Reliance Controls 30 Amp 6-circuit Transfer Switch Kit Reviews

Reliance Controls 30 Amp 6-circuit Transfer Switch Kit

Even a short without power outages causing chaos in our lives. The Reliance Controls 30 Amp 6-circuit Transfer Switch Kit is here to make that dream a reality. In this review, we’ll explore what this kit has to offer, how it performs, and why it’s a must-have for keeping your home or business up and running, even when the lights go out.”

An overview

The Reliance Controls 30 Amp 6-circuit Transfer Switch Kit offers an all-inclusive solution for effortlessly installing a portable generator transfer switch. Whether it’s for a residential setup or an office environment, this system provides a seamless way to link a secondary power source, like a portable generator, to your home or building’s electrical circuits.

This meticulously engineered device is designed to enable the full utilization of a portable generator’s power capacity. This means you can operate multiple electrical appliances and devices with ease during power outages.

One outstanding feature of this transfer switch is its unwavering commitment to safety. It ensures that you can deploy backup power during emergencies without the fear of accidentally back-feeding power into the utility line. In a crisis, the immediate thought of shutting off the main power source might not occur, but the transfer switch addresses this concern entirely.

Inside this comprehensive kit, you’ll discover a pre-wired transfer switch complete with wattage meters, a generous 10-foot power cord, a 30A power inlet box, wire connectors, and an additional 20A plug end. This all-encompassing package is your key to securing a reliable and efficient backup power solution for your home or office, making sure you’re well-prepared for any unexpected power disruptions.

Reliance Controls 30 Amp 6-circuit Transfer Switch Kit Reviews

Reliance Controls 30 Amp 6-circuit Transfer Switch Kit

Suitable for 30 Amps

The Reliance Controls 30 Amp 6-circuit Transfer Switch Kit boasts a capacity of 30 Amps, designed to align perfectly with the continuous wattage output of your portable power generator. It’s important to note that, while this capacity should meet your needs under typical operating conditions, if the load current consistently exceeds 30 Amps, the circuit breaker might trip as a protective measure.

In everyday use, as long as your generator’s power output remains within the 30 Amp threshold, this transfer switch should perform admirably, ensuring a seamless and reliable power transfer when you need it most.

Purpose Of Buying This Kit

The primary purpose of investing in the Reliance Controls 30 Amp 6-circuit Transfer Switch Kit lies in its ability to seamlessly meld a building’s electrical infrastructure with the capabilities of a portable generator. When the lights go out, this kit steps into action, enabling the structure to tap into the generator’s full electrical potential. This is pivotal for ensuring the uninterrupted flow of power to vital circuits and essential appliances.

For homeowners and businesses, this translates into a reliable contingency plan during power outages. It not only provides convenience but also instills a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that when the primary power source falters, critical functions and appliances remain operational. Moreover, the kit’s efficient power management helps mitigate the risk of electrical mishaps, ensuring a safe and dependable backup power solution for a wide range of applications.

What come with this kit?

The Reliance Controls 30 Amp 6-circuit Transfer Switch Kit comprises several essential components to facilitate seamless power transfer during outages. Notably, it features a pre-wired loadside switch, equipped with wattmeters, which plays a central role in managing the power distribution.

Additionally, the kit includes an outdoor power cord inlet box, offering a secure point of connection for the generator’s power source. This feature ensures that the generator can be effectively linked to the building’s electrical system.

For the actual power transfer, the kit comes with a generator power cord, which bridges the gap between the generator and the transfer switch. This cord serves as a crucial link in the setup.

Lastly, the inclusion of an extra L14-20 cord end is a thoughtful addition for compatibility with smaller generators, offering flexibility and versatility in connecting various generator models to the transfer switch. Together, these components create a comprehensive package that simplifies the process of establishing a dependable backup power solution.

Easy to Install

The installation process for this system is incredibly user-friendly. First, position it adjacent to your main panel and guide the substantial conduit wire whip through a designated service hole.

To establish the necessary connections, attach the green ground wire to the panel frame, the white neutral wire to the bus bar, and introduce two wires for each circuit you intend to power. If you require more comprehensive instructions, the manual is at your disposal for a step-by-step guide.

A standout feature of this setup is the meticulous labeling of circuit wires, making the load center connection exceptionally swift and straightforward. In each circuit, you’ll find both red and black wires.

