Generac GP6500 Reviews – What Can Be Expected in 2023?

generac gp6500 review

We have discussed about Generac inverter generators and really they are the best models in the market.

One thing we noticed during reviewing Generac’s models, this brand provides such good generators in the market.

Generac made some different designs and styles, even modern style models that are available in the market.

We saw its few models are very popular in the market and many people liked them.

Today, we’re not talking about its inverter generator because we picked a generator from the Generac that has the best reputation in the market.

Although Generac is a very famous brand in manufacturing heavy-duty and stand-by generators.

While the Generac GP6500 is not a standby generator but even also it is not small that cannot handle your heavy load.

We chose this model so that we can know about its performance because many people want to purchase this.

So here we try to know about Generac GP6500 features. How does this generator perform?

Let’s check all features with deep glance.

What did I like about Generac GP6500?

generac gp6500 review

Although we know that the Generac gp6500 is not a standby generator but it is still the best alternative if you’re looking for a 30 amps generator for RV trips or households.

This model has different volts and amps outlets, even though you can run a high-power tool since it has a 30 amps 120/240 volts outlet.

Also, four 20 amps 120 volts GFCI outlets, I think these outlets are enough to run our large-size home appliance.

Power outage

During a power outage, having a reliable backup generator is crucial for maintaining essential functions and running home appliances. One such option is a generator equipped with a 389 cc 4-stroke overhead valve engine. This particular engine size indicates that it is relatively powerful and capable of delivering substantial electrical output.

The Generac mentioned in the description provides 6500 rated watts and 8125 surge watts. The rated watts refer to the continuous power output that the generator can sustain over a prolonged period.

While the surge watts indicate the additional power the generator can handle for a short duration to start appliances with high initial power requirements. With this level of power output, the Generac GP6500 generator can handle a variety of home appliances simultaneously, including lights, fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, and washing machines.

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the engine, it is equipped with a low oil sensor. This sensor plays a vital role in detecting the oil level in the generator.

In case the generator’s oil level drops below the recommended threshold, the low oil sensor triggers a safety mechanism that prevents the generator from running. This feature protects the engine from potential damage caused by operating with insufficient lubrication, which could occur if the generator were allowed to run on low oil.

By incorporating a low oil sensor, the generator manufacturer demonstrates a commitment to protecting the investment of the customers.

It ensures that the generator will not operate when it lacks the necessary lubrication, preventing potential engine failure and costly repairs. This safeguarding feature enhances the reliability and durability of the generator, giving users peace of mind during power outages.


The fact that the Generac GP6500 is EPA CARB certified is indeed a notable feature that enhances its appeal and usability.

EPA stands for the United States Environmental Protection Agency, while CARB stands for the California Air Resources Board. Both of these organizations play essential roles in regulating emissions and ensuring the environmental compliance of various products, including generators.

EPA certification signifies that the generator meets or exceeds the emissions standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. This certification ensures that the generator operates with a reduced environmental impact, emitting lower levels of pollutants into the atmosphere compared to non-certified models.

The certification process involves rigorous testing and compliance with specific emission limits, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.

CARB certification, on the other hand, is specific to California and signifies compliance with even stricter emissions standards enforced by the California Air Resources Board.

California has more stringent regulations due to its unique air quality concerns and a higher population density. Generators that are CARB certified meet these stringent emission requirements, making them suitable for use not only in California but also in other states that may adopt similar regulations.

The EPA CARB certification of the Generac GP6500 makes it an excellent choice for use in public places. These certifications ensure that the generator operates within environmentally friendly parameters, emitting lower levels of harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.

By using an EPA CARB certified generator, individuals can have peace of mind knowing that they are not contributing to air pollution or endangering the health of others when using the generator in public spaces.

Furthermore, EPA CARB certification also signifies compliance with noise regulations. Generators that meet these certifications typically have noise-reducing features and operate within specific noise limits, making them more suitable for use in residential areas and public places where noise pollution needs to be minimized.

