Champion 7500 Watt Generator Review 2022 & Buying Guide

This article on the Champion 7500 watt generator review 2022 & buying guide. So you can save your time by reading this article instead of search any portable generator.

Lots of people need a portable generator according to their needs. Although Champion generators have the best reputation in the market that’s why many people must check this brand’s generators.

Maybe you’re still searching for a good portable generator for your usage so that you get the best helper.

So I have picked one of the best models from the champion and got details about that. I think the champion 7500 watt generator is a good alternative to solve your power outage or when you’re camping.

This review will helpful for those people who’re looking for a 7000-watt generator because this model has some unique features. Also, it gained many positive reviews from people.

We should start to see how it work is? Please keep reading this content.

If you want to save your time then you must have to read this informative article.

First Impression – Champion 7500 Watt Generator

You know the Champion 7500 watt generator is a powerful, and also a dependable model in the market. It’ll not easily give up when you’ll try to take work from it.

No matter how much heavy load you’ll have but this can smoothly run any heavy power tool or machine.

If you need a heavy duty portable generator for job sites then this unit might be good for you because this comes with a dual fuel feature.

You can easily work for a long time by this unit since you can save both fuels even propane is very easy to save.

I think CARB & EPA should come with every generator so that we can use any unit where we need power. Thanks to Champion for providing this generator according to CARB & EPA approved.

It is equipped with a volt guard that protects the generator from overload.

You’re allowed to use Champion at any hard place but your generator can bear the hardness of every place since it has a solid body.

Usually, it is very difficult for a person to spend the whole night with electricity but if you have this model then you’ll not think of the blackout night.

It gives you a massive run time at 50% load, this means you’ll not have any issue when you’ll have to spend a whole night in a power outage.

Champion generators always come with a good warranty package, like all generators, this model also comes with 3 years of warranty.

In short, the champion 7500 watts generator is a portable and user-friendly model that can easily be used.

Features of Champion 7500 Watt Generator

Powerful Engine & Fuel Capacity

This model is also fitted with an original powerful champion engine as seen in all models while we reviewed Champion generators and inverter generators.

No matter what you’ll power for, this can run your entire house appliances.

It has at least 9375 starting watts and 7500 running watts while it runs on gasoline.

These watts allow you to run any large machine or tool on the generator.

If you want to run it on propane then I’ll generate 8400 starting watts and 6750 running watts.

As its enough wattages, its fuel tank is also big that can hold 6.1 gallons of gasoline (23 liters gasoline).

However, by this fuel tank, it runs for more than 8 hours at 50% load.

It gives 5.5 run time with a single propane tank on a half load of electricity.

This long run time may be enough for you to handle power outage situations or while you’re enjoying RV trips.

Dual Fuel Feature

Although, the dual fuel feature has become a common fact in every large generator. But there are some large generators in the market which do not have this feature.

Sometimes, this feature becomes very valuable when you’re facing a gasoline shortage due to bad weather or some other reason.

The Champion 7500 watt generator comes with a dual fuel feature so that it can solve the shortage problem when you’ll have a gasoline shortage.   

Control Panel

The Champion 7500 watt generator has plenty of power outlets. To run heavy-duty appliances or tools it is fitted with one 120/240 volts 30 amps (L-14 30R) outlet and one 120 volts 30 amps outlet.

This model is on if the best choice for home back and RV trips.

Also, it comes with 120 volts 20 amps GFCI outlets that keep you safe from any electric incident.

Although it is fitted with a simple control panel but it makes very easily to monitor the generator.

Electric Start Button

No doubt sometimes the large generators do not start very easily when they have only one option to start the generator.

Although this generator has a manual recoil start option as a backup but with this option, it also has an electric start system.

You don’t need to spend your energy on a manual start system when you have a hassle-free option.

Just push the button and the generator is ready to work.


The Control panel is fitted with a voltmeter that shows you the generator’s run time, voltage, hertz.

You can easily monitor the generator by the help of this meter.

Volt Guard

Occasionally, we try to run so many appliances on the generator and we don’t realize that it can be overload for a generator. The overload might damage the machine or appliances. The Champion 7500-watt generator is safe from the overload system since it has a built-in volt guard that protects the generator from overload.

Solid Body Design

Champion 7500 watt generator is designed with a sturdy frame so that it can be used for years. To become it more solid model it has never-flat wheels.

Also, it has a U-shape folding handle that helps you to move the generator around. These means that if you buy this brand then you’ll a large size generator in portable design.

  • Good run time
  • Best for Home backup and RV
  • Dual Fuel facility
  • Volt Guard
  • Solid body and engine
  • Massive power output
  • Not any serious downside

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