Champion 4500 Inverter Generator – Review 2022

Champion makes its name in the generators field on the market. It has years of experience this is why we have many size generators and inverter generators in the market from the champion.

They design their generators and inverter generator in very decent shape. We can use their generators for several purposes such as home backup, camping, RV trailers, job sites, etc.

They have chosen yellow and black colors for their inverter generators which

The champion provides medium to large size inverter generators which are some of the best inverter generators in today’s market.

There is one of the best inverter generators from the Champion that is a large size machine.

Today I’m talking about champion 4500 watt inverter generator that comes with very decent features.

There are many questions in my mind about this model.

Should we purchase this generator?

Is this a better option for our several purposes?

We will try to take answer all our questions and try to clear our confusion.

Let’s have a deep look at the Champion 4500 watt inverter generator.  

About Champion 4500 Inverter Generator – At a Glance

Champion 4500 inverter generator comes with a wide range of power that is stable for large type appliances.

Also, it has an inverter technology which means this is more stable and safe for your entire sensitive electronic appliances.

This is a smart option for an inverter generator. Despite being a large power provider it is still safe for all sensitive equipment.

This model can be used be in many places. especially this is very ideal for RV trips, camping, and also for home backup, and construction sites.

The champion has a feature of dual fuel, which means you couldn’t stuck at any place due to unavailable fuel.

This model gives you an appreciated run time which is enough for spending the whole night or day.

Besides that, it comes with 3 years limited warranty, and the company gives you lifetime technical support.

The most amazing feature about this inverter generator is it has 3 options for starting the motor. This feature is very rare in the most generators.

The inverter technology always gives you space for more power. That means despite more power, you’ll still have the option to double your generator power by connecting 2 generators.

Feature of Champion 4500 Inverter Generator

The big smart guy comes with unique features which will provide you with more facilities instead of a normal inverter generator.

Due to its features, it is a very user friendly inverter generator.

Easy to Start

Now there is not any tension to start the generator in cold weather or rainy weather. The Champion 4500 inverter generator comes with “Cold Start” technology that helps you to start the generator in any weather.

One of the special features in this model is the “Wireless Remote Start”. This remote allows you to start the machine or stop it from 80 feet away.

Also, it has a usually manual recoil start system, it can be used when the remote will have any problem.

Design & Portability

Champion is designed this generator, especially for RV and camping.

The look of the generator is appreciated and impressive for outdoor parties.

The generator is housed by sturdy plastic so that it is always ready for any work at any place.

It has 2 rear wheels which do not let you feel the generator’s weight. Obviously, this is a high output inverter generator that is why we’ll have to face the heavy weight.

But the smart design makes the generator very portable. Now it is very easy to move any side since it has also a handle.

The 101 pounds generator’s weight is not tension for a person since the portability makes it easy to transport anywhere by one person.

The overall dimensions of the generator are  23.2 inches in length, 17.7 inches in width, and 20.1 inches in height.

Control Panel

On the control panel, you’ll see the front of the panel an Intelli gauge that gives you easy access to monitor the generator.

The gauge shows you 4 modes about output, run time, volts, and frequency.

It has a feature of a big E Z start dialer. When you need to start the generator so turn the dialer and switch the button on.

The control panel is fitted with a separate RV ready outlet. It is 120V AC and 30 amps NEMA TT-30A.

Besides that, there are two 120volt 20amps household outlets and one 12Volt DC outlet.

The champion gives an adapter of dual USB ports with this generator free of cost.

Power & Run Time

The champion 4500 watt generator is powered by a big engine which is a 212cc 4-stroke engine. This big engine is able to generate 4500 starting watts and 3500 running watts.

With this high power output, it still produces clean and stable power of less than 3% THD.

This generator allows you to run large and small appliances even also sensitive appliances too.

The fuel tank can hold at least 2.3 gallons of gas. This unit must be run for more than 14 hours at a 25% load.

Unique Design

Champion gives a unique design to this model which looks great during outdoor parties. It seems like this is not a generator since the noise level is very low due to its close design.

This is why we can say about the generator is if you’re looking for a quiet inverter generator then the Champion 4500 watt may be best for you.

Best for RV & Camping

Many people like to go for RV trips to enjoy their holidays or want to get peace. Also, some people like to go for camping these people need electricity in these types of places.

However, they need a perfect model that can come to their expectations so that can be enjoyed RVs and camping.

For those people who need the best model for RV and camping then they should try the Champion 4500 inverter generator.

 Because this model runs very quiet and this feature is very important for RV and camping.

Besides that, it has a good design that makes you proud of yourself in such places. Run for a long time with dual fuel feature.

I don’t think you need more research for RV & camping inverter generators.

User Friendly

Of course, starting a generator is an easy task. But it can be a little difficult to take care of.

Because it is not known when its oil will run out, and running a generator without oil is not without danger.

That’s why it’s important to think about the generator. But how nice it is that your generator reported these things to you.

We’ve seen in this model that you don’t feel the need to take care of it.

Everything it will show on the time, this feature makes it one of the best user-friendly generators in the market.

To be honest, this is one of the most user-friendly generators in the 4500-watt category.

  • Best for overall
  • Great Design
  • Best for RV, camping
  • Long run time
  • Remote Start, user friendly machine
  • Very easy to start
  • Little bit costy if you compare it with other brands

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