Is Champion 11500 Watt Generator Best? In- Depth Reviews

Champion 11500 Watt Generator

Power outage is a common problem with us. We can’t make sure when it can happen and have to face it. However, the best thing is to prepare ourselves before we dive into darkness. After analysis some models in the market, we picked the Champion 11500 watt generator because many customers admired it after using it.

So here, we will check each feature of this machine in depth so that it can be cleared whether it is best or not. End the of the review I added some best alternatives for the sake of people’s budgets and thinking because we have different choices.

Overview of Champion 11500 watt generator

Immerse yourself in a world of uninterrupted power with the Champion 11500 watt generator, an engineering marvel showcasing a formidable 459cc Champion engine EFI concealed beneath its sleek exterior. This powerhouse is more than just a machine; it’s a symphony of precision engineering, meticulously designed to provide effortless energy for your household’s most critical components.

From the soothing hum of your refrigerator to the cozy warmth of your hot water heater, and even the dependable flow of your well pump and the gourmet creations in your oven, this generator stands as the paragon of reliability.

A sudden blackout plunges your surroundings into darkness, or the capricious forces of nature hurl an emergency your way. Fear not, for this generator rises to the occasion as your unwavering guardian, delivering the essential lifeblood of electricity to ensure your world continues to turn seamlessly.

And remember, its utility transcends the boundaries of your home. On your work sites, it transforms into a steadfast ally, unleashing unparalleled efficiency to power your tools, amplifying your productivity to new heights.

But the Champion 11500 watt generator is not content with its role as a workhorse alone. It effortlessly embraces a versatile identity as the quintessential backup power source for a myriad of adventures.

To alleviate any doubts and streamline your decision-making process, we have subjected this extraordinary generator to a rigorous scrutiny of its most pivotal features.

Our commitment to this exhaustive evaluation means you can bypass the arduous task of researching and rest easy, knowing you are making an investment in a realm of premium power that will steadfastly stand by your side, never wavering, and never letting you down.

Design and Sturdiness

Champion 7500 Watt Generator

Durability, design, and reliability are key attributes that define the Champion 11500 watt generator, making it a commendable choice for those seeking a dependable source of power. The generator’s compact design is a notable feature, ensuring that it remains space-efficient while delivering substantial power output.

When it comes to durability, the Champion generator doesn’t disappoint. It boasts a range of robust components that contribute to its longevity. These include a durable wheel kit, a U-shaped folding handle for ease of transportation, never-flat tires that can handle various terrains, and a heavy-duty frame that bolsters the generator’s overall sturdiness. These features collectively ensure that the generator can endure the rigors of frequent use and withstand the test of time.

One of the standout characteristics that underline the reliability of the Champion 11500 watt generator is its cold start technology. This innovative feature guarantees that the generator will initiate effortlessly even in frigid conditions, making it a dependable choice for those living in regions with harsh winters or facing sudden power outages during inclement weather.

Moreover, the inclusion of an Intelligauge on this gas powered generator sets it apart. This user-friendly feature allows users to monitor crucial metrics such as voltage, run-time hours, and frequency. This information not only helps users make informed decisions regarding their power needs but also facilitates timely maintenance scheduling, thereby prolonging the engine’s life and ensuring continued reliability.

Safety is a paramount concern, and the Champion 11500 watt generator addresses this with a low-oil shutoff sensor. This vital safety feature automatically shuts down the engine when fuel levels drop to a critical point, safeguarding the engine from potential damage and extending its operational life.

For those planning to store the generator, it’s essential to ensure that there is no engine oil residue in the carburetor. This proactive maintenance step prevents any potential damage to the carburetor during storage, further contributing to the generator’s overall durability.

Champion Power Equipment stands by the quality of their product, offering a generous 3-year limited warranty and lifetime technical support. This warranty provides peace of mind, assuring users of continued assistance and support should they encounter any issues with their generator.

In terms of dimensions, the Champion 11500 watt generator measures 27.7 inches in length, 26.8 inches in width, and 26.6 inches in height, making it a compact and manageable unit that can fit comfortably in various storage spaces while not sacrificing its performance or durability.

Power Output and Fuel Capacity

Champion 7500 Watt Generator

In the world of generators, understanding power output and fuel capacity is crucial. Before choosing a generator, you must determine the exact amount of power you need to avoid getting one that’s too powerful or not powerful enough.

Regarding fuel capacity, having a larger fuel tank means you’ll have more uninterrupted power from one tank, reducing the need for frequent refueling. However, keep in mind that a bigger tank adds weight to the generator, limiting its mobility. Also, don’t confuse fuel capacity with fuel efficiency; a large tank doesn’t necessarily mean the generator is fuel-efficient.

Specifically, the Champion 11500 watt generator is noteworthy. It can deliver a surge power output of 11500 watts when using gasoline, stabilizing at 9200 watts during continuous operation.

In terms of fuel capacity, it has a 7.7-gallon tank, providing 11.5 hours of operation at 50% load with gasoline.

This generator can power various household appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, pumps, and coffee pots but may not support central air conditioners or heaters.