The red wire seamlessly links up with the existing circuit breaker in your primary load center. Meanwhile, the black wire easily connects through a wire nut to the specific load wire designated for that circuit. This attention to detail not only simplifies the installation but also ensures a smooth and efficient process, even for those with limited technical experience.

Protection from overload damages

 It is of utmost importance to protect both your generator and the appliances it powers from overload damage. Overloading happens when you demand more electricity from the generator than it can handle. This can be quite harmful.

 When a generator is overloaded, it has to work much harder than it’s designed to. This can lead to excessive strain on the engine, potentially causing long-term damage. Moreover, the connected appliances might not receive the power they need, resulting in malfunctions or damage to them as well.

 To address this issue, the Reliance Controls 30 Amp 6-circuit Transfer Switch Kit is a valuable solution. This kit acts as a vigilant supervisor for the electrical load on your generator.

 Besides that, this kit keeps an eye on the electrical load, ensuring it never surpasses the generator’s safe capacity. If it detects an impending overload, it can automatically switch off certain circuits to balance the load, protecting your generator and appliances from harm.

 By preventing overloads and maintaining the load within safe limits, this transfer switch kit ensures that your generator operates smoothly and efficiently.

 The primary benefit of using the Reliance Controls 30 Amp 6-circuit Transfer Switch Kit is that it significantly reduces the risk of expensive damage to your generator and appliances. It’s a proactive measure to safeguard your equipment, ultimately saving you from costly repairs or replacements.

Easy to use

 The system is intentionally created to be incredibly easy to use. It employs large, three-position toggles that resemble the switches you find on your wall for turning lights on and off. These switches are designed to be simple and straightforward for controlling your appliances.

 When everything is functioning as it should, and your regular utility power is running without any issues, these toggles are set in the ‘line’ position. This means that your appliances are being powered by the standard utility electricity.

 When a power outage happens, you don’t have to deal with any complex procedures. All you need to do is move these switches from the ‘line’ position to the ‘Gen’ position, which is short for ‘generator.’ This simple action instantly shifts the power source for your appliances from the utility grid to your generator.

 What adds even more confidence to this process is that the method of using these toggles is patented. This means it’s a unique and protected way of switching to generator power. This patent serves as a guarantee that the transition will be not only easy but also highly reliable.

 When you find yourself dealing with a power outage, you can switch to generator power effortlessly. It’s as simple as flipping a light switch, making sure your appliances continue to run smoothly even when the lights go out.

My verdict

After all, I told everything about the Reliance Controls 30 Amp 6-circuit Transfer Switch Kit. Now you have known the importance of this small tool and why it is important to buy. So if you want to safety for your home appliances and don’t want to face a darkness time then you must buy this and use it.


Q: How many circuits can I power with this transfer switch kit?

A: This kit allows you to power up to 6 circuits in your home.

Q: What types of circuits can be powered with this transfer switch?

 A: Typically, you can connect essential circuits like lights, refrigerators, furnaces, sump pumps, and well pumps.

Q: Is it easy to install the transfer switch kit myself, or do I need an electrician?

A:  Installation should be done by a licensed electrician to ensure safety and compliance with local electrical codes.

Q: What is the maximum amperage this transfer switch can handle?

A: This kit is rated for 30 amps, suitable for smaller to mid-sized generators.

Q: Can I use this transfer switch with any brand of generator?

 A: Yes, it can be used with most portable generators, but it’s important to check compatibility and consult the user manual.

Q: Is there a warranty for the Reliance Controls Transfer Switch Kit?

A: The warranty may vary, so it’s best to check the specific warranty information provided with the product.

Q: Can I extend the number of circuits powered with this kit?

 A: This kit is designed for up to 6 circuits, but you can install a larger transfer switch if you need to power more circuits.

Q: How does the transfer switch work in ensuring my safety during power outages?

A: The transfer switch isolates your home from the utility power grid, preventing back-feeding and ensuring safe power distribution from your generator.

Q: Can I use this transfer switch with a standby generator instead of a portable one?

  A: Typically, this transfer switch kit is designed for use with portable generators. Standby generators usually have their own transfer switch systems.

Q: Is it suitable for outdoor installation?

 A: Some transfer switches are suitable for outdoor use, but it depends on the specific model. Check the product specifications to confirm.

Q: Is this transfer switch kit compatible with solar or alternative energy sources?

 A: This kit is designed primarily for use with generators, and its compatibility with other energy sources would depend on the specific setup and requirements.

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