Generac IQ3500 – Review 2022 & Buying Guide

Do you plan to buy Generac iq3500 or some other brand’s inverter generator? hmm, it’s good if you have a plan to purchase Generac.

But my question is to you that have you got all information about this model. Do you know this is the right machine for your needs?

Oh, Is it not compulsory that 1st know all about this model and then make a decision.

Well, Generac is also well known brand in the generator market. It manufactured one of the most quieter inverter generators in the 3500 watts category.

Obviously, when you have many years of experience then you launch something new, and different from others. You bring a new thing that impresses people within a short time. This is a little example about Generac because they do like that and launched the Generac IQ3500 inverter generator and this model impressed the people in a short period.

 They make portable generators, residential generators, and also industrial and commercial.

It seems like that they are masters in designing a generator. I like their two models very much because they designed very pretty to both models. One is IQ2000 and 2nd is IQ3500.

Now the time is to review IQ3500 in deep and get all information about this generator so that we know that this model is a good choice for us or not.

Let’s have a look, please keep reading for more information.

Technical Space of Generac IQ3500

Product InformationDetail
Starting watts3500
Running watts3000
Fuel typeGasoline
Engine type212cc OHV 4-stroke
Noise level40% Quieter than Honda
Run time8.9 hours at 50% load
Weight109.1 lbs
Fuel tank capacity2.6 Gallons
Dimensions 23.7″ x 18″ x 21.7″
Warranty3 years limited warranty

About Generator IQ3500 Inverter Generator – At a Glance

The 1st best feature of this generator is it has a full steel housing body. This means this model can’t be damaged easily no matter you’re at the place where the weather is almost worse.

Steel housing means you might have a little bit heavyweight but this is not bad because your generator will last for years.

Wow, it is great, with a solid body, the generator is designed in a new shape which is different from other 3500 watts generators. The orange and black colors further take a place to increase the generator’s smartness.

Also, I would like to say about this model is it is that type of machine which we love to take with us at camping, RVs, hunting, food trucks.

With all of these, you’re able to keep enjoying your camping and other activities since the generator has the power to run most of the appliances.

Apart from the best inverter generator, the price is still less than Honda’s and Yamaha’s inverter generators.

To be honest this is really a good inverter generator in the 3000 watts category.

I think now we should see each feature of this model in deep?

Which engine the Generac used in this model?

To become a successful model in the audience, Generac used a powerful engine in this model.

However, the IQ3500 has a 4 strokes OHV 212cc engine.

This engine is almost identical to other big generator engines which provide up to 3500 starting watts but this engine which is fitted in the Generac provides 3500 starting watts and 3000 running watts.

These are the same watts that we have seen in Predator 3500 but I don’t think Predator can beat this model due to its many features.

How long the Generac IQ3500 can last?

By the way, it all depends on your electric load but still, you can expect it for a long run time because, at 50% load of electricity, it will run at least 8.9 hours.

Yeah, you can get more long run time if you reduce your electricity load. Let’s suppose if you run this model at 25% load then you’ll have more than 14 hours of backup time.

Generac designed a large fuel tank to give an excellent run time. The generator has a limit of 2.6 gallons of gasoline.

It is enough run time to keep safe your foods, vegetables, meats during the power outage or when you enjoying your RV trips or camping.


You must be alert while designing your generator because the design impacts on a lot of things that are covered by design.

The Generac makes the generator’s body in steel case so that you don’t have any worry about generator body damages and it will work for years.

Also, it has 2 handles on the either side of the generator so that being possible to lift the generator by two persons.

Because due to steel case body, obviously, the generator has a bit heavy weight and also, when you full the tank it will further increase the generator weight.

One thing which might be bad about this generator is it doesn’t come with wheels which are really important because of wheels it can be easily moved by one person.

The 109.1 weight is a bit heavy for a person that’s why to being this model more portable the Generac should install a wheel kit with this model.

How quiet the Generac IQ3500 is?

According to my view, Generac has struggled with this model so that it is able to beat the Honda EU300is that’s why they introduced a model which is 40 percent quieter than Honda inverter generators. Its smart inverter technology and excellent enclosure design remain it quiet as possible.

As we see the EU3000is is the most quiet inverter generator since it generates 57 dba at full rated load.

