Anker SOLIX C1000 portable power station Review

Anker SOLIX C1000

In today’s digital age, having a reliable and portable power source is essential, especially when embarking on outdoor adventures or dealing with emergencies. The Anker SOLIX C1000 portable power station is designed to cater to these needs, providing users with a versatile and dependable power supply that can be used in various situations.

I recently picked up the Anker power station as my go-to power bank for outdoor adventures and occasional power outages. In this review, I’ll share my hands-on experience with this model after testing it on camping trips and during a power outage at home. From charging multiple devices to powering appliances, the SOLIX C1000 performed really well. I’ll break down its key specs and my thoughts on using different features in real-world scenarios. Hope this helps you decide if this power station is a reliable portable power solution for your needs too.

Upon unboxing the Anker SOLIX C1000 portable power station, the first thing that caught my attention was its robust construction, which is built to last. Despite its sturdiness, the power station remains compact, making it easy to carry around and store when not in use. Included in the box are the device itself, an AC charging cable, a car charging cable, a solar charging cable, and a warranty card. These accessories provide versatile charging options and the warranty card gives peace of mind, knowing that the manufacturer stands behind the quality of the product.

This user-friendly design simplifies the process of monitoring and controlling the power station, ensuring that users always know how much power is left and can adjust the settings accordingly. This ease of use is a significant advantage for the device, as it eliminates the need for complex manuals or instructions.

The SOLIX C1000 is an exceptional portable power station that impresses with its durable construction, compact size, flexible charging options, and accessible interface. It’s an ideal choice for camping trips, emergency situations, or any other situation where a reliable power source is needed. With its user-friendly design and manufacturer backing, the Anker C1000 is a reliable and convenient product that doesn’t disappoint.

Also, i tested its small brother Anker 521 portable power station with deep glance.

Anker SOLIX C1000

There are three significant options to charge this portable power station.

Wall outlet/AC charging

The Anker Solix C1000 power station can be recharged quickly, going from 0% to 100% in less than an hour when using AC wall outlet with up to 1300W of input power.

When the user first unboxes the power station, it is essentially empty and needs to be charged. They can connect its AC Charging Cable to the left side port, plug it into a standard 2-prong 100-120V wall outlet, and begin the charging process.

When plugged into an AC wall outlet and charging from a low charge, the SOLIX C1000 by Anker makes a fairly audible humming sound. This sound comes from its internal cooling system that keeps the power station from overheating while transferring a significant amount of current into it. The Anker website states that the SOLIX C1000 constantly monitors its internal temperature, checking it up to 100 times per second.

In my case, starting at a charge of 0%, the total time required to reach a 100% charge from an AC wall outlet was about 1 hour and 10 minutes. The user thought this was a very fast charging time for a portable battery power system like this one, and they suspect that this fast charging is due to the Anker SOLIX C1000’s HyperFlash charging feature.

Car/DC charging

The Anker SOLIX C1000 can also be charged using a car’s DC outlet. After using the power station and draining the battery down to 0%, the user plugged it into their car’s DC outlet using the Car Charging Cable.

A user said:

During my daily commute, which is about 40-45 minutes one way, one day this Anker power station was fully empty from charge, so I connected it with my car to charge it. However, It gained a 9% charge after the first 45 minutes of driving. After another 45 minutes of driving on the way home, for a total of about 90 minutes, the SOLIX C1000 had only charged a total of 16%.

I noticed that car/DC charging is significantly slower than charging the Anker SOLIX C1000 using AC wall charging in a home.

Solar charging

The Anker SOLIX C1000 can be charged using an external solar panel with up to 600W at 11-60V. However, this solar panel must be purchased separately from Anker.

Unfortunately, didn’t purchase this solar panel that’s why I don’t know how much time this power station will take via solar panel.

Anker SOLIX C1000

Using lithium ferro phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries was a big selling point for me – from what I understand, they’re safer and can hold a charge for longer than other types. So far it’s worked great! On a single charge, this baby has fueled everything from my phone and laptop to a mini fridge.

The specs say it packs over 1000 watt hours which is decent juice. Anker also makes a bigger expansion battery you can add for even more power, but that doubles the price so it’s not really worth it in my opinion. Some reviews I saw complained the Jackery 1000 Pro has a little more capacity, but I figured the Anker would serve my needs just fine.

