Is Westinghouse WGen20000 Better than a Standby Generator?

Westinghouse WGen20000 generator

When the lights go out, it can feel like the world has gone dark with them. As the electronics shut down and the appliances fall still, an unsettling silence falls over the home. We’ve all been there – clutching our phones, hoping the battery lasts long enough to learn how long we’re in for.

That’s why backup generators have become so important for many families and businesses who can’t afford an extended power outage. When conditions strike that take the power with them, it’s reassuring to know you have an option to flip the switch and restore some normalcy.

The Westinghouse WGen20000 is one generator that promises to keep you powered up when storms rage. But with different models available, is this one truly the best fit? By taking a closer look at its specs from a human perspective, you can decide if its features will truly fill your needs should disaster darken your door.

Key considerations like fuel capacity, power outputs, and overall reliability can help determine if the WGen20000 gas powered generator has what it takes to give your home or organization the backup energy it requires.

Starting Watts28,000
Running Watts20,000
Peak Amps116.7A – 240V
233.3A – 120V
Running Amps83.3A – 240V
166.7A – 120V
Outlets2: Duplex 120V 5-20R
1: 120V L5-30
2: 120/240V L14-30R
2: 120/240V 14-50R
Fuel TypeGasoline
Engine Type999cc twin-cylinde OHV Engine
Fuel Capacity17.2 gal (65 L)
Running Time12 hours at 25% load
Noise Level74 dba at 25% load
Weight540 lb. (245 kg)
Dimensions38L x 35W x 40.4H in
Starting MethodRemote, Electric

First of all, this machine packs a serious punch with its 20,000-watt capacity. However, raw power is only half the story – proper load management is key to maximizing performance and lifespan.

When it comes to kickbacks, you aren’t kidding! I’ve seen smaller engines do some damage, so a 1000cc unit could easily overwhelm an unwary user. Safe operation demands respecting its capabilities.

As for the weight, 650lbs is no joke. While mobility may be limited, the bulk also deters would-be thieves. And for stationary home backup, the heft is welcomed – that’ll take a serious effort to walk away with it!

Some have complained about the readability of the dipstick. Through extensive testing, I’ve found the best approach is supplementing with a high-lumen work light. With patience and good lighting, the levels can be discerned accurately.

As for the ignition keys, that rigid plastic sleeve does more harm than good. After replacing a set myself with properly coded blanks, the engagement is buttery smooth—a small but worthwhile modification.

Most importantly, folks need to understand generator sizing. Just because your draw is 10kw, running constantly at max isn’t sustainable. By keeping the load under 70%, you’ll get decades of dependable operation rather than a few short years.

High Capacity with Strong Engine

Overall Rating: 10/10

At first glance, the 20,000 running-watt capacity immediately stands out. This suggests commercial-grade power suitable for heavy industrial job sites, large RVs/trailers, and other demanding residential backup needs. The 28,000 peak-watt rating provides that extra surge headroom, too, for motorized tools.

Driving this beast is a 999cc twin-cylinder OHV engine. The V-twin configuration delivers smooth, vibration-free operation even at full load. This Westinghouse unit will run day and night without issue. The engine is also EPA and CARB-compliant, assuring peace of mind around emissions.

Solidly constructed with a welded steel frame, the Westinghouse WGen20000 rv portable generator can withstand the rigors of challenging work environments. Maintenance points are also easily accessible, while foldable handles and 13″ pneumatic tires facilitate transport. An automatic voltage regulator monitors output to supply consistent 120V power.

Fuel Efficiency and Run Time

Overall Rating: 10/10

Its 999cc twin-cylinder engine is a robust, fuel-efficient workhorse. V-twin designs maximize torque output while minimizing vibrations for smooth, comfortable operation over extended periods.

But perhaps most impressive is the massive 17.2-gallon gas tank providing up to 11 hours of run time at varying loads – a true showcase of ultra-duty stamina. That’s enough juice to power a construction site for an entire shift without refueling!

I also appreciate the inclusion of a built-in fuel gauge. Proper fuel level monitoring is essential to avoid unnecessary disruptions for re-fills on critical jobs. This lets operators conveniently check tank levels from a distance as needed.

It’s the small functional touches that really differentiate premium industrial-grade tools. Extra runtime means lesser downtime and refueling hassles over the lifespan of demanding applications. Less wasted time translates directly to greater productivity and profitability for contractors.

When power requirements demand 24/7 uptime measured in days rather than hours, durability is king. This Westinghouse model excels through meticulous engineering of components like its robust twin-cylinder engine and enormous fuel capacity.

Reliability tends to yield the best returns on investment over the long haul. I’m confident this generator has the muscle and endurance to power even the most rugged endeavors for years to come.

Inverter Technology

Overall Rating: 10/10

Many portable power generators produce rough “modified sine wave” output that can damage delicate electronics over time. However, this unit thoughtfully incorporates a true sine wave inverter to generate power almost identical to a home AC current.

This Westinghouse WGen20000 pure sine wave generator ensures safe, reliable charging of devices directly from the control panel without any risk of malfunction or decreased lifespan. There is no need for fancy surge protectors or additional inverters just to plug in phones, computers, power tools, etc.

The fine engineering is evident in the <5% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) rating. This low distortion assures output is as clean and stable as commercial utility power.

Rather than requiring accessory investments, the Westinghouse WGen20000 empowers users with a fully integrated inverter station ready to go. For worksites already laden with technology dependencies, the ability to charge tech tools right on the generator saves installation costs plus the hassles of managing/losing more gear.

Quality inverters backed by extensive R&D translate into dependable long-term operation as well – crucial for investment protection over tough field conditions. This one feature could pay dividends in reduced downtime and maintenance compared to lesser inverter-equipped competitors.

Transfer Switch Ready

Overall Rating: 10/10

Most RVs, homes, and construction trailers have dedicated automatic standby generators fed through whole-home transfer panels. However, manually switching individual circuits can be tedious and error-prone.

This is where the Westinghouse WGen20000 portable power generator truly flexes its utility muscle. Its generous L14-30R and 14-50R outlets accommodate individual circuit breaker boxes up to 50 amps, allowing the generator to effectively act as a manual home backup system.

Users gain the flexibility to power entire electrical loads simultaneously through a single cord – HVAC, major appliances, well pumps or more. Setting up individual portable cords for each device is a thing of the past.

The reduced installation complexity saves both time and hassle. And with capacities reaching 50 amps, even the heartiest whole-home power demands can be met through direct hookup.

For temporary situations like events or short-term job sites, this transfer functionality delivers the convenience of a full-sized home standby unit in a portable package. Its strong continuous output ensures smooth, reliable power that larger portable generators can’t always match.

Ideal Choice for All Type Electronic Appliances

Overall Rating: 10/10

Who among us hasn’t felt panic as our phones, laptops, and other devices begin to die during long stretches without power? In moments like those, a dead battery can feel as isolating as being cut off from the grid entirely.

That’s why the WGen20000’s attention to clean, stable power flow is such a comfort. With less than 5% total harmonic distortion from its outlets, even the most sensitive electronics can charge directly from the generator without worry. There is no need for additional filters or converters that can introduce their own problems – your personal devices will receive smooth, reliable energy exactly when you need it most.

During outages, safely replenishing your most important tools helps curb that sense of helplessness. You’re only stranded with means of communication or productivity. And with THD kept so low, your phone shouldn’t have to wonder if this power surge will fry its insides. The Westinghouse 20000 watt generator lets gadgets large and small re-power with peace of mind.

That attention to clean, efficient energy flow is one mark of a thoughtful design. The generator’s makers understand how much our devices have become lifelines, especially in uncertain times.

Easy to Monitor

use WGen20000 reviews

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

When disaster strikes, it’s unsettling not knowing how long the lights may remain out. But the WGen20000’s monitoring features help take some of the guesswork and stress from the situation.

Through the generator’s VFT Data Center, you have eyes into how it’s truly faring under pressure. No vaguer wondering – real-time performance details keep you informed on items like oil levels, operating hours, and service schedules. It’s reassuring to see for yourself that backup power is staying robust instead of worrying over unknowns.

Any homeowner or business leader knows the frustration of unexpected breakdowns. But regular updates help ensure the Westinghouse WGen20000 stays in fighting form through routine maintenance. No more surprises down the line that could leave you high and dry when reliance is highest.

With a quick check, you can breathe easily, seeing fuel levels upholding hours still available. Or confirm normal operations as storms continue to rage. That transparency builds trust in your lifeline, staying strong until the lights return safely.

Keeping abreast of equipment wellness is just as important as the equipment itself. The VFT Data Center turns uncertainty into dependable knowledge of how your backup system stands at any given moment. Simple monitoring translates to real peace of mind.

Overall Body Design

use WGen20000 reviews

Overall Rating: 9.6/10

It’s reassuring then to see the Westinghouse WGen20000 built from heavy-duty steel, rugged enough to withstand the punishing elements outside while keeping your inner sanctum safe. And with lift brackets built-in, getting this portable powerhouse where it’s needed is a breeze even for one person to tackle.