But this smart guy has become the favorite tool for camping, RVs, and where you want to enjoy your picnics with silence.

The generator has 5 dba less than the EU3000is, wow which is an amazing feature of the Generac Iq3500.

This means it will run at 52 dba with a full rated load. At the 25% load, it has a 45 dba noise level.

So, I think whenever we have to run a quiet inverter generator with a full load so then we have to try the IQ3500?

Other Features of Generac IQ3500

generac iq3500 features

The iq3500 comes with great outlets panels, it is fitted with one 30 amps 120 volts L5-30R outlet, that helps you to connect the RV trailer. To connect at least two standard household extension cords, there are two 20 amps 120 volts 5-20R outlets. 

Yeah, it is 100% safe for sensitive electronic appliances that’s why Generac gives us the facility by given two USB ports to directly connect all sensitive appliances like mobiles, and laptops.

It has a smart LED display that will show you something about the generator which might be good for you. It will show you the generator’s watts output, run time, fuel level, oil level, and remaining run time.

I think you’ll like this little bit of information.

Besides that, this model comes with EPA III and CARB Compliant so that you don’t have any issues using the generator at any place.

What I don’t like about this model?

Although this is a good model for several purposes, but something I don’t like about the Generac IQ3500.

It should have a telescope handle and wheels so that one person remove it easily. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a telescoping handle and wheels kit.

  • The most quiet inverter generator
  • Great run time
  • User Friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Not expensive
  • Solid body
  • Advance inverter technology
  • No wheels kit
  • Not much portable
  • Should have a remote

Generac IQ 3500 vs Honda EU3000is – what are the differences between?

When we see in terms of the wattages, Generac is going to beat the Honda because it will provide 3500 starting watts and 3000 running while Honda has lost 500 starting watts and 200 running watts.

Both generators have powerful engines but Honda’s engine might be most powerful than Generac because It is installed a new technology GX200.

These are smart models when we talk about their running because they have long-running time but the Honda has more than 6 hours extra run time.

Yeah, it is right that Honda has more long run time but we also see that it takes 1 extra gallon of fuel. This means both generators have the same run time but there is a little difference in fuel tank capacity.

The IQ3500 design is looking decent and modern style. I don’t know why they are failed in portability since we didn’t see the wheels in these two models.

The EU3000is is failed against the IQ3500 in portability due to heavy weight. The Generac is an appreciated machine because, despite its steel frame, it has lightweight than Honda.

According to my review, there is a 34.9 lbs weight difference between these two. For your information, Honda has 34.9 lbs extra weight. This is why I have to say that Generac IQ3500 is able to beat Honda EU3000is.

The happy thing is about the generators is that both have safety features that mean we don’t need to worry about any kind of damages. Both are user-friendly generators since they have smart digital displays to easily monitor the generator.

The iq3500 and eu3000is are recommended models for RV trails, these come with a separate RV outlet.

One of the big differences which I liked very much is the price. if you purchase Generac IQ3500 then you’ll have all the features which you will get in Honda Eu3000is but also you can save half the price.

If you’re looking for an affordable generator so this model is like your hero.

Conclusion – Should you buy it?

Finally, I have elaborated on each feature of this model. Hope now you have decided this is the best choice or not.

I don’t think there is any more important information about this model which I didn’t mention.

I would like to say you if you are looking for a 3000 watts generator then you should go with Generac IQ3500 because it can be used for many purposes.

Especially this is good for outdoor adventures. Also, you can use it for home backup without worrying about the disturbance of your neighbors since it is one of the quietest inverter generators.

Apart from all the best features, it gives you a huge space for Saving money.

It is the same as we see Honda eu3000is but Honda comes with the double price of Generac iq3500. This means it is better to purchase this model instead of Honda. Also, at Honda’s price, you can purchase 2 models of Generac, and then double your power by parallel kit.

In short, it is very difficult to find the right model for our need but Generac is front of you. This gives you a long run time with up to 2-gallon of gas. Designed with low dba that makes it one of the best quiet model in the market.

Also, the company give 3 years warranty with this model.

Wow, it’s amazing it gives us so many options. Please click the link given below so that you can see the current price of this model.

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