Anker claims the battery of this unit can handle 3000 charge cycles before degrading to 80% capacity. Now I’m no electrician, but that sounds awesome to me – most batteries seem to kick the bucket way before that point. Just keeping it charged to 80% when not in use should maximize its lifetime. Batteries are one of the most frustratingly short-lived gadgets, so I appreciated that Anker put thoughtful design into this one.

All in all, I’ve been very satisfied with my purchase of the Anker Solix C1000. For lightweight portability and long battery life, it seems like a solid option. Only time will tell how it holds up over months and years of use, but so far so good!

Anker SOLIX C1000

Overall Rating: 4.5/5.00

With a similar design to other Anker power stations, the Anker Solix C1000 has undergone subtle refinements to further improve its performance and functionality. It is a bit bigger than a car battery or a small cooler, but it packs an impressive amount of power and features that make it stand out from the competition.

One of the most notable features of the Solix C1000 which I liked very much is its two massive handles, which make it easy to carry around despite its 28-pound weight. The power station’s charging capabilities have also been enhanced, allowing for faster charging of connected devices. Additionally, its built-in light is a neat touch that adds a practical aspect to the design, making it perfect for use in any situation.

This silent power generator’s housing is made of durable plastic, and the overall design is solid and familiar. The layout of the ports is well-designed, with clear labels and wattage output ratings that make it simple and easy to use.

The front of the Anker Solix C1000 is where all the magic happens. It features a large LCD screen that displays important information like the overall battery percentage, estimated battery life, input and output power usage, and icons for charging ports. The screen is bright, easy to read, and turns off after 30 seconds to preserve battery life.

Under the display, you will find two USB-C ports that cater to different charging needs. One has a 100W output for laptops and larger items, while the other offers a respectable 30W output. In addition, there are two USB-A ports with a 12W output.

Six full-size, three-pronged 120V AC outlets are also located on the front of the power station, allowing you to power typical household items, tools, and more. This is a significant improvement over previous Anker models, which had only a few three-pronged outlets.

The front also includes a 120W car socket, a three-stage LED lightbar, and buttons for turning on Bluetooth for connectivity controls. The LED lightbar is one of the power station’s unique features, acting as the perfect nightlight in a tent, garage, or during a power outage.

On the right side of the Solix C1000 power station, there is a port for attaching an additional 1,056Wh battery to double the power capacity. On the left side, an AC input is available for wall charging, a solar input plug, and a reset button for overvoltage situations.

Anker SOLIX C1000

The Anker Solix C1000 is equipped with various connectivity options, making it easy for users to control and monitor the power station from their smartphones. By utilizing the Anker app, users can connect the Solix C1000 to Wi-Fi and access basic functionality such as turning off or on ports, and checking the charge percentage. This advanced feature provides users with greater convenience and control over their power station.

For those who may be in remote locations without access to the internet, this model also offers Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring the same level of control and monitoring through the app. This versatile connectivity feature makes it an ideal power station for both urban and rural environments.

It is particularly ideal for those who enjoy off-grid activities such as car camping, caravanning, or RV touring. This device can significantly enhance future expeditions by providing a reliable power source for appliances and tools.

Additionally, it is perfect for individuals who work with mains-powered tools outdoors. Its portability and versatility make it an invaluable asset in various situations, including emergencies at home, where it can provide power to essential devices.

This power station is designed to run most appliances in an RV or caravan, making it an excellent ancillary power source for your van’s inverter. It can kick in at any time to help boost functions like heating, lighting, and cooling, while simultaneously charging all your handheld devices.

One of the most significant advantages of the Anker Solix C1000 is its compatibility with portable solar panels. By using it in conjunction with a solar panel, you can ensure a continuous power supply, eliminating the possibility of running out of juice.

After reading our review of each feature of the Anker SOLIX C1000, it appears that this power station is perfect for outdoor adventures and emergencies at home. It features fast charging capabilities, compatibility with solar recharging, and a long-lasting battery that sets it apart from other similar products. When paired with the Anker SOLIX PS400 Solar Panel, it becomes an eco-friendly power solution that caters to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and those who require a reliable backup power source.

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