Power Efficiency and Fuel Type

Champion 7500 Watt Generator

Power efficiency and the choice of fuel source are pivotal factors when considering a generator’s performance and suitability for various applications. In essence, power efficiency signifies the duration a generator can operate on a specific quantity of fuel while delivering a consistent power output.

Enhancing power efficiency holds paramount importance as it directly correlates with the generator’s endurance and overall lifespan. Optimal power efficiency not only guarantees an extended backup capability but also contributes to the generator’s long-term reliability. The Champion 11500 watt generator, for instance, maintains a commendable level of power efficiency, ensuring sustained and efficient operation.

Furthermore, the versatility of fuel options offered by a generator can be a game-changer in circumstances where access to a particular fuel source is limited or unavailable.

Dual fuel generators, such as this one, provide the flexibility of running on either gasoline or propane. This flexibility is particularly advantageous when one of the fuel types becomes inaccessible, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Champion Power Equipment’s innovative patented fuel selector switch simplifies the transition between fuel sources. It is designed with safety and ease of use in mind, making the switch between gasoline and propane seamless and secure.

This feature eliminates the need for inconvenient trips to the gas station, saving you time and effort, especially when you prefer the convenience of using propane from the comfort of your home. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate the convenience, especially when faced with the prospect of a tiring trip for refueling?

Convenience and Safety Features

Ensuring the utmost convenience and safety is paramount when dealing with a powerhouse of this caliber. Protection against harmful gas emissions takes precedence in our considerations.

Amidst the operation of portable generators, the production of hazardous gases is inevitable. Carbon monoxide, aptly dubbed the “Silent Killer,” stands out among these potentially deadly emissions.

To safeguard users, numerous cutting-edge features and technologies have been diligently incorporated by generator manufacturers. In this regard, it is worth noting that this generator has earned the esteemed certifications of both the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resource Board).

The significance of these certifications lies in their assurance that the generator’s emission levels adhere stringently to established safety guidelines. The generator’s commitment to safety is further underscored by the presence of GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) outlets. These outlets are ingeniously designed to shield users from any electrical incidents that may arise from faulty ground terminals.

Champion 11500 Watt Generator

In terms of functionality, the control panel boasts an impressive array of outlets to cater to a wide spectrum of needs. It comprises four AC outlets, including two 120V 20A GFCI Duplex (5-20R) Outlets, a 120V 30A Locking (L5-30R) outlet, a 120V/240V 30A locking (L14-30R) outlet, and a 120/240V 50A outlet. This comprehensive selection ensures compatibility with a variety of devices and appliances.

One standout feature contributing to the generator’s ease of use is the push-button electric start. This user-friendly functionality simplifies the starting process, rendering it virtually hassle-free. Moreover, for contingencies such as a dead battery or a malfunctioning push button, a recoil start serves as a reliable backup option, offering peace of mind to users.

To fortify the safety aspect further, the generator comes equipped with Volt Guard, an integrated surge protector courtesy of Champion Power Equipment. This invaluable addition provides a crucial layer of protection against overloads, bolstering the generator’s safety credentials.

However, it’s important to note that convenience extends beyond safety features. While the generator’s performance is undeniably robust, its physical weight of 219 pounds without oil can pose a considerable challenge in terms of relocation.

Though it does incorporate a wheel kit with two front wheels, the prospect of moving it remains a less-than-enticing endeavor. Nevertheless, this minor inconvenience pales in comparison to the peace of mind and exceptional functionality that this generator offers.

Quiet Operation

In the world of generators, being quiet is a sign of progress in technology. Nowadays, loud generators disrupt our peace and tranquility. Noisy generators can bother you and your neighbors, causing frustration

It’s a well-known fact that loud generators aren’t friendly to neighbors. Their noise is like an unwelcome guest at a peaceful gathering, leading to constant complaints and neighborhood tensions.

On the other hand, the Champion generator we’re discussing today is exceptionally quiet. It only makes 74 decibels of noise when you’re 23 feet away from it, which is quieter than a vacuum cleaner. Unlike some other generators, its noise level doesn’t increase over time, showing its excellent engineering.

For those who value peace and quiet, we also have other options with even lower noise levels. These choices cater to those who appreciate tranquility. In the world of generators, let’s welcome a quieter future, leaving the disruptive noise of the past behind.


The price of a machine is a critical factor when deciding if it’s worth buying. It helps us determine if the machine provides real value. Take the Champion 11500 watt Generator, for example. When you carefully look at what it can do compared to what it costs, you’ll see it’s a great deal.

The Champion 11500 portable generator is priced very competitively, making it stand out in the market. When you buy this generator, you’re not just getting the machine itself, but also a complete package with important extras. This package includes an oil funnel, engine oil, an extension cord, a handy wheel kit, and the necessary battery. These additions show that Champion cares about making things easy for you and ensuring you have everything you need to use the generator effectively.

What makes the Champion 11500 watt gas generator a fantastic value is that it offers a lot of features and high-performance abilities, all for a price that’s comfortably below one thousand dollars. This pricing approach changes how we think about value because it lets people get a generator that not only meets their power needs but also goes above and beyond in terms of convenience and performance.

