DuroMax vs DuroStar Generators

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the battle of the generators – DuroMax vs. DuroStar! When it comes to reliable power sources during outages or outdoor adventures, these two brands have carved a niche for themselves. In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the world of portable generators, comparing the strengths, weaknesses, and key features of DuroMax and DuroStar models. Whether you’re a seasoned generator enthusiast or a newcomer exploring your options, join us as we unravel the intricacies of these powerhouses and help you make an informed choice. Let’s power up and get started!

About Duromax Generators: DuroMax vs DuroStar Generators

DuroMax’s position as an industry leader in Dual Fuel portable generator technology stems from its commitment to quality and innovation. Founded in 2003, DuroMax Power Equipment has consistently prioritized excellence in its products. This commitment is reflected in its diverse product lineup, which includes digital inverters and generators capable of powering entire homes.

DuroMax’s reputation for reliability and trustworthiness has played a pivotal role in its ascent to the top of the industry. The company has maintained this reputation by adhering to stringent quality standards, ensuring that its generators are dependable and efficient.

It’s worth noting that DuroMax’s operations are centered in Ontario, California, where engineering and servicing take place. This allows the company to maintain close oversight of its products’ design and performance. However, DuroMax generators are manufactured in China, likely due

Key Features of DuroMax Generators:

1. All-Metal Construction: DuroMax generators are characterized by their robust all-metal frames and copper windings. This construction not only ensures durability but also delivers higher power output, making them reliable workhorses in various scenarios.

2. CO Safety: Safety is a top priority for DuroMax, as evidenced by the inclusion of a carbon monoxide (CO) alert sensor in their generators. This feature provides peace of mind by enabling users to safely operate their generators even in confined spaces.

3. Wide Applications: DuroMax generators strike a balance between convenience and performance. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, from serving as backup power sources during outages to powering construction equipment on job sites and facilitating recreational activities like camping trips.

4. Inverter Technology: DuroMax embraces the latest technological trends with inverter-equipped generators. These inverters ensure the delivery of clean and stable power, making them suitable for various applications, whether you’re relaxing outdoors or working on home improvement projects.

5. Tri-Fuel Technology: DuroMax’s commitment to fuel flexibility is evident in their tri-fuel generators, capable of running on propane, gasoline, and natural gas. This versatility ensures convenience and adaptability in fuel choices.

Pros of DuroMax Generators:

Versatile and Dependable Performance: DuroMax generators are known for their versatility and reliability, making them suitable for a wide range of tasks.

-Wide Range of Applications: These generators are adaptable and find use in diverse settings, from emergency backup power to construction sites and recreational outings.

CO Safety Features: The inclusion of CO safety sensors underscores DuroMax’s commitment to user safety.

Inverter Technology for Clean Power: Inverter-equipped generators offer clean and stable power output, ideal for sensitive electronic devices.

Tri-Fuel Technology: The ability to run on multiple fuel types provides users with flexibility and convenience.

Cons of DuroMax Generators:

Higher Price Range: DuroMax generators tend to be positioned at the higher end of the price spectrum, reflecting their quality and features.

Portability: While versatile, some models may not be as portable as others, which could be a consideration for users with specific mobility requirements.

About Durostar: DuroMax vs DuroStar Generators

Durostar is a brand owned by DuroPower™, which is known for producing a range of generators. Durostar generators are specifically designed to offer cost-effective electrical power solutions. Unlike Duromax generators, which share similarities and models, Durostar doesn’t include hybrid or inverter generator options in its product line.

Here are some key features and characteristics of Durostar generators:

1. Affordability: Durostar generators are recognized for their affordability. They provide a budget-friendly option for those in need of reliable power sources.

2. Power Range:  Durostar generators are available in various power output capacities, ranging from 1,050 watts to 10,000 watts. This diverse range allows customers to choose a generator that suits their specific power requirements, whether for home backup, outdoor activities, or job sites.

3. Durability: Durostar places a strong emphasis on the ruggedness and durability of their generators. These machines are built to withstand tough conditions, making them suitable for outdoor use and demanding environments.

4. Portability: Many Durostar generators are designed to be portable. They often feature wheels and handles, making them easier to move from one location to another, which is especially useful for outdoor events or construction sites.

5. Variety: While Durostar doesn’t offer hybrid or inverter models, they do provide a variety of conventional generators to meet different needs. Customers can choose between models with different power outputs, fuel types (gasoline or propane), and additional features.

