another generator, the company service help you till the generator will be fine.

  • Completely for RV trips.
  • Modern design
  • Good running time
  • Run quietly
  • Wheels should be larger than the current size.

2: Champion 200988 4500-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Starting Watts (gasoline)4500
Running Watts (gasoline)3500
Staring Watts (propane)4500
Running Watts (propane)3150
Run Time (gasoline)14 hours @ 25% load
Run Time (propane)21 hours @ 25% load
Weight103 lbs
Noise Level61 dba
Dimensions L, W, H23.2″, 17.7″, 20.1″
champion 4500 inverter generator

The most quality thing in whole inverter generators is light weight.

Despite being a heavy duty machine, they always come with light weight as much as possible.

The champion 200988 4500 watt inverter generator is also designed very light in weight.

97 pounds generator should not be considered a heavy weight generator when it provides 4500 starting Watts and 3150 running Watts.

Having a 212cc 4 – stroke engine that makes the generator able to power a lot of appliances that can’t run 2000 Watt and 3000 Watts inverter generators.

This generator gives a big package to run many appliances with low noise levels since the generator produces 61 dba.

 This noise level considers one of the best inverter generators for the places where silence is required including RVs, tailgating parties, and camping.

Despite that, there is an intelligauge with a power meter that shows you frequency, voltage, and running hours.

The allows you to connect another model with this generator to extend power by parallel kit.

If you would like to more details about this unit then you can read our full review of the Champion 4500 Watt inverter generator.

  • Powerful output
  • An awesome run time
  • Portable design
  • User friendly generator
  • Parallel kit
  • The brightness of intelligence is light that’s why it is hard to see

3: Champion 100900 2000-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Starting Watts (gasoline)2000
Running Watts (gasoline)1700
Staring Watts (propane)2000
Running Watts (propane)1530
Run Time (gasoline)11.5 hours @ 25% load
Run Time (propane)36 hours @ 25% load
Weight39 lbs
Noise Level53 dba
Dimensions L,W,H17.3″, 11.5″, 17.7″
champion 2000 watt inverter generator

The Champion 100900 2000 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator is a very small model in this list.

Amazing is the 2000 watt gives you a space to run it on dual fuel – gasoline or propane.

One of the shocking features is its running time on propane. It can run at least 34 hours on propane, wow a long run time is it.

It generates 1800 starting watts and 1440 running watts on propane while the result on gasoline is 2000 starting watts and 1800 running watts.

Someone should purchase this generator when he needs to run small appliances so that the person can run on any fuel which will be available and cheap.

The feature of ultra-quiet makes this small boy smart. It operates 53 dba noise rating from 23 feet.

Having a well remarkable and very informative control panel, don’t have any difficulty with the read control panel’s headings.

The weight is only 39 pounds, easily can lift the generator by using the one hand.

The Control panel is fitted with two 120 volts and 20 amps outlets. Also, one 12volt DC outlet, and a dual USB port adapter.

All outlets are covered by plastic cover.

  • Good run time
  • Light weight
  • Portable size
  • Dual fuel feature
  • It might difficult to start on propane

4: Champion 100574 4000 Watt Digital Hybrid Inverter Generator

Starting Watts (gasoline)4000
Running Watts (gasoline)3500
Staring Watts (propane)3600
Running Watts (propane)3150
Run Time (gasoline)17 hours @ 25% load
Run Time (propane)18 hours @ 25% load
Weight82.2 lbs
Noise Level64 dba
Dimensions L, W, H20.5″, 18.3″, 18.9″
champion 4000 watt

Champion manufactures open frame digital hybrid inverter generators which seem like conventional generators. But they are 20% lighter than a traditional generator.

Also, they run very quietly. The Champion 100574 4000 Watt Digital Hybrid Inverter Generator is an open frame generator.

This generator is 50% quiet than a traditional generator. The purpose of designing this generator is to safely power all the sensitive appliances and everyone can have a budget to buy this model.

By look, it seems like a traditional generator and works like an inverter generator.

Champion fitted 224cc engine in this model so that you can take 4000 starting watts and 3500 running watts.

This digital hybrid inverter generator can easily run for 14.5 hours at a 25% load. During this period it takes 2.9 gallons of gasoline.

There is another option to run the generator is on propane. The propane running time is 12 hours at 25% load by 20 pounds propane tank.

It has less than 3% THD, this model is safe for all sensitive appliances.

This model is equipped with two (5-20R) 120volt 20amps outlets, one 12volt DC outlet.

Also, it has an RV outlet, 120volts 30amps.

  • Good running time
  • Affordable price
  • Less than 3% THD
  • Dual fuel
  • No wheels


Champion is one of the most famous brands in the market, this brand has been manufacturing quality generators for a long time.

There are many types of models – inverter generators, generators, dual fuel generators, and dual fuel inverter generators – in the market from the champion.

But champion has only a few models which come with dual fuel features. We have done a lot of research to find these models.

The best thing about these generators is they are very popular in the market, especially the first 3 models.

During the reviews we have read so many people’s reviews, most people are satisfied from these generators.

With great design, a long run time, can be used for home backup, RV trips, and camping. However, they can be started in any weather especially cold weather since the Champion’s Smart Cold Start Technology.

I would like to say to you that if you’re looking for a dual fuel inverter generator then you should come to the Champion.  

If you want to go for camping in the cold place and you need a generator these will be perfect for you.


Are dual fuel inverter generators quieter than traditional generators?

  Yes, dual fuel inverter generators are generally quieter than traditional open-frame generators. They use advanced technology to produce consistent and cleaner power, resulting in lower noise levels.

What is the typical wattage range of Champion dual fuel inverter generators?

   Champion offers dual fuel inverter generators with varying wattage capacities, usually ranging from 2000 watts to 7000 watts or more. The wattage you need depends on your power requirements.

Can I use a dual fuel inverter generator for sensitive electronics?

   Yes, dual fuel inverter generators are designed to produce stable and clean power, making them suitable for sensitive electronics like laptops, smartphones, and other devices.

How do I maintain a Champion dual fuel inverter generator?

   Regular maintenance includes oil changes, air filter cleaning or replacement, and spark plug checks. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in the user manual for specific maintenance instructions.

Can I run my generator indoors if I provide ventilation?

   No, it’s not safe to run a generator indoors, even with ventilation. Carbon monoxide fumes can be deadly. Always operate the generator outdoors.

How long can a dual fuel generator run on a full tank of fuel?

    The runtime of a dual fuel generator depends on the load and the capacity of the fuel tank. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications for the estimated runtime at different load levels.

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