Consumers Reports

I visited some websites to understand consumer reviews about Champion 11500 watt generator. Below you will get the summary of what users said about this machine.

The Ultimate 100485 11500-Watt Portable Generator stands as a highly acclaimed choice among consumers, earning top marks and genuine adoration for its myriad features.

The resonating sentiment among buyers is one of profound satisfaction, underpinned by a deep appreciation for the generator’s exceptional performance and unwavering reliability. This product has proven itself as a steadfast companion during times of adversity, steadfastly providing essential power amidst the chaos caused by formidable winter storms and the devastating fury of hurricanes.

Among the glowing praises lavished upon this generator, a few discerning reviewers have ventured to point out a couple of minor considerations. Under the strain of heavy loads, the generator exhibits a propensity to emit a slightly elevated noise level, a characteristic that some may find noteworthy.

Additionally, there have been isolated reports of motor-related issues upon initial purchase. However, it is essential to emphasize that these concerns are mitigated by the manufacturer’s generous provision of a 3-year warranty, assuring consumers of prompt resolution should such issues arise.

In rare instances, the gasoline generator has suffered damages attributed to the rigors of packing and shipping, a challenge largely beyond the control of the product itself. Nevertheless, in the broader context, the Ultimate 100485 11500-Watt Portable Generator enjoys a remarkable surge in popularity and consumer favor.

A standout feature that consistently garners praise from its users is the EFI capability, a versatile attribute that greatly enhances its appeal and utility.

Champion 11500 Generator’s Alternatives

I picked some best alternatives to Champion 11500 watt generator since you might not like it. People have different choices and think, maybe you’ll like any alternative.

General GP8000E Portable Generator

Champion 7500 Watt Generator

The Generac GP8000E, a gas-powered generator, boasts an impressive array of features designed to provide not only power but also safety and convenience. One standout feature that sets it apart is its exclusive CO sense technology. This cutting-edge innovation serves as a vigilant sentinel, instantly detecting and halting the presence of deadly Carbon Monoxide gas, ensuring the safety of those nearby.

In terms of power generation, the Generac GP8000E harnesses the might of advanced PowerRush™ technology to deliver a formidable 10,000 watts of surge power. During continuous operation, it sustains an impressive 8,000 rated watts. This surplus power proves invaluable when tasked with running motor-driven power tools, making it a reliable companion for various demanding applications.

Moreover, this generator is not only potent but also highly efficient. With its robust steel tank boasting a substantial 7.9-gallon fuel capacity and a built-in fuel gauge, it offers extended run times. Its commendable fuel efficiency ensures that it can operate continuously for approximately 11 hours at a 50% load on just a single tank of gasoline. This efficiency translates to peace of mind for users, knowing that their power source remains dependable during extended periods of need.

Adding to its appeal is the inclusion of Generac’s HomeLink™, a manual transfer switch that seamlessly integrates with ease and affordability. This feature empowers users to effortlessly manage power distribution, enhancing the generator’s versatility and adaptability to various scenarios.

For added convenience, the Generac GP8000E is equipped with an electric start switch, ensuring effortless ignition at the touch of a button. Should unforeseen circumstances arise, it also offers an emergency recoil start as a reliable backup, guaranteeing continued functionality when needed most.

Westinghouse Wgen7500 Portable Generator

Champion 7500 Watt Generator

The gas-powered portable generator in question boasts impressive capabilities, delivering 9500 peak watts and a consistent 7500 rated watts of power. Such robust performance ensures reliable electricity generation during times of need.

One standout feature of this backup power generator is its substantial fuel tank, boasting a capacity of 6.6 gallons. This sizable reservoir, coupled with the convenience of a built-in fuel gauge, assures users of ample runtime. In fact, this generator can operate continuously for up to 11 hours on a single tank of gasoline when running at a 50% load. This extended runtime offers peace of mind during prolonged power outages or when used in remote locations.

Westinghouse, a trusted name in outdoor power equipment, goes a step further by providing a dual-fuel portable generator option. The Westinghouse WGen7500DF Generator is designed to run on both gasoline and propane, granting users flexibility in choosing their preferred fuel source. This dual-fuel capability enhances convenience and adaptability, especially when propane may be readily available or preferred for its longer shelf life.

Another noteworthy aspect of the Westinghouse WGen7500 generator is its noise level. Operating at 72 decibels (DB), it emits a relatively low volume of sound. This quieter operation distinguishes it favorably from some of its counterparts, such as the Champion 11500-watt generator, offering a more peaceful environment during use.

Ease of use is a hallmark of this generator, as it comes equipped with both an electric start and a wireless remote start FOB (Frequency Operated Button). This FOB allows for effortless and convenient operation, enabling users to start and stop the generator remotely, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Such user-friendly features make the Westinghouse WGen7500 generator an appealing choice for those seeking both power and convenience in a portable generator.

To Sum Up

After reviewing each feature of this machine it is elaborated that the Champion 11500 is a reliable and versatile model. It is able to power entire home, RVs, and outdoor adventures.

The best thing about it is price, a classic and strong machine can be buy at affordable price. I recommend it to everyone who need a powerful generator in less price.

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