Key features

DuroStar generators are known for their wide range of applications and key features that enhance their performance and durability. Here’s a deep dive into the information provided:

1. Wide Applications: DuroStar generators are versatile, catering to various needs, including home backup power, jobsite supplies, and recreational activities. This adaptability makes them a reliable choice for different scenarios, ensuring you have power when you need it.

2. Dual-Fuel Flexibility: DuroStar offers models that allow users to choose between gasoline and propane as fuel sources. This dual-fuel capability adds flexibility and convenience, as users can select the fuel option that suits their availability or preference, making these generators adaptable to different situations.

3. CO Alert System: Safety is a priority, and some DuroStar generator versions come equipped with a CO (Carbon Monoxide) alert system. This feature ensures peace of mind by automatically shutting off the generator if carbon monoxide levels reach dangerous levels, mitigating the risk of exposure to this harmful gas.

4. 100% Copper Windings: The exclusive use of 100% copper windings in the generator’s motor component is a notable feature. Copper windings enhance durability and electrical conductivity, allowing the generator to perform consistently over an extended period. This contributes to a longer lifespan and better overall performance.

5. Durable Metal Build: DuroStar generators are designed with durability in mind, featuring an all-metal construction. This design choice not only ensures longevity but also represents a thoughtful, long-term investment. The robust metal build can withstand harsh conditions and provide reliable power for years to come.

6. 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty: DuroStar offers a 3-year warranty with their generators. This warranty period provides added peace of mind to customers, assuring them of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s quality and durability.


Reliability and Durability: DuroStar generators are known for their robust construction and reliable performance, making them suitable for various applications.

Versatile Use: These generators can be used for a wide range of purposes, from emergency backup power to outdoor activities.

Warranty: The inclusion of a 3-year warranty demonstrates the manufacturer’s commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction.


Noise: The open frame design of some DuroStar generators can lead to higher noise levels. This might be a consideration, especially if you require quieter operation.

Weight: Certain models can be heavy and challenging to move around, which could be a drawback if portability is a priority.

Which one should buy?

DuroMax and DuroStar are well-established brands in the generator market, known for providing reliable power solutions for various needs. When choosing between these two brands, several key factors come into play:

1. Performance and Power Output: Both DuroMax and DuroStar offer a wide range of generator models, catering to different power requirements. They manufacture generators suitable for camping, RVs, job sites, and home backup power. The specific power output varies by model, so it’s essential to assess your electricity needs accurately.

2. Fuel Options: Both brands offer generators that run on gasoline, which is widely available. Additionally, some models are dual-fuel, capable of running on both gasoline and propane. This flexibility can be advantageous, depending on your fuel availability and preferences.

3. Build Quality: DuroMax and DuroStar are known for constructing their generators with durable materials, ensuring longevity and performance even in harsh conditions. These generators are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and provide reliable power during emergencies.

4. Noise Levels: Some models from both brands incorporate advanced noise reduction technology to minimize operational noise. If noise pollution is a concern, consider models labeled as “quiet” or “low noise” for more peaceful operation.

5. Portability: Both DuroMax and DuroStar offer portable generator options equipped with wheels and handles, facilitating easy transportation. If you plan to move your generator frequently, take into account the weight and dimensions when making your choice.

6. Runtime and Fuel Efficiency: To ensure uninterrupted power during extended outages, look for generators with good fuel efficiency and longer runtimes. Many models include eco-throttle features that optimize fuel consumption, saving you money in the long run.

7. Pricing: The price of generators varies based on factors such as power output and features. It’s crucial to establish a budget and find a generator that fits within it while still meeting your power needs.

8. **Warranty and Customer Support**: Evaluate the warranty and customer support offered by both brands. A robust warranty can provide peace of mind, and responsive customer support can be invaluable if you encounter any issues or need assistance.

9. User Reviews and Recommendations: Conduct research by reading user reviews and seeking recommendations from individuals who have firsthand experience with specific DuroMax and DuroStar generator models.

10. Local Availability and Support: Consider the availability of service centers and local dealers for both brands in your area. Having convenient access to maintenance and replacement parts can simplify the ownership experience.

Ultimately, the choice between DuroMax and DuroStar depends on your unique requirements, budget, and personal preferences. Both brands offer high-quality generators designed to meet various power demands, so carefully assess the available models and how they align with your specific needs to make the best decision.

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