Average price

Generac has positioned itself as a reputable brand in the generator industry, offering a range of models that combine reliability, performance, and affordability. The Generac GP6500, as mentioned, falls within an average price range, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers.

While the term “average price” can be subjective and vary depending on individual budgets and expectations, it is important to consider the value provided by the Generac GP6500 in relation to its price point.

Generac strives to offer generators that deliver a balance between cost-effectiveness and performance, ensuring that customers get a reliable power solution without having to break the bank.

It is worth noting that the price of generators can fluctuate based on factors such as engine size, power output, additional features, brand reputation, and market demand.

Comparing the price of the Generac GP6500 to other models with similar performance capabilities, it is indeed reasonable to consider it a good value. Generators that offer comparable power output and features can often be priced higher, making the GP6500 an attractive option for those seeking a reliable generator at a more affordable price point.

However, it’s important to note that prices can vary over time due to factors such as market fluctuations, sales promotions, and availability.

It’s always advisable to research current market prices and consider factors beyond just the initial purchase price, such as long-term reliability, warranty, and customer support when evaluating the overall value of a generator.

Long Run Time

The Generac GP6500 is indeed known for its long run time, making it a reliable option for powering appliances during extended periods of electricity outage or in remote locations. This generator’s ability to provide a continuous power supply for more than 10 hours at 50% load is impressive and can be attributed to its robust design and efficient fuel consumption.

The GP6500 Generac generator operates using gasoline as its fuel source, and it’s important to note that the fuel consumption of any generator is directly related to the load it is powering. The 50% load mentioned means that the generator is running at half of its maximum capacity. Running at a lower load reduces the strain on the engine, resulting in improved fuel efficiency.

To achieve the long run time, the Generac GP6500 is equipped with a sizable fuel tank that can hold at least 6.9 gallons of gasoline. This larger fuel capacity allows the generator to operate continuously for an extended period without requiring frequent refueling. The precise run time will depend on the actual load being powered, as higher loads will consume fuel at a faster rate.

Generac is a reputable brand in the generator industry and is known for producing reliable and durable products. The Generac GP6500 is designed to deliver consistent power output and withstand heavy use over time. Its long run time is a testament to the generator’s quality and the engineering behind its fuel efficiency.

It’s worth mentioning that while the Generac 6500 watt generator provides a generous amount of power for running multiple appliances simultaneously, it’s always important to consider the specific power requirements of the appliances you intend to connect.

Some appliances may have higher power demands than others, and exceeding the generator’s rated capacity can lead to inefficiency or potential damage. Therefore, it is advisable to calculate the total power consumption of the appliances you plan to use and ensure it stays within the safe operating range of the generator.

Warranty Package

Generac gives a long time period warranty since this model comes with 3 years consumer warranty and 1 year commercial warranty. This warranty is enough to satisfy any customer.

Easy to Transport

The Generac GP6500 features a design that prioritizes portability and ease of transport, despite its weight. While the generator itself may be heavy, the inclusion of wheels and a handle greatly facilitates moving it from one location to another. This mobility is a valuable feature, especially when you need to transport the generator to different sites or areas without much hassle.

The presence of wheels allows the generator GP6500 to be easily rolled across various surfaces, such as concrete, grass, or gravel. These wheels are typically rugged and designed to withstand rough terrain, ensuring that you can move the generator smoothly even on uneven ground. The inclusion of a handle further enhances the generator’s portability, providing a convenient grip for pushing or pulling the unit.

The portable design of the Generac 6500 watt portable generator not only makes it easier to transport but also allows for more versatile usage scenarios. Whether you’re using the generator for backup power at home, on a job site, or for recreational purposes, the ability to move it easily allows you to adapt to different situations and locations without being limited by the generator’s weight or immobility.

It’s important to note that although the Generac GP6500 is designed for portability, it’s still a relatively large machine due to its power output.