The durable wheels and comfortable handles make for quick relocation, too. A few pushes or pulls, and you’ve got emergency juice wherever it must flow – be it at home, work, or on the road. When every second counts to restore normalcy, efficient maneuvering provides peace of mind.

Beyond the hardware itself, having a manufacturer stand behind their product brings solid assurance. Three years of coverage and ongoing support mean relying on this generator isn’t a leap into the unknown. Breakdowns and issues have a plan to be addressed.

It’s not just steel and parts that make a generator strong. It’s knowing help will be there if truly needed through any trouble that may arise. Such dependability through warranty and service nets reliability you can trust to show up when you require backup most.

A user said:

This user makes some excellent points. At just under 650 lbs, the Westinghouse WGen20000 is indeed a formidable machine. However, its heavy-duty wheeled frame makes single-person mobilization quite feasible, exceeding expectations for a unit of this capacity.

The “smart idle” feature is truly a standout benefit. By varying speed based on load demands, it finds an optimal operating point for smooth, efficient performance while minimizing noise – a high-value usability perk. Plus, the Bluetooth remote start is slick.

Where this user rightly identifies a potential hurdle is with the dual 50-amp outputs. While superb for multi-location power, they max out at 12kw combined due to cable limits. For whole-home use, an additional sub-panel may be needed. However, they also note that two homes can be supported with creative circuit planning.

I can certainly appreciate the peace of mind this would provide in an outage-prone region. With newborns, uninterrupted power is invaluable should disaster strike. 

It’s clear Westinghouse has focused on delivering a heavy-duty package that’s also user-friendly. For serious backup needs, the Is Westinghouse WGen20000 is a standout option.

Another user said:

This user also makes a great point – pictures can sometimes tell a different story than specs alone. Seeing this heavyweight unit easily traversing mud demonstrates its impressive maneuverability at the total weight. Combined with the low 74dB operating sound, Westinghouse clearly prioritized usability.

I’m also continually impressed by reports of the VTWIN 999cc engine’s grunt. Powering a 2,400 sq ft home effortlessly is a true testament to its capacity and reliability under load.

Customer service is so important, and it’s wonderful to see Westinghouse truly cares about customers’ satisfaction long-term. Such attentiveness builds invaluable loyalty.

For a portable generator in this class, 28,000 starting watts and 20,000 running can’t be beat. As this user warns – don’t wait until an emergency to wish you had secured backup power protection.

Another user shared his experience.

I appreciate this user sharing their real-world experience powering a substantial home setup. Being able to power two 200 amp panels simultaneously, including multiple AC units and lights/outlets, truly shows the beastly capabilities of this generator.

It’s encouraging the only loads not tested were gas appliances. With some load juggling, the WGen20000 gas powered generator could handle even more. Truly impressive performance for a portable unit at a fraction of a permanent system’s cost.

I’m also a fan of the ‘smart idle’ function. Lowering the RPMs during low-demand periods helps extend fuel capacity substantially. Combined with the 17-gallon tank, downtime spent refueling is minimized.

Value and versatility are hallmarks of this flagship Westinghouse model. From what I’ve observed, as long as routine maintenance is performed, it should provide rock-solid backup power for decades to come.

Sharing test results does so much to help others feel confident in their purchase decision. Thanks for taking the time – feedback like this is incredibly useful for the community.

Ultimately, choosing a standby generator comes down to finding the right fit for your needs, budget, and peace of mind. When storms threaten your region or power outages strike without notice, will the Westinghouse WGen20000 20000 watt generator give your home or business the rock-solid backup energy it requires?

Its heavy-duty construction, fuel efficiency, and clean power delivery aim to keep you up and running even during the toughest tests. Factor in the ability to monitor performance over time and this 50 amps generator was designed from the ground up with reliability uppermost.

Convenience extras like wheels and handles mean faster deployments when seconds count. Having a brand with a reputation for protecting and standing fully behind its product brings welcome confidence during dark times.

Besides that, this model is also perfect for sensitive electronic appliances since it comes with inverter technology.

Only you can decide if the Is Westinghouse WGen20000 meets your power demands and lifestyle requirements better than other options on the market. But by calling on those we know who have tested it for themselves, its promise of dependable energy for whatever may come starts to shine through.

With so much relying on a generator’s strength, choosing one with thought put into long-lasting strength and utility offers solid reassurance. Sometimes, peace of mind is the most crucial backup we seek of all.

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