WEN 56380i – Review 2022 & Comparison

Today, I’m going to talk about the new style machine, that is well suitable for your RV trailers, and camping.

You’ll not have any heavy load of money on your arm due to buying this model. The price tag makes it a very valuable machine since it has all the features which you’ll need ever.

Is it not good that you can save half price instead of purchase an expensive brand’s inverter generator while it has all the features that you would find in an expensive generator like Honda EU3000IS.

Thanks to the WEN, that helped out their audience by designing an excellent machine with an affordable price.

For those people who are looking for a generator that is suitable for RV trailers or camping and parties, the WEN 56380i might be best for them.

Large size generators might create problems by making too noise level while using it for camping and RV even your home.

Obviously, there are so many people who are celebrating their parties and they don’t want to worry.

But WEN 36380i gives peace of mind by low dba rating. Mean it will not disturb your camping mates.

About WEN 56380i Inverter Generator – At a Glance

WEN 56380i is powered by gasoline that is considered a heavy-duty generator.

To give you power backup at home or RV trailers, it is fitted with all necessary outlets.

Power is not finished because you still have an option to increase more power up to 7,600 starting watts power and 6,800 watts of running power.

This large size generator takes a place inside itself of parallel kit capability. You just need to connect another WEN56380i and then you’ll have the ability to enjoy with 6,800 watts of power.

One of the best features of this model is despite a large amount of power output, it is very safe for sensitive electronic items. For those who are worried about charging sensitive appliances, the WEN is a good choice for them.

Its smart inverter technology provides clean and stable power of 1.2% THD. I don’t think you have to worry about connecting sensitive appliances on this model.

This is a smart guy in the WEN inverter generators series since it comes at a very affordable price.

I think the cursory information is not enough? we should look at all the features in detail?


The WEN has given to its model 563802 a fantastic design that looks pretty at a glance. This is really a welcome design for RV trips, camping, and outdoor adventures.

To cover a heavy weight and make it portable, this generator has 2 wheels and a telescoping handle. I like this handle very much because it is only opened whenever it’s needed otherwise, it remains folded.

It is not wrong to say about this generator is this is one of the best designs in the inverter generators series.

WEN 56380i is Best for RV?

If you’re the person who often goes on RV trips then the WEN 56380i is ideal for you because it has all the features you need in RV trips.

This model is equipped with a heavy-duty 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine that generates 3800 starting watts and 3400 running watts. This power is perfect to run your most appliances at your RV trailer or camp.

Also, it has a separate RV outlet that is a 30 amp 120 volts to direct connect RV trailers. One 12 volts DC outlet and one USB port for charging batteries, also, one 120 volts 20 amps outlet.

This model is one of the best RV generators in the market since this has all the qualities which you’ll want to at RV trips.

WEN 56480i vs Honda EU3000is

Honda always stays upper level due to its high quality and performance which people like very much. in other words, it tries to come people’s expectations.

But here are creating some difficulties for Honda when we compare to the Honda with the most favorite generator “WEN 56380i”.

WEN has added some additional features which make this model one of the best inverter generators in the market.

The 56380i generates 800 starting watts more than EU3000IS and 600 running watts extra than Honda.

It has a little bit large engine than EU3000IS. The WEN is fitted with a powerful 212cc engine and the Honda 196cc engine.

Only a 16cc difference between both engines. This means WEN is better than Honda which gives more output power.

One of the same things in these models is both are powered by gasoline.

If you compare both generators in portability so the WEN 56380i is a winner.

Because it is more lightweight than Honda. Despite being lightweight, the WEN has 2 wheels and a telescoping handle which makes it so easy to transport anywhere. With these 2 best things, one person can also move this model easily.

It seems the Honda has a very long run time since it is able to run more than 20 hours at 1/4 load while the WEN can run at least 8.1 hours at 50% load.

According to my review, WEN 56380i is the best in run time because it takes only 2.2 gallons of gasoline to give you 8 hours run time at 50% load. This means if you run this model at 25% load and give it more than 1.2 gallons of gasoline then the 56380i can beat EU3000IS.

Because Honda takes 3.4 gallons of gasoline to give you 20 hours of run time at 25% load.

The 2nd same thing in these models is they are best for RV trips and camping because both are quiet generators.

But Honda might be more quieter than WEN because Honda generates 50 dba at 1/4 load while WEN generates 57 dba at the same load. It is great for the Honda eu3000is since it has 57 dba at 100% load which is the quietest generator than WEN.

One thing that is the most important and amazing news about the WEN is you can purchase 3 models of WEN56380I at that price while purchasing only one model of Honda EU3000IS.

WEN 56380i vs Predator 3500

There are so many features that are the same in these models, but still, the WEN seems to be a winner.

These two modes are fitted with the same 212 OHV 4-stroke engine, but both are different in providing wattage.

With the same engine size, WEN is able to generate 3800 starting watts and 3400 running watts while the Predator provides 3500 starting watts and 3000 running watts. This means there is a 300 watts difference between starting watts and 400 watts in running.

The fuel tank capacity is the same in both generators. WEN has 2.2 gallons capacity and Predator has 2.6 gallons capacity. With 2.2 gallons of gasoline, the 56380is can run more than 8.5 hours at 50% load while Predator can not beat the WEN in run time.

Yeah, these generators are quiet machines and will not disturb people.

Despite being more lightweight than WEN 56380, the Predator is still left behind the WEN in portability due to WEN’s telescope handle. However, most people like this handle since it is more comfortable to move the generator.

It is good for them that they have all safety features, and both are user-friendly generators.

  • Ideal choice for large travel trailers
  • Inexpensive inverter generator
  • Good run time
  • Fuel efficient
  • Portable design
  • Easy to use and Transport
  • Should have a remote control

Conclusion – Should you buy it?

Finally, you read everything about the WEN 56380i, also you see the comparison between Honda and Predator.

In my opinion, if you’re looking for a cheap inverter generator that can be used for RVs and camping, also for home usage then this model is an ideal choice.

You don’t need to pay a high price. Having a lot of features that might be rare in an expensive generator.

It will give you a long run time with the best fuel efficiency. This means you’ll have a generator that can be run for a long time with a small tank of gasoline.

Besides that, you can easily transport it like a small generator. This is very amazing that a 3800-watt generator is very easy to carry with you at any place. Its smart design makes it the best unit for outdoor activities.

Also, it can easily handle your heavy load at home especially when you’re enjoying RV trips.

This model has so many lovers and people gave it positive reviews which is proof of its popularity.

It is not wrong to say about this model that this is one of the best models in the market.

I think you don’t need to take time for thinking about WEN. Make your friend this model and enjoy funs.

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