While it may be manageable for one person to move it using the provided wheels and handle. It is recommended to take precautions and enlist the help of others if necessary to ensure safe and proper handling of the generator, especially when dealing with uneven terrain or stairs.

What I don’t like in Generac GP6500?

While the Generac GP6500 has several notable features and benefits, there are a few aspects that some users may find less favorable. Let’s explore the points you mentioned in detail:

Lack of electric start option:

One drawback of the Generac GP6500 is that it does not offer an electric start feature. Electric start allows users to start the generator with the push of a button, which can be more convenient and easier than using a recoil (manual) start.

While electric start is available on some generators, its absence in the GP6500 generator means that users will need to use the recoil start mechanism, which requires pulling a cord to start the engine. This can be more challenging, especially for individuals who may have physical limitations or find it difficult to start a heavy generator manually.

Fuel efficiency:

The fuel efficiency of the Generac GP6500 portable generator may not be as high as some other models. With a fuel tank capacity of 6.9 gallons, it is designed to provide a long run time rather than optimizing fuel consumption. However, it’s important to consider that fuel efficiency can vary depending on the load being powered.

Running the generator at a higher load will consume fuel at a faster rate, while running it at a lower load will result in improved fuel efficiency. It’s recommended to match the load requirements to the generator’s capacity for optimal fuel consumption.

Noise level:

The noise level of the Generac GP6500 can be a concern for some users. While specific noise levels may vary depending on the testing methodology and conditions, it’s true that portable generators, in general, produce some level of noise during operation.

The GP6500, being a larger generator, can generate a noise level of around 81 decibels (dBA) at 50% load. While this noise level is not extreme, it is louder than some other models available on the market.

If noise is a significant consideration, there are quieter generators available, although they might come with trade-offs in terms of size, power output, or price.

It’s important to note that individual preferences and priorities may vary when it comes to generators. While the Generac GP6500 may have certain drawbacks, it still offers several beneficial features such as its long run time, portability, and power output.

It’s recommended to carefully consider your specific needs, budget, and preferences when selecting a generator to ensure it aligns with your requirements and provides the best value for your particular situation.

  • Great warranty period
  • Long run time
  • Affordable price
  • Best for Home backup and RV
  • Noise might be loudly
  • Not electric start

Our Verdict

The Generac GP6500 6,500 watt generator noise level is a great choice for anyone who wants a reliable generator that will keep them and their family safe, no matter what the weather throws at them. It has enough power to run everything from your TV and microwave to the lights in your garage, and its fuel efficiency means you’ll be able to use it for longer than if you were using an engine-powered generator.

It’s also quiet enough that you can use it around pets or children without worrying about disturbing them, but it still packs plenty of punch when needed.

We have been using it for a few months now, and we are very happy with its performance. We’ve used it to power our home during storms, to power our house when the power goes out, and even to power our light fixtures in the garage while we were working on our car.

It doesn’t use much fuel at all—we can get about 10 hours of runtime per gallon. And because it’s so quiet, you don’t have to worry about waking up your neighbors!

The only thing that would make this 6500 watt generator better is if it had a longer run time per tank of gas on half load. It runs great for ten hours, but after that, you’ll need to refill it every time you want more use out of it.


Q: Can the Generac GP6500 generator be used in a cold environment?

A: No. The Generac GP6500 6500 watt generator is not designed for use in extreme cold temperatures, and it must be stored indoors at temperatures lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius). If you are storing your generator indoors, it should be stored on a platform or pallet that will allow air to circulate around the unit.

Q: What is the best way to store my Generac GP6500 generator?

A: In order to ensure the proper functioning of your generator, we recommend storing it in a dry location with minimal humidity. You can also store your generator on a platform or pallet that will allow air to circulate around the unit.

Q: Does the Generac GP6500 generator have a fuel shutoff valve?

A: Yes. The fuel shutoff valve is located on the front of the unit. This valve can be used to turn off your generator in case of an emergency and prevent damage to the unit.

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