Is FIRMAN H08051 Generator Best? What Real Users Say?


When researching portable generators, I wanted to know what actual owners thought of the FIRMAN H08051 after using it in real-life situations. In online forums, many homeowners posted their long-term reviews.

Two things stood out – how reliable it was during storms and power losses, and how easy the dual fuel feature made it to use. Now, I’ll share some of the main takeaways real users shared about their time running this generator. Whether you need backup power occasionally or often, get an inside look at what homeowners reported on its performance straight from their experiences.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

I needed something I could count on during storms and outages. Living way out here, losing power isn’t unusual when big weather hits. But with a houseful of kids and pets, no electricity means more than dark nights – it means food might spoil, heat and WiFi disappear. 

A friend recommended the FIRMAN H08051 generator. They said it was quiet, fuel-flexible, and very dependable. Those dual-fuel engines can switch between gasoline and propane, so you’ve always got a backup plan.

Setting it up was a breeze. I attached the transfer switch so it connects to my home’s main lines. Now with the flip of a switch, it’s like nothing ever went wrong! The generator runs smoothly and kids can do schoolwork without issues.

Being able to fuel it with either gas or propane is so handy. I always keep extra bottles of each on hand. That way no matter what’s going on, I don’t have to stress about running out of fuel. It just keeps powering through tornado warnings and ice storms like a champ.

The price was reasonable too, considering it’ll protect everything in my fridge and freezer from spoiling if the power goes out for days. Peace of mind like that is totally worth it, especially with little ones to look after. If you live anywhere prone to storms or outages, a FIRMAN generator is a smart investment.

Powerful Engine

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Overall Rating: 9.5/10

After a lot of research, everyone said the Firman generators were the way to go. I’ll admit, I was skeptical when I saw how compact it was. How could something so small put out the power we needed?

This thing is an absolute workhorse, even in the toughest conditions. The FIRMAN H08051 has a monster 439cc engine under the hood that just doesn’t quit. Best of all, it runs on either gas or propane, so I’m never left scrambling if the worst happens.

I was shocked when I popped the cover and saw all the heavy-duty components. That cast iron sleeve stood out – no wonder it keeps chugging along year after year. Everything is built to last.

Even better, it has an automatic low oil shutdown to protect the engine. No more worrying about maintenance gaps causing problems. This baby watches out for itself. After a nasty ice storm left us high and dry for days, it proved its worth running nonstop.

I can’t say enough good things. Between its reliable power and dual fuel flexibility, it gives me real peace of mind knowing the kids, pets, and freezer are taken care of no matter what. If you want rugged protection you can count on, the Firman is the standard I measure all others by.

Design and portability

Overall Rating: 9.8/10

As someone who works in various environments like job sites, farms, and remote locations, I’m always on the lookout for reliable equipment that can handle whatever gets thrown at it. When it comes to generators, portability and durability are must-haves.

That’s why the Firman H08051 dual-fuel generator has become my go-to solution. What initially attracted me was its compact yet rugged design. The heavy-duty steel roll cage frame weighs next to nothing, but it’s built to take a beating without missing a step. Made of 1.2-inch tubing, you can tell this thing means business.

But where it shines is out in the field. Whether I need backup power at a construction site or emergency electricity on the ranch, its incredible portability makes it a breeze. The compact size allows me to toss it easily into any vehicle. Within minutes it can be up and running at any location.

This has proven incredibly valuable during emergencies like storms or equipment failures. Instead of scrambling to find a solution, I know the Firman can get to where power is critical fast.

After years of testing it in all conditions, I’ve yet to find an environment this FIRMAN H08051 generator can’t handle. The combination of rugged durability and lightweight portability makes it the ultimate workhorse for professional use. When uptime is money, it pays to invest in quality gear like this.

Control Panel


Overall Rating: 9.8/10

This portable generator from FIRMAN packs some serious versatility. Right up front, the control panel displays crucial runtime, voltage, and frequency data through its 3-in-1 monitoring system. No need for guesswork – just take a quick glance to check the generator status.

The 5-20R is your basic duplex outlet – that’s two plug points in one. Rated for 120V at 20A, it’s perfect for lamps, small appliances, and other everyday essentials around the home.

Stepping up, the L5-30R is a single twist-lock outlet that pumps out 120V at a hearty 30A. The twist-lock feature adds an extra layer of safety, while 30A means you can power more substantial items like a good pump or furnace with this connection.

The L14-30R is similar, but even mightier – it enables both 120V AND 240V power at 30A. So you’ve got optimal versatility, whether something needs regular household current or the extra voltage kick that big AC units demand.

Finally, the 14-50R lets you pull a powerful 50A via 240V – ideal for running major appliances or power tools without tripping circuits. It’s really impressive what kind of muscle this fuel efficient generator packs through its diverse outlet portfolio!

Beyond performance, I appreciate the inclusion of personalized outlet covers. They serve a practical purpose by shielding plugs from debris that could cause malfunctions or hazards over time. The durable material protects without impeding use.

Jimmy C from Auburn told about its power:

Jimmy gave the generator’s metal housing an affectionate pat. For 3 years now, it had been a steadfast ally, there whenever needed without fail.

He appreciated the thoughtful packaging and easy assembly. Even the oil and funnel made setup a breeze, so one pull had it rumbling to life. Running smooth as the day it arrived on propane, ready when called upon.

As a farmer, having that 50-amp outlet was no luxury – it was a necessity. Without it, his entire operation would grind to a halt. But this machine delivered the power he required without excuses or limitations.

Jimmy liked that well-worn control panel too. Keeping tabs on hours and voltage gave him assurance his equipment received consistent, reliable current daily or in disaster.

He’d do it all again in a heartbeat based on performance and the deliveryman’s report. This propane generator was built to work as hard as he did – tough, durable, always answering the call. For that rock-solid reliability, it had more than earned Jimmy’s loyalty and highest recommendation.

Earnie from San Antonio, TX told about its noise level:

Earnie surveyed the compact generator with a thoughtful eye. Space came at a premium in his motorhome, so the tidy dimensions were much appreciated.

As a wanderer traveling the open road, he needed a power source he could depend on, yet not take up the entire closet. This unit was delivered with room to spare.

Its throaty rumble was louder than the dead-silent models Earnie used to own. In still campsites at midnight, the noise echoed somewhat. But overall it wasn’t too bothersome, and a small sacrifice for reliable voltage.

What truly won him over was how this pint-sized powerhouse packed performance beyond its humble stature. Come sundown he could fire up his coffee maker, lamps, and small TV with ease, just like at home.

Earnie smiled, patting the gas powered generator affectionately before snapping the storage compartment shut once more. For the low profile and high output, this little helper had certainly earned its keep on his nomadic journey. And that made it the perfect companion indeed.

Brepre from McLeansville NC told about emergency usage:

 I’m still pretty relieved about getting that generator a few weeks back. Living down here in McLeansville, you always worry about winter storms knocking the power out. That’s mainly what I was preparing for when I made the purchase.

Little did I know ol’ Florence was gonna be bearing down on us so soon after. When the weather reports started saying hurricane, I’ll admit I got a little nervous thinking about being without power for God knows how long.

But sure enough, the lights went off last Thursday and didn’t come back on until late Saturday night. Almost 27 whole hours in the dark! Having that generator came in handy. It kept the fridge and freezer running smoothly so we didn’t lose all our groceries.

Everything stayed cold and we could even boil some water on the gas stove when we needed to. The kids even got to charge their phones a little each night so they didn’t lose their minds from boredom.

Now that the storm has passed, I’m feeling good about laying out the cash for this thing. Yeah, it set me back a pretty penny, but it was totally worth it for the peace of mind.

After putting the FIRMAN H08051 through its paces over the past few months, I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed. It’s handled everything I’ve thrown at it so far – from weekend DIY projects around the house to providing backup power during the last round of storms.

The dual fuel capability has been awesome for flexibility, letting me easily switch between gas and propane depending on what’s most convenient. Starting and running has always been super smooth with no weird quirks or issues.

Honestly, it’s lived up to the reliable reputation I kept hearing about from other users. Also, you mentioned some user’s experience with this model.

For the price point, I feel like I’m getting great value too. Sure, there may be more heavy-duty commercial options out there. But for my needs as a homeowner with occasional backup requirements, this FIRMAN portable power generator delivers quality performance without breaking the bank.

I’m glad I took a chance on a brand I hadn’t used before based on real reviews. If you’re in the market for a portable dual-fuel generator that just works, I’d definitely recommend checking out the FIRMAN